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I help WoMen

 - strengthen their bond and solidify their union

- reignite the spark & bring back passion

- move through conflict and resentment built over the years

- navigate separation or divorce

- drop deeper witch each other, explore sacred sexuality & tantra

- increase polarity between partners

- heal co-dependency, childhood wounds and get out of the child-parent dynamic between you and your partner

- step up into a power couple and truly embody the Queen-King dynamic


This isn’t your standard coaching. Yes, we talk, because it’s important to understand things and to get your mind on board, but you will also be guided through embodiment practices including movement, breath & visualisation. To experience deep transformation we need to work on all levels: mind, body and energy.

My coaching is individually tailored to your needs. During your free consultation we explore your unique desires, needs and wounds and I create a program that will be most beneficial to help you achieve your desires.

in-person sessions & bodywork

Meet with me in person and experience the power of Tantra and deeply held space hands-on.

These are fully practical sessions that include rituals, massage, breathwork and movement.

By dropping deeply into my feminine, I will invite to follow and drop into your feminine expression. Being held by another woman is deeply healing, inviting the sense of sisterhood back into your heart. It helps you find self-love and self acceptance for the totality of who you are: you pain, your past, your body, your desires and your sexuality.


Enjoy 1-on-1 attention in all-inclusive retreat only for you. It's a perfect break from your daily life and a chance to prioritize you. Every day you will experience the magic of Tantric practices and will be able to learn more about intimacy, energy practices and relating. Not only will you enjoy a very special holiday, it will deeply rewire your relationship to you body and pleasure.


If you prefer diving into the field of sacred intimacy on your own and in the comfort of your home, we have a series of amazing home study courses available.

Sexual awakening

Connect with your body, tap into the endless source of power and pleasure & release your inner Sex Goddess

the irresistible woman

The 6-week Transformational Journey Of Self: Discovery, Healing, Empowerment & Love

Find your sexuality type

Understand your sexual blueprint, discover your secret turn-ons & create sexual compatibility with your partner

sex rituals

A guide to holding your own Tantric ritual

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