Book a Free 1-hour Consultation with Me

What will happen on the call:

      • We will explore what your desires & intentions are
      • I will help you identify what is stopping you from realizing these desires
      • I will share my advice on how you can move ahead to elimanate these obstacles
      • We will discuss if working together is the best fit for you
      • I will share the details of how we can work together & answer any of your questions

What will NOT happen on this call:

      • I will NOT try to hard sell you. I personally hate when people do it and I would never want you to feel pushed. I also don't want to push you if this is not the right fit, as this has to feel good for both of us.
      • I will NOT break you apart or leave you with open wounds that "only I can fix". I know many coaches use this approach, but this is not how I do things. We will go deep, and you will leave the call empowered, not shaken.

VIP weekends & in-person/bodywork sessions are available:

      • October 2021 - May 2022: Bali/Asia
      • Spring/Summer 2022: Europe