Lingam in Sanskrit means "wand of light" and is used to describe penis. In Tantric philosophy, lingam is respected, adored and worshiped. A Tantric Lingam Massage is a life-changing experience for a man, offering a possibility of deep healing, pleasure and even full-body orgasms.


  • boost of libido
  • strengthening masculine energy (your natural polarity), your sense of authority, power and leadership
  • non-ejaculation
  • experiencing full body orgasm
  • healing sexual trauma from the body
  • clearing sexual conditionings, such as shame and guilt
  • re-sensitizing the body and penis
  • erectile dysfunction
  • premature ejaculation
  • becoming multi-orgasmic
  • releasing unexpressed feelings, such as anger, unworthiness or guilt from the body


  • How to create a safe and comfortable space, so he can get out of his mind, and relax into his body
  • Strokes for massaging the lingam
  • How to massage his whole body to open the energy channels and activate his sexual center
  • How to move his sexual energy (this is the core of the practice, and what distinguishes a lingam massage from a hand job)
  • How to take care of yourself during the massage (of your physical body and your energetic wellbeing, so you don't end up drained or with pain)
  • You will learn about the energy channels and how the energy flows in a male body
  • The art of conscious touch and how to be present during the whole experience
  • How to allow space for sexual healing or emotional release
  • Man's curve of pleasure
  • How to close the session so he can leave relaxed and energized

How I Teach:

The training is one-on-one (you, me and a model). I will show you everything, and then you will get a chance to try it. You will have space to experiment, ask me and a model questions, so you can find the right way to touch.

I will provide all needed materials, such as towels and oil. You just need to come in comfy clothes :)


I welcome and fully support Non-Disclosure Agreements, with all the responsibility that it implies. I hold your privacy at the highest regard. Any communication between us and the work we do together remain solely between us.


Do I need to do anything to prepare for the session?

Please bring along comfy clothes that can get dirty with oil (ideally please wear shorts and a top). I provide everything that's needed, including oil (I use natural coconut oil).

Where does the session take place?

The session can happen at your place, however many of my clients prefer to book a hotel for the session to keep it confidential. This is absolutely ok, however please keep in mind that the hotel is covered by you.

Please keep in mind we need a private room with a double bed, as we need space for you to lie down.

Where can I meet with you?

I am based in South-East Asia, and I travel between Koh Phangan (Thailand), Bali (Indonesia) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia.) every few months. Once a year I come to Europe, visiting Poland, Berlin and London.

Click here to see my schedule for the next few months.

I am available to travel to work with you. In this case flights and hotel are covered by you (thank you for treating me).

What if I need our work to be confidential?

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. This is not just for you - this is for me, too. I do not share nor publish my clients' names anywhere. I understand it's a delicate area of work and many people prefer to keep it just between the two of us. I honor that.

For high-profile clients, I welcome and fully support Non-Disclosure Agreements, with all the responsibility that it implies.

Do you accept gifts?

A lot of my clients ask me if they can bring a gift for me. If you would like to treat me or express your gratitude, I would be very happy to receive it. Please keep in mind I don't drink alcohol or eat refined sugar, so chocolates or a bottle of wine may not be the best :) However, I welcome gift cards, jewellery, flowers, crystals and anything that you would like to gift me.

Please keep in mind gifts are in no way required. I do not expect nor ask for them. This is only if you truly want to share something with me.

Price: $1,500 USD for a 3-4 hour session

To book your session, please apply for a free consultation below. I do not accept any clients without this introductory call first.

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If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at info@magdakay.com