Exclusive for Women

I believe women hold a very special place in modern society, that every woman is doing incredible amount of healing work to bring balance and love. And that this work often goes unnoticed and not appreciated.

There are simply some things that only another woman will understand. And this is why women coming together to do the deep work is so powerful. Other women remind us how to connect to our own strength, our intuition and unshaken confidence - something we so easily lose in a patriarchal society.

This is why working with women is so deeply rewarding to me. I love seeing women reclaim their sexual power and embody the true feminine force. In return, you inspire me to connect even more to mine.


Below are the ways how you can work 1-on-1 with me. All of my individual work is tailor-made to you, as we all have different stories, desires and fears. I choose the right path, number of sessions and techniques based on what you want to accomplish and what is holding you back. Think of me as a personal trainer for your intimate life.

Online Sessions & Coaching for Women


These group programs run twice a year and include a series of live online sessions.

Sexual Awakening for Women - Online Program

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