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I help men

 - reconnect with their primal masculine energy

- step up as a King, take leadership of their life and their relationship

- overcome PE and ED

- understand women (their mind & body) so they can keep their woman happy and in return enjoy great sex life & relationship

- master ejaculation control & reach full body orgasms

- heal mother-son dynamic so they can experience harmonious and mutually-beneficial relationships with women 

I help Women

 - reconnect to their feminine essence

- get out of the head and come back to the body

- become orgasmic (and multi-orgasmic!)

- heal sexual trauma, release shame and find confidence in their sexuality

- surrender more to life and love

- stop attracting immature and unavailable men

- heal their relationship with men (including father and ex partners)

- feel more aroused, sensual and experience more pleasure in life  

I help couples

 - strengthen their bond and solidify their union

- reignite the spark & bring back passion

- move through conflict and resentment built over the years

- navigate separation or divorce

- drop deeper witch each other, explore sacred sexuality & tantra

- increase polarity between partners

- heal co-dependency, childhood wounds and get out of the child-parent dynamic between you and your partner

This isn’t your standard coaching. Yes, we talk, because it’s important to understand things and to get your mind on board, but you will also be guided through embodiment practices including movement, breath & visualisation. To experience deep transformation we need to work on all levels: mind, body and energy.

My coaching is individually tailored to your needs. During your free consultation we explore your unique desires, needs and wounds and I create a program that will be most beneficial to help you achieve your desires.

Here is what others are
saying about coaching with Magda:

Here is what others are saying about coaching with Magda:

"I thought maybe you could help us fix our sex life. Instead you opened us up to a whole new Universe"

Claudi and Andy have recently welcomed their baby boy. With this new addition to their family, they found themselves in new roles, trying to navigate being lovers and parents at the same time. Old stories about men/women got triggered, giving the opportunity to mend parts of their relationship and set new foundations for a long-lasting, passionate and sexy relationship.

When I met Magda I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I was in pieces… I felt like nothing and nobody could help me. When I spoke with Magda, I felt for the first time listened to. She made me feel safe. The more I worked with Magda, the more blocks have been lifted and the pain disappeared. I was in tears. Tears of relief to have finally understood and felt deep inside what really was causing me pain. What i needed to let go to move forward. And with Magda guidance i just did it,rationally and emotionally. I let it go. I felt unconditional love for my self. It’s not too much saying that experience helped me in opening my eyes and more important… my heart again.

Katerina - Australia

I was very uneasy about bring it up with anyone. I was having affairs and never told my wife. I didn't like I was doing it, but I couldn't stop. i became addicted to it. I still loved my wife and hated that I was lying to her.When I first met Magda it hit me how open she is. This is why I decided to approach her. Being a woman, I feared she will judge me, but she didn't. She was very understanding and I knew I could trust her. That was the most important thing to me. I wasn't looking for condemnation, but understanding and Magda has showed it to me. Thanks to this we managed to work why I was cheating on my wife so I could finally change my habits.

Ash - Singapore



1 month
(4 sessions)

$1,500 USD

$1,000 USD

3 months
(12 sessions)

$3,700 USD

$2,500 USD

6 months
(24 sessions)

$5,500 USD

$4,500 USD

Or book one-off 60-min session (Price: $350 $250 USD):


1 Month
(4 sessions)

$1,500 USD

3 Months
(12 sessions)

$3,700 USD

6 Months
(24 sessions)

$5,500 USD


3 months (12x sessions): $2,500 USD

6 months (24x sessions): $4,500 USD

Individual session (1hour): $250 USD

Each session is 1hr long and happens over Zoom.
You receive the recording after each session + email summary.
PLUS: complementary 30-min integration call.

To book an individual, one-off session, you can contact us directly at info@magdakay.com

For packages, you can schedule a free consultation with me to discuss details:

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