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ABOUT Tantric Lingam massage for men 

Read below the stories from men who experienced a Tantric Lingam Massage with me, what made them decide to do it and how it impacted their lives. You may relate to some of them

"The most intense experience ever. Better than ayahuasca."

Dick has had a history of sexual trauma. He had his first intimate experience only in his early 30s, was still not sure about his sexuality, had no confidence, and was rather closed down.
The session allowed him to feel his sexual energy in its fullness, without the pressure to perform or having any standards to meet. With moving this energy we started a deep process of healing.

"It blew my mind. I knew you were good, but I had no idea how much. That was the most intense experience ever. Better than ayahuasca. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Dick, Canada  

"My work didn't leave much time for intimacy."

With his busy work, Craig has little time for his intimate life. He is married with a baby. Work started taking a toll on him. He had trouble sleeping, and felt constant stress in his body. We decided to do a Lingam Massage session to help him tap into his sexuality and his creative force. Once activated, we moved sexual energy through the body. It went into his heart creating a huge opening. A lot of old pain was released and some old patterns came to surface. With the help of coaching and Theta Healing we worked on them, allowing for a profound healing experience that went beyond boosting his libido.

"I didn't know what to expect. I was nervous, I couldn't imagine having that experience and not be intimate with you. But now after the session I know what you meant. You can't describe it with words, you have to experience it. I felt held and loved, and safe" - Craig  

"I wanted to feel what it's like when sexual energy moves through my body."

Adam is a successful entrepreneur. He has a strong libido, is open sexually, but his girlfriend is not matching this energy. She is shy, has difficulties to let go and get out of her mind. He wanted to explore Tantra and was very curious about full body orgasms.
In the session we activated a lot of sexual energy and moved it through his body. With a very stressful lifestyle, his energy body holds a lot of blockages. We managed to clear some of them allowing the opening of the energy channels Without that, the body can't experience full body orgasms.

"I was on fire. I was going crazy. It felt amazing. I wish my girlfriend could do that" - Adam, UK  

"I wanted more passion in my marriage."

Ash has been married for 3 years. Him and his wife come from India, a culture that didn't allow a free expression of their sexuality. He is very interested in spicing their sex life, but his wife feels shy and it's not easy to get her to talk about sex.
He came to me, asking to help him boost his libido and desire so he can later take it back to his relationship. The Lingam massage was a perfect way for him to tap into his full sexual energy. Moving the energy through the body gave him a chance to go deeper than ever. He felt activated and energised after the session.

ABOUT personbalized in-person SESSIONS FOR WOMEN 

Below are the stories from men, women and couples who worked with me 1-on-1, in-person. Each of them had their own intentions and own struggles they wanted to work on. Some of these stories may relate to you

"Getting out of my head, and back into my body."

Shell came to me because she wanted to loosen up and drop more into her body. The fast pace of her life in UK impacted her ability to relax and be present, so we worked on allowing her body open, let go and experience deeper, ecstatic states. We met in between the travels, so could do only one session, but already in this one session Shell had profound experience and realizations. 

"The guidance together with your good energy and information you emitted during our sessions was empowering to me. I was once disconnected from everything in life, feeling lost, depressed, alone, unsupported and things just don't move. I am beginning to get my life back in track and will continue to work to improve and grow to be a better person. I really don't have the words to express my gratitude. Last but not least, Magda, my heartfelt thanks to you". - Amy, Malaysia

"It is never an easy task to create a safe space where we can express ourselves with love and no judgement. But Magda is one of those souls who can do so effortlessly. her sessions are a journey of self-reflection and connecting to the love within, and I always come away feeling free, loved, connected and inspired. Magda is a special light who truly embodies her work and passion of Tantra and female empowerment. And I feel blessed to have met her". - Kavitha, Malaysia

"I lost touch with my femininity."

Kate is my dear friend. She is a digital nomad, an entrepreneur and she is very successful. She works mostly with men, and she feels more than comfortable with them. She came to me because in all the rush of work, she started losing touch with her femininity. She had very few female colleagues and those she did have were very masculine and goal driven.
We focused in the session on awakening all of her senses, re-sensitizing her skin, and allowing her body to feel the pleasure she was too busy to even notice. Next week I got a message from her, this message:

"Thought you'd like to know. I had multiple orgasms last night. I totally forgot how amazing that feels. THANK YOU" - Kate  

"The first thing that stroked me with Magda was her open heart and her warmth. Here was someone who was both wise, yet curious, and immediately made me feel safe. Her presence and energy made me comfortable enough to open up, and the questions asked made me think and feel deeper.

If I would have seen a recording of myself during my session, I’d think: 'that girl is faking, no way that is real'. I felt every emotion; fear, love, sadness, pain, happiness, grief, emptiness, and a sense of being held. That is also the main thing I take with me, the feeling of being fully supported, held, and safe.

It’s been a couple of weeks since this session and I have clearly noticed changes in my life. It’s like something unlocked that day. I have mainly noticed changes is emotions, feelings and sensations. It showed me how much I am capable of, how much my physical body can do, and how much my emotional self can feel. I am so grateful for this experience, and I cannot picture anyone I would have rather gone through it with than Magda." - Hilda, USA


"The only thing keeping us together was our daughter"

Andy and Claire had a baby shortly after they started dating. After almost 4 years together, they started growing apart and seeing that apart from their child not much was holding them together. She is much younger, and wants to explore. Andy, who was married before, wants to settle down.

In the session I allowed each of them to express their desires and with the Conscious Touch Ritual they had a chance to relax into receiving exactly what and how they wanted. With so many needs and desires suppressed, they stopped asking for what they want and gave up on having their desires met within the relationship. I wanted them to remember, they still can.

After the session they left radiating, styaing much closer to each other, and Claire was smiling which I didn't see her do almost at all before.

"Thank you so much. It was amazing. I haven't felt nurtured like that in a very long time." - Claire

"It was so healing to be in your presence. I felt uplifted and light. Finally." - Andy

"We wanted to explore outside of our relationship"

Tristan and Ann have been casually dating for a few months time. They are both very open and curious. They came to me because they wanted to explore connection to more than 1 person at a time.

I designed the session so that Ann and Tristan could interact with each other and myself. This way they could experience what it’s like when another being enters their space and what it means to be fully present with more than 1 partner, how to share touch and intimacy.

“It was so beautiful being together with two women. It was the first time I could experience two different energies. It made me fall in love with Ann even more and gave us confirmation to to include other people in our relationship.” - Tristan

“I loved it! I felt held, I felt safe, and I felt so honored. I miss your energy already!” - Ann

"We used to be crazy about each other. Finding alone time was never an issue until the kids came. Now they come first. And so does the house and work. We started spending less and less time together. This is why we decided to work with Magda. We wanted to bring back that passion we had. With Magda's help we started taking time for each other, going on dates and appreciate one another. Having Magda keep us accountable allowed us to create new routine around our relationship, despite a strong urge to keep pushing it to the side. It is absolutely possible to enjoy passionate relationship even if you have family and work to keep you busy and Magda has been great and guiding us to this place. Thank you!"

Amy & Andre - France

"Being raised in Asia, we are not used to showing emotions in public. We were never very expressive nor passionate, but we were happy. If it wasn't for Magda we would never know what was possible. Magda showed us how simply practices can awaken our desires and how we can explore them together as a couple. There is much more touch and expression in our relationship today. Even though we've been together for almost 10 years, we act like newlyweds. It feels great to have this strong connection to your partner. We are very grateful to Magda for showing us what we were missing out on."

Dorothy & Richard - Malaysia/Singapore


"I have been curious about Tantra but didn't know how to get started. Then I met Magda through a friend and decided to give it a try (despite feeling still rather uncomfortable about the whole thing). We worked privately with Magda, and it was beyond what I could have expected. Magda showed me a whole new approach to sex and how to enjoy intimacy with my partner outside of the bedroom. I always though it's something women wanted, but I couldn't find pleasure in it myself. But then we did a few really fun exercises together that showed me a whole new side to sexuality and pleasure. I've become a much more considerate lover and my partner's happiness is the best proof of that."

Derek - Australia

"The only thing keeping us together was our daughter"

Ash was very curious about non ejaculation. He heard about it and tried practicing himself, but on his own he wasn’t very successful. I usually recommend a Tantric Lingam Massage for men who want to stop ejaculation, but Ash didn’t feel comfortable to do it. So instead I designed a series of private sessions for him, in which we activated sexual and sensual energies indirectly, and using various Tantric and Tao practices we moved this energy through the body. This way his body learnt how to control sexual energy and how to keep it in.

Ash - Kuala Lumpur

"I felt blocked. I enjoyed sex and intimacy but I was always focused on pleasing my partner, forgetting about myself. I felt afraid to go fully into my pleasure. Afraid I would scare of my partner. That she couldn't handle it. With Magda I could relax and feel without worrying I would be rejected. I could finally break through my pattern. My sex life is much better thanks to the work I did with Magda. It was really life changing."

Amish - Singapore

Here is what some of my online coaching clients have said about working together. I've had clients looking for guidance to open their relationship. Others looking for support and encouragement when dealing with divorce. Each with a unique story and a deep commitment to make progress and find their bliss.

About Online coaching for men, women and couples 

"I practice open relationships. I recently met a woman I'm in love with but she is afraid to explore open relationships. We talked about it and she is curious, but she still has her fears. I really care about her and so I wanted some help, but it is not easy to find a coach who works with open relationships. When I came across Magda I finally felt there is someone who understands me and who can help. She showed me how to talk to my partner and how to make her feel safe and supported. It was really helpful."

Alex - Canada

"When I met Magda I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I was in pieces… I felt like nothing and nobody could help me. When I spoke with Magda, I felt for the first time listened to. She made me feel safe. The more I worked with Magda, the more blocks have been lifted and the pain disappeared. I was in tears. Tears of relief to have finally understood and felt deep inside what really was causing me pain. What i needed to let go to move forward. And with Magda guidance i just did it,rationally and emotionally. I let it go. I felt unconditional love for my self. It’s not too much saying that experience helped me in opening my eyes and more important… my heart again."

Diletta - Italy

"If you don’t know what’s wrong with your life, even if you’ve tried your best to make them the best of the best… Then you have to talk to Magda. She digged beneath my fear and unveiled the real problem that I was trying to hide and avoid. I believe it is already inside her, to really ask better questions and create incredible coaching experience that simply touches your heart. I was in tears after she destroyed the huge ice block problem, which I didn’t even think of as a block. But finally I realized that it was the main trigger and why I avoided it. Now that it’s removed, I’m more in control of my behavior and I feel better."

Dayang - Malaysia

"When I met Magda I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I was in pieces… I felt like nothing and nobody could help me. When I spoke with Magda, I felt for the first time listened to. She made me feel safe. The more I worked with Magda, the more blocks have been lifted and the pain disappeared. I was in tears. Tears of relief to have finally understood and felt deep inside what really was causing me pain. What i needed to let go to move forward. And with Magda guidance i just did it,rationally and emotionally. I let it go. I felt unconditional love for my self. It’s not too much saying that experience helped me in opening my eyes and more important… my heart again."

Katerina - Australia

"I was very uneasy about bring it up with anyone. I was having affairs and never told my wife. I didn't like I was doing it, but I couldn't stop. i became addicted to it. I still loved my wife and hated that I was lying to her.When I first met Magda it hit me how open she is. This is why I decided to approach her. Being a woman, I feared she will judge me, but she didn't. She was very understanding and I knew I could trust her. That was the most important thing to me. I wasn't looking for condemnation, but understanding and Magda has showed it to me. Thanks to this we managed to work why I was cheating on my wife so I could finally change my habits."

Ash - Singapore

"I thought maybe you could help us fix our sex life. Instead you opened us up to a whole new Universe"

Claudi and Andy have recently welcomed their baby boy. With this new addition to their family, they found themselves in new roles, trying to navigate being lovers and parents at the same time. Old stories about men/women got triggered, giving the opportunity to mend parts of their relationship and set new foundations for a long-lasting, passionate and sexy relationship.

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