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Companies are no longer places where individuals simply go to work. The most attractive companies know that they must offer their people more, transforming into a foundational center for individuals to contribute meaningfully, develop new skills, and grow into the best version of themselves.

This is the new paradigm of work. 

This evolved environment not only provides satisfaction to employees, it guarantees the company flourishes too. When people show up feeling supported in all facets of their life, they are more creative, collaborative and productive. 

Retaining the best talent means revolutionizing the possibilities for the kind of growth a company offers its people.

That starts with Executive Intimacy Coaching.

What is Executive Intimacy Coaching (EIC)?

Executive Intimacy Coaching is a proprietary framework and methodology created by Magda Kay. EIC is a white glove service that can be offered to CEOs and C-Suite executives of a company or firm. 

Magda is a renowned sexuality educator and coach. She has worked with individuals and couples around the world for the last 10 years, changing the lives of hundreds of clients to increase their capacity for deeper intimacy, better connection and more sexual satisfaction. 

With personal experience in the corporate world, Magda combines her deep expertise in sexuality and coaching with an understanding of the demands of the workplace and the ways in which taking a specialized approach in this aspect of C-Suite’s lives will help them become better, more effective leaders. 

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Why Executive Intimacy Coaching (EIC)?


Stand out as the best workspace.

For the top talent, great salaries and benefits are no longer enough. The companies that hire and retain the best minds and leaders offer more. Including 1:1 VIP coaching in your C-Suite benefits package puts you on the cutting edge of what it means to offer services that meet the full spectrum of needs of your leaders. 

By investing in the emotional and intimate growth of your top leaders, you show you value the quality of their lives. An expanded capacity in their emotional capabilities in their personal lives will only increase their ability to be more effective leaders in the workplace.


Decrease burn out.

Your C-Suite executives take on huge levels of responsibility. Long hours and high stress puts them at the greatest risk for burnout. High turnover at the C-level can be catastrophic for the health of your company. This fissure in leadership can lead to a loss of productivity at every level of the company. The solution is to proactively ensure a strong work-life balance is embedded in your benefits offering. 

A happy home life means a happier work environment. EIC will increase your leaders’ satisfaction and morale, which will lead to positive effects for all teams they manage. Most employees leave their jobs because of their boss. By investing in increasing your leadership’s emotional health, you increase the satisfaction of employees across your. 


Show you care.

A company isn’t just a business. Top talent wants to be a part of something that has vision, values, integrity. With EIC as an offering at your company, your C-Suite knows that at your company, people matter. Your holistic investment in them creates a workplace that runs effectively and is the fullest expression of your core values. 

Sessions will be led online, with the option of all day private intensives in person, with travel expenses arranged by the company. 

EIC offers three tiers of packages to be added to your company’s existing benefits package. The company may determine if these sessions are to be used by one specific member of your C-Suite or if they are to be open to anyone within the C-Suite who is interested in exploring their intimate life in order to increase their emotional capacity.

For all packages:

   • All session are 1-on-1; they are 1-hour long and happen online.

   • Available sessions can be used at any point in the 12 months of the package.

   • Guaranteed time slot within 5 business days of requesting the session. 

   • Once the cumulative total sessions have been reached, the company has the option of making more sessions available to their CEO by adding a la carte sessions to their package at a discounted rate.


• 5 x 1:1 private sessions

• $1,500 USD


• 10 x 1:1 private sessions

• $2,700 USD


• 15 x 1:1 private sessions

• $3,750 USD

Along with our pre-curated benefits packages, we offer the option for you to create a tailor-made package for your specific needs. Would you like to make this offering available to partners or managers as well as your C-Suite? Would you like to add more hours of 1:1 work with Magda? Would you like to make an in-person intensive available to those who are going through a divorce or a large setback in their personal life?


If you are interested in learning more about how to include EIC as part of your executive benefits package at your company or firm. Please contact us at info@magdakay.com and we will follow up with more information.

Please note - Any EIC services offered through Magda Kay LP are fully confidential, with non-disclosure agreements made available upon request. As EIC is a third-party offering, no information shared in sessions will be subject to being shared with any other employees at the company.