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Hi, my name is Magda Kay.

I am an Intimacy Expert, Tantra Teacher & Relationships Coach.

My story...

I was raised with a very specific idea of what it means to be a woman... soft, calm, caring and subtle. My whole life I tried to fit into this idea, suppressing parts of me that I thought were ugly and unfeminine.

My lack of self-acceptance has caused me a lot. I stayed away from men, love and relationships until my late 20s. I was simply too scared that someone could see the "real me", and then they would leave. The fear of being rejected, because I wasn't embodying the real essence of femininity, has also caused me to battle depression by the time I was 27. I was fighting suicidal thoughts and attempts to hurt myself physically more than once. I was disconnected from my body, feelings and my heart.

My own journey of healing has brought me to discover Yoga, Tantra, Theta healing, energy work and reprogramming of subconscious programs. I finally started releasing layers of social conditioning around what it means to be a woman, and how to relate to others, allowing my true, wild and passionate self to come out.

I believe in enjoying the world - in a  healthy way. With my work, and my own life, I promote the path of self-love, self-acceptance and deeper, intimate connections with yourself, with life and with others.

I feel truly blessed to work with men and women from around the world helping them to shed the old, heavy layers, so that their wild, playful and happy true inner selves can come out. The transformation I witness in my clients is my secret recipe for happiness :)

Trainings & certifications

Hatha yoga
Tantra Yoga
Advanced Theta Healing
Crystal Healing
Tibetan Singing Bowls Therapy
Social psychology
Intuitive reading

a few fun facts about me

I am obsessively in love with sharks. Until today seeing great whites remains my #1 life experience.

I am a diver (no brainer... what other way to see all those sharkies!). I love being under water, it's one of those places where I feel perfectly calm and dissolved into life.

I have 3 tattoos. They are all small and subtle. And I'm so tempted to get another one...

Curious about my accent? I'm Polish and my accent has some Italian in it too. I used to live in Milan and am fluent in it.

Though I am subtle and often shy, there is a lot of fire in me. And that fire loves snowboarding, motorcycles and things like indoor skydiving or go-carts. I love adventure and I try to keep an active lifestyle.

I have that thing... if I ever drink champagne, I always drop a few berries into my glass.

Let's stay in touch!