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My name is Magda. I am an Intimacy Expert, Tantra Teacher & Conscious Relating Coach.

I'm here to help you break free from limiting beliefs and painful past stories around love and to create an intimate life you've always dreamt of.

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The Quality of Your
Intimate Life Depends on YOU

You can have a relationship of your dreams. You can have both intimate love and fierce passion. You can enjoy maximum pleasure and reach sexual fulfillment. 

If you choose to. 

Just like in any other area of your life, if you want to have an extraordinary intimate life, you can learn new skills and develop mastery. And this is what I'm here for. Think of me as your personal trainer for your intimate life - I will teach you everything you need to know and will initiate you to Tantric practices so you can enjoy the best quality of your love and sex life.


I help men

 - reconnect with their primal masculine energy

- step up as a King, take leadership of their life and their relationship

- overcome PE and ED

- understand women (their mind & body) so they can keep their woman happy and in return enjoy great sex life & relationship

- master ejaculation control & reach full body orgasms

- heal mother-son dynamic so they can experience harmonious and mutually-beneficial relationships with women 

I help Women

 - reconnect to their feminine essence

- get out of the head and come back to the body

- become orgasmic (and multi-orgasmic!)

- heal sexual trauma, release shame and find confidence in their sexuality

- surrender more to life and their partner

- stop attracting immature and unavailable men

- heal their relationship with men (including father and ex partners)

- feel more aroused, sensual and experience more pleasure in life  

I help couples

 - strengthen their bond and solidify their union

- reignite the spark & bring back passion

- move through conflict and resentment built over the years

- navigate separation or divorce

- drop deeper witch each other, explore sacred sexuality & tantra

- increase polarity between partners

- heal co-dependency, childhood wounds and get out of the child-parent dynamic between you and your partner

- step up into a power couple and truly embody the Queen-King dynamic   

don't know where to start?

Book a free consultation to talk to me and see what is best for you OR email us with your questions at info@magdakay.com


Now available:

no more faking it

A woman’s guide to getting the love, pleasure and fulfillment she deeply desires

My first book is officially out and ready to order! It’s for every woman desiring to be fully met in love, in the bedroom and in life.

A bit about me

I used to be disconnected from life, and from myself. I used to party and drink a lot - a great way to numb deep pain and dissatisfaction. Until it all came down crushing when at 25 I got bad test results and I thought I was going to die. By that time I had never been in love, had never been in a real relationship and had never had an orgasm. The life I was living was not the life I wanted. And so I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I spent the next decade in the jungles of Bali, Malaysia, Thailand and India, learning about energy work, Tantra and sacred sexuality. Not only did I finally experience my first orgasm (and it just so happened to be a full-body energy orgasm!), I also gained deep self-love, confidence and true happiness.

My work is my way to give back what I've learnt. I guide my clients back into their bodies and into their hearts, so they can experience life on a much deeper level. I help you open up for more love, affection, pleasure and connection. I bring back intimacy to your life. Not only will you experience better a romantic relationship, not only will you get the best sex of your life - you will experience a true state of fulfilment, oneness and purpose.

Are you ready to experience a deeply fulfilling intimate life?

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