Private Sessions

Your sexuality holds your deepest limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns. Heal your sexuality and you will heal every area of your life.

It takes courage and it takes trust, but as a reward you will experience immense self-love, bliss and orgasmic states.

Unconscious sexuality can suppress old wounds and pain even deeper, and in some cases can recreate the trauma.

Conscious sexuality allows for the release of that pain and healing.

Private sessions allow for a deep, intimate work, that goes beyond the obvious and visible - a true transformation on a mental, emotional and physical level.

For Women

  • ORGASMIC YOU - releasing the blockages stopping you from experiencing orgasms, opening your yoni to pleasure and your body to full body orgasms
  • TANTRIC HEALING - using sexual energy for healing, releasing shame around sexuality, healing the women lineage in your family, healing core wounds of the feminine, understanding your own boundaries and feeling "yes/no"
  • JADE EGG practice & pelvic floor exercises
  • TRIBAL TANTRIC - shamanic practices to reconnect to the energy of Mother Earth, have more vitality and increase libido

For Men

  • NON-EJACULATION & FULL BODY ORGASMS - mind and body practices to become in control of your sexual energy, re-teaching your body to experience pleasure, introduction to conscious touch

  • TANTRIC HEALING - removing guilt and inhibitions around sexuality, healing the core masculine wounds, reclaiming your “inner beast”
  • BETTER LOVER - energy orbit practice, Goddess worship ritual, Ecstatic Breath meditation, understanding waves of pleasure

For Couples

  • TANTRIC LOVEMAKING - polarity of the masculine and feminine, introduction to conscious touchSex magic ritual, Intercourse vs Outercourse, how to be more present during lovemaking, Transfiguration Meditation, sexual healing

  • CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIP - understanding your core wounds and how they shape your relationship, 5 pillars of romantic love, Tantric communication model

Each session is unique. Before we come to work together, we meet (either in person or over Skype) and we discuss your needs and expectations. I personally design your session.

A Few Rules

CONFIDENTIALITY - I value your privacy. All sessions and communication are strictly confidential.

SAFETY vs COMFORT - It is essential to understand the difference. Stepping outside of your comfort zone allows growth and healing. Stepping outside your safety recreates trauma.

We work in an intimate and safe space and I do everything to assure that. We do, however, go beyond your comfort, because this is where the transformation happens. Please be aware of that.

RESPECT & BOUNDARIES - please keep in mind this is a healing experience and not a date. There are rules and boundaries and I ask you to respect them.



  • until Aug 7 - Koh Phangan, Thailand
  • Aug 8 - 29 - Warsaw, Poland & Berlin, Germany
  • Aug 30 - Sept 3 - Paris, France
  • Sept 5 - 10 - London, UK
  • Sept 12 - Oct 17 - Koh Phangan, Thailand & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Oct 18 - Nov 2 - Bali, Indonesia

* I am available to travel to work with you. In this case flight and hotel are covered by you.

Private session lasts 2-3 hours 
$500 for individual (man/woman) and $600 for couple
(20% off when purchasing a package of minimum 3 sessions)

Book Your Session:

To book your session or to ask any questions about private sessions, please contact me at [email protected]

We used to be crazy about each other. Finding alone time was never an issue until the kids came. Now they come first. And so does the house and work. We started spending less and less time together. This is why we decided to work with Magda. We wanted to bring back that passion we had. With Magda's help we started taking time for each other, going on dates and appreciate one another. Having Magda keep us accountable allowed us to create new routine around our relationship, despite a strong urge to keep pushing it to the side. It is absolutely possible to enjoy passionate relationship even if you have family and work to keep you busy and Magda has been great and guiding us to this place. Thank u!

Amy & Andre France

Magda was a delight to speak with, her naturally kind and friendly nature made me feel comfortable straight away. She talked logically through my situation and enabled me to see it in the most positive light. I could tell she was being very honest and not just 'giving me the answers I wanted to hear' - which is extremely important when looking for a good coach. Magda is such an inspiration, she has a lot of knowledge to pass on and I could tell how passionate she was about helping me progress. Magda helped re-adjust the way I was thinking about every day life, which has built my confidence and helped motivate me to persevere with my new business. I really appreciate the time Magda put in to help me and I would highly recommend working with her!

Louise, UK
Louise, UK Louola's Superfood Quinola

I have been curious about Tantra but didn't know how to get started. Then I met Magda through a friend and decided to give it a try (despite feeling still rather uncomfortableabout the whole thing). We worked privately with Magda, and it was beyond what I could have expected. Magda showed me a whole new approach to sex and how to enjoy intimacy with my partner outside of the bedroom. I always though it's something women wanted, but I couldn't find pleasure in it myself. But then we did a few really fun exercises together that showed me a whole new side to sexuality and pleasure. I've become a much more considerate lover and my partner's happiness is the best proof of that.

Derek Australia

Book Your Session:

To book your session or to ask any questions about private sessions, please contact me at [email protected]