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My own journey of healing has brought me to discover Yoga, Tantra, Theta healing, energy work and reprogramming of subconscious programs. I finally started releasing layers of social conditioning around what it means to be a woman, and how to relate to others, allowing my true, wild and passionate self to come out.

I believe in enjoying the world - in a  healthy way. With my work, and my own life, I promote the path of self-love, self-acceptance and deeper, intimate connections with yourself, with life and with others.

I feel truly blessed to work with men and women from around the world helping them to shed the old, heavy layers, so that their wild, playful and happy true inner selves can come out. The transformation I witness in my clients is my secret recipe for happiness :)

My Story


Born in Poland, a post-communist country, I have access to things most people can only dream of. With my family we go skiing twice a year, we travel abroad and we live in a huge apartment. I take private English & Italian classes, I play tennis and dance. Already as a child I love performing and I am often on TV and big stages.


My father goes bankrupt. We lose our house and my parents move to the countryside, leaving me and my brother behind. At 17 I am on my own, living by myself and having to make my own living


I move to Milan, Italy. My life is pretty good, I work in fashion and have a vivid social life. But one day I receive a diagnosis: they found pathological changes in tissue during my PAP test. At 25, I learn I may have cancer. Everything changes. At work, I am told they will fire me if I have to go back to Poland for the treatment.


I move to Malaysia. I have my first relationship at 27. For the first time, I’m in love. But things don’t last long. I’m not having orgasms and it’s taking a toll on our relationship, until we grow apart and break up. I fall into depression and have suicidal thoughts. I attempt to hurt myself.  I discover ThetaHealing and manage to heal my depression. I choose to study and become a practitioner. My journey as a healer begins.


I commit to healing and becoming orgasmic. I learn about Tantra. I travel to India to study in a Tantric ashram and become certified as a Tantra Yoga Teacher. I work with shamans and gurus in Bali, India, Nepal and Malaysia. I learn about multiple forms of healing and energy work.


I move to a “Tantra island”  in Thailand. I dive deep into Tantra and sexual practices. I explore open relationships. I take parts in rituals and sex parties. I have my first full body and energy orgasm. I release my sexual trauma. And I start teaching Tantra and sacred sexuality.


My Tantric school closes down due to allegations of rape and abuse. I realize I was living in a sex cult. Though I learnt Tantra and received healing, I’m understanding how toxic and patriarchal this community is. I am healing from dogma, re-learning what it means to be a woman and what femininity really is.


What I think is the love of my life, turns into a toxic relationship. At first I think I met my soulmate. We travel around the world and we’re planning kids. But my nervous system is non stop in a fight-or-flight mode. He starts dating a 21-year-old woman (14 years younger than me) and asks me to open the relationship. This is when I finally have the strength to leave. I need a lot of time to heal from it. I lose 10kg. I struggle to trust men again. I am also at my lowest with money; I have just $1,000 in my bank account.


After doing deep work on myself, I recover emotionally and financially. I make more money than ever before. I reconnect to my dreams and start investing in my future. I move to Bali. I start doing crossfit and riding bikes. I make my first investments. I finally re-integrate the healthy masculine back into my life. I feel stronger than ever and finally feel my drive is back.


The School of Intimacy – an online academy with courses on every aspect of love, relationships & sex life is launched


I launch my first book: No More Faking It. I speak at big events around the world. I am still 100% committed to my vision and I feel unstoppable. I feel happier, more balanced and supported than ever before. I finally stop waiting for a relationhip to make me happy and I prioritize myself. I learn to create my own happiness and pleasure regardless of my relationship status. I feel secure and grounded. My relationship with myself is stronger than ever.


Woman, open the flow of your sexual energy, tap into the source of your confidence, radiance and joy and experience deep pleasure in your body

Explore the depth of male sexuality, dive into Tantra for men, master the art of non-ejaculation and open your body to experience full body orgasms.

Exclusively for Men, a program that will reveal to you all the hidden secrets about female sexuality so you can become her best lover & give her maximum pleasure

Learn about 4 Main Sexuality Types, understand your sexual blueprint, discover your secret turn-ons & create sexual compatibility with your partner


Enjoy our full librarty of powerful programs, for both singles and couples, helping you gain more confidence and competence in every aspect of you intimate life. 

The following courses are availably ONLY inside The School of Intimacy - join today to access them ALL!

Communication is often considered the most important relationship skills. In this program, you will learn principles of effective communication, how to express your needs and boundaries and specific techniques and models to help you clearly express your truth with other people.

Experience this revolutionary method of working with your intuition - or, as you're about to discover - four intuitive voices. This method will help you know what you need and make decisions in perfect alignment with yourself

This program will open you to a deeper understanding of the male-female dynamic, which will explain why we argue but also how we can create deeper intimacy with our partner.

In this course you will learn everything to help you navigate ethical non-monogamy: from understanding your reasons, to setting agreements, communication and dealing with jealousy.

Extend your honeymoon phase forever! Learn how to reignite that spark in your relationship, so you can enjoy passion for many years to come.

A guided breath practice to help you balance your inner masculine and feminine, giving and receiving - and bring more harmony to your life

Welcome to the magical world of Tantric Rituals. Experience this incredible potent ritual, in which we merge sexual energy with money to open you for more abundance and prosperity.

This training will take you through the necessary preparations and the steps to hold your sex ritual. These steps are rooted in Tantra and allow anyone to experience sacred sexuality, even without any previous experience or practice.

Experience my powerful process of connecting to your body to make sure you're in full alignment when deciding to be intimate with someone.

Learn how to channel any emotion into orgasmic ecstasy

Discover the science behind flirting and how to land in that sweet spot of being seen as both a great lover, and a great friend.

The 6-week Transformational Journey Of Self: Discovery, Healing, Empowerment & Love... - Become The Irresistible Woman To Have Your Dream Lifestyle — Without Compromising Your Femininity, Relationships & Time For Yourself

Learn how to use the power of fire (an element of transformation and rebirth) to release any residue of your past lovers, and make space for new love.