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Lingam in Sanskrit means "wand of light" and is used to describe penis. In Tantric philosophy, lingam is respected, adored and worshiped. A Tantric Lingam Massage is a life-changing experience for a man, offering a possibility of deep healing, pleasure and even full-body orgasms.


  • boost of libido
  • strengthening masculine energy (your natural polarity), your sense of authority, power and leadership
  • non-ejaculation
  • experiencing full body orgasm
  • healing sexual trauma from the body
  • clearing sexual conditionings, such as shame and guilt
  • re-sensitizing the body and penis
  • erectile dysfunction
  • premature ejaculation
  • becoming multi-orgasmic
  • releasing unexpressed feelings, such as anger, unworthiness or guilt from the body


  • Introduction & intention setting
  • Exploration of senses
  • Full body massage
  • Lingam massage
  • Energy sublimation & expansion
  • Cocooning - time to process and integrate
  • Closing

Introduction & intention setting

The session starts by a brief description of the process. I then guide you through a Tantric ritual of consecration and intention setting for the session. Then I invite you to lie down, relax and start your journey.

Exploration of senses

I begin by engaging the subtle layers of your body. using the Feather Touch, a shall and a few other props, I invite your body to awake its fully capacity to sense. In this phase we activate your heart and we create a bridge between your Heart Chakra and your Sexual Chakra (without yet touching the genitals).

Full body massage

I then move to massaging your full body with oil (I use the best quality natural coconut oil). On the physical level, this allows your body to relax into pleasure. On the mental level, it quits your mind. And on energy level, it activates your primary and secondary Chakras (energy centers) and clears energy channels. This is needed, so later we can easily spread your sexual energy throughout the whole body. I massage both the back and the front of your body, but I don’t yet engage your lingam. This part is around 45-60 min.

Lingam massage

Once your body is relaxed and open, we move the focus to your lingam. I offer you the gift of my full presence and admiration. All strokes are done with the uttermost love and respect for you lingam. I will use a variety of strokes, inviting you to experience new forms of touch. You may discover something new that feels very pleasant. This is an opportunity for you to move beyond the standard pattern of touching your lingam (either by your lover or yourself).

Energy sublimation & expansion

While I keep activating the energy of your lingam, I keep moving it outside of the genital area. Sexual energy is the most potent energy and when we spread it around your body, you may start laughing or crying. You may want to speak or scream. There can be some pain or discomfort, which is all welcome, as it gives an opportunity for profound healing. You may also experience a full body or energetic orgasm. There are no expectations nor agenda for this experience. And there is no wrong response. My aim is to hold space for you to experience yourself freely. This part is around 45-60 min.

Cocooning - time to process and integrate

As the session draws to a close, I invite you to lie down, giving your body an opportunity to fully integrate and evenly distribute the energy. This is also your time to tune into your body in its awake and activated state. I stay with you for support, ready to hold you and embrace you if you need this.


I guide you through a ritual to close the session. This is also the time for us to share about the experience.


“The most intense experience ever. Better then ayahuasca.”

Dick has had a history of sexual trauma. He had his first intimate experience only in his early 30s, was still not sure about his sexuality, had no confidence, and was rather closed down
The session allowed him to feel his sexual energy in its fullness, without the pressure to perform or having any standards to meet. With moving this energy we started a deep process of healing.

“It blew my mind. I knew you were good, but I had no idea how much. That was the most intense experience ever. Better then ayahuasca. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” - Dick, Canada

“I wanted to feel what it's like when sexual energy moves through my body"

Adam is a successful entrepreneur. He has a strong libido, is open sexually, but his girlfriend is not matching his energy. She is shy, has difficulties let go and get out of her mind. He wanted to explore Tantra and was very curious about full body orgasms.

In the session we activated a lot of sexual energy and moved it through his body. With a very stressful lifestyle, his energy body holds a lot of blockages. We managed to clear some of them, allowing the opening of the energy channels. Without that, the body can’t experience full body orgasms.

“I was on fire. I was going crazy. It felt amazing. I wish my girlfriend could do that” - Adam, UK

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* Please note I am dressed during the session and that there is  no sexual interaction between us. Don’t mistake this experience for a “happy ending massage” or an “erotic massage”. For more details, please visit our FAQ.

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Price: $750 USD for a 2-3 hours session

* I also offer training for women and couples who want to learn the sacred art of giving a Lingam Massage. You will learn how to create a safe and comfortable place for him to relax, the strokes for the full body and specifically lingam massage, the energy system (main chakras and nadis), how to allow sexual healing, the art of conscious touch and how to move the energy. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS >>

Price: $1,200 USD for a 3 -hour session

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