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In person sessions are for you if you want to

- Explore Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

- Embody/strengthen the masculine-feminine polarity

- Activate your multi-orgasmic potential (for both women & men)

- Greater sexual stamina and increased sex drive

- Overcome erectile dysfunction & learn how to last longer (for men)

- Release shame, inhibitions and trauma around sexuality

- Learn to relax and receive pleasure

- Open your heart and allow deeper connection

- Feel more confident in your body

These sessions are fully practical. You get to feel in your body everything you

desire: deep relaxation, self-love, full-body pleasure, bliss, safety and acceptance. 

"The first thing that stroked me with Magda was her open heart and her warmth. Here was someone who was both wise, yet curious, and immediately made me feel safe. Her presence and energy made me comfortable enough to open up, and the questions asked made me think and feel deeper.

If I would have seen a recording of myself during my session, I’d think: 'that girl is faking, no way that is real'. I felt every emotion; fear, love, sadness, pain, happiness, grief, emptiness, and a sense of being held. That is also the main thing I take with me, the feeling of being fully supported, held, and safe.

It’s been a couple of weeks since this session and I have clearly noticed changes in my life. It’s like something unlocked that day. I have mainly noticed changes is emotions, feelings and sensations. It showed me how much I am capable of, how much my physical body can do, and how much my emotional self can feel. I am so grateful for this experience, and I cannot picture anyone I would have rather gone through it with than Magda." - Hilda, USA

The process

(What will happen in a session)

Every session is individually designed to you - catered to your intentions and respectful of your boundaries.

For most of my clients, this is their first experience with Tantra and intimacy work, so to help you feel comfortable before our session, here is an example of how private sessions look like:

I welcome you in the space and explain what will happen in your session. This is the time for questions and anything that may help you feel comfortable and safe.

I will guide you through a Heart-centering meditation, to help you connect to your body and quiet any worries and thoughts

I will guide you through a series of body practices and rituals, personally chosen for you in alignment with your intention for the session. These may involve breath, movement and sound.

We close the session with the sharing and recommendations. I will also take you through energy-disconnection ritual.

For Whom?

Private sessions are available for women, men and couples.


     • Europe 

     • Other locations may be available (please contact us for details)


Price: $500 USD

Available for individuals (men/women) and couples

(Private Sessions are 2 hours long)  

For more information, download our brochure:

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the session?

It’s good to take some time to reflect on your intention for the session. If possible, find time to center yourself and relax.

Please do not eat anything heavy before the session. Ideally have your last meal 1-2 hours before we meet. Also no coffee for at least 1 hour prior to the session (but ideally no coffee at all that day). Categorically no alcohol before the session. If you arrive under the influence of alcohol, the session will be cancelled with no refunds.

Please wear shorts and T-shirt/top.

Are there any restrictions for after the session?

After the session, you want to give your physical and energy body time to rest and integrate. Drink a lot of water. Do not engage in any intense activities. Your body is very receptive after the session, so stay away from social media and news. If possible, do not shower or eat for 2 hours after the session. No additional body work or massage for at least 24 hours, and no coffee or alcohol for at least 48 hours after the session.

How far do we go in a session?

The sessions explore sensuality and may bring pleasure or even arousal. There may be heavy breathing, touch and body-to-body contact. We may hug each other, sit in an embrace (yab-yum) or I may touch you to help move your energy. Consent and safety is essential so I always check in with you what you feel comfortable with, just as much as I ask you to honor my boundaries and safety. None of the practices we do should be confused with the invitation for more. This is a professional session. We do not engage in any sexual activities. I honor your boundaries and I ask you to honor mine.

Can I touch you or reciprocate in some way during the session? 

This is your opportunity to relax and receive, without the need to reciprocate or do anything. The process is most effective if you fully surrender to the receptive state. The need to reciprocate is often an escape mechanism from going very deep. If you stay in your own experience you’ll be able to uncover deep, unconscious patterns, expand your body’s ability to feel and heal. This is your experience. My role is to hold space for you, guide you and create a safety container for you to go deep.

Will you be naked during the session?


Do I have to be naked?

First of all, nudity only happens if you feel comfortable with it and if it is aligned with the nature of the practice. In a traditional session, like a Sensual Journey, I ask you to wear shorts and a T-shirt/top. If we are working with touch and energy, I may ask you to be shirtless for some parts of the session. I occasionally do work with nudity, but this is all mutually agreed and would happen only after a few sessions together.

What makes you qualified to offer such sessions?

Please see a list of my trainings HERE and read testimonials from other people HERE.

Where does the session take place?

The session can happen at your place or mine, however many of my clients prefer to book a hotel for the session to keep it confidential. This is absolutely ok, however please keep in mind that the hotel is covered by you.

Please keep in mind we need a private room with a double bed, as we need space for you to lie down.

Where can I meet you?

I travel a lot, spending most of my time in Europe. Best way is to CONTACT US for my updated travels schedule and to see where we can meet.

Sometimes clients invite me to their location in which case they cover the flight and hotel.

What if I get aroused?

This is natural and may happen. When the energy builds up, we work with it, moving it through the body. It may happen that you will feel emotions towards me. This is because of the depth of the work we do and the mind's need to find an objection of those emotions. But after a few hours or days, you will disconnect those feelings from me. All of it is totally normal, and there is no need to feel worried or guilty about any of that

Do you accept gifts?

A lot of my clients ask me if they can bring a gift for me. If you would like to treat me or express your gratitude, I would be very happy to receive it. Please keep in mind I don't drink alcohol or eat refined sugar, so chocolates or a bottle of wine may not be the best :) However, I welcome gift cards, jewellery, flowers, crystals and anything that you would like to gift me.

Please keep in mind gifts are in no way required. I do not expect nor ask for them. This is only if you truly want to share something with me.

Tantric Massage

One of the most beautiful and powerful Tantric practices is a full body massage that focuses on loving and activating genitals. In such massage your sexual energy is aroused and spread through your body, opening and healing your heart and giving you an experience of a full-body orgasmic bliss.

At the moment, I offer:

Lingam massage for men


If interested, you can book a free consultation to discuss details.

As every session is individually designed, the first step of your journey is a free consultation, personally with me: