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My name is Magda. I am a Conscious Relating & Love Expert. I help men and women connect deeper to themselves, to their partner and to life. I guide you back into your heart so you can feel more love, more joy and more connection.

The Quality of Your Intimate Life
Depends on YOU

You can have a relationship of your dreams. You can have both intimate love and fierce passion. You can enjoy maximum pleasure and fulfillment.

If you choose to.

Just like in any other area of your life, if you want to have an extraordinary intimate life, you can learn new skills and develop mastery. And this is what I'm here for. Think of me as your personal trainer for your intimate life - I will teach you everything you need to know to build fulfilling, healthy and harmonious relationship: with your beloved, with yourself and with life. Ready?

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Magda I'd like to thank you for the experience. I don't like to compare, but I have never felt what happened today and I'm still feeling the sensations 😊 Amazing!!!

Bob, Germany

“I lost touch with my femininity”

Kate is my dear friend. She is a digital nomad, an entrepreneur and she is very successful. She works mostly with men, and she feels more than comfortable with them. She came to me because in all the rush of work, she started losing touch with her femininity. She had very few female colleagues and those she did have were very masculine and goal driven.

We focused in the session on awakening all of her senses, re-sensitizing her skin, and allowing her body to feel the pleasure she was too busy to even noticeNext week I got a message from her this message:

“Though you’d like to know. This incredible man asked me out! We went out twice and I'm beyond excited. I allowed him to treat me and felt like a real woman. THANK YOU!” - Kate

“It is never an easy task to create a safe space where we can express ourselves with love and no judgment. But Magda is one of those souls who can do so effortlessly. Her sessions are a journey of self-reflection and connecting to the love within, and I always come away feeling free, loved, connected and inspired. Magda is a special light who truly embodies her work and passion of Tantra and female empowerment. And I feel blessed to have met her.”

Kavitha, Malaysia

A bit about me...

I sometimes feel like there are two women inside me: one is a shy girl and the other one is a fiery warrior. Nature is my sanctuary, it's where I recharge, where I reconnect to my body and where I find my peace. My work is my contribution to the world. I absolutely love doing what I do. I believe we all need the balance between the masculine and feminine: in our relationships with other, and internally. I guide my clients through powerful techniques to help them refine these energies so they can consciously source from them whenever they need them. Whether we work in person or online, this is a powerful journey of re-experiencing yourself.

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