Why Being Grounded Is So Important For Women & How To Stay Grounded No Matter What Life Throws At You

You might have already read why being grounded is important and how to stay grounded, but there is one unwanted consequence of being ungrounded you don’t read about often – and it’s especially painful for women.

Because being grounded is a natural state for you body, it will try to stay connected to earth in any way possible. So if nothing else works, it will try to get heavier. Yes, women who are continuously ungrounded might find themselves putting on weight.

In fact, being ungrounded is often the cause for women to put on and keep extra weight. Learning how to ground yourself can be the missing ingredient for you to coming back to your natural, healthy and slim body.

But why do we need to feel grounded? After all, when you are grounded you feel heavy. Many women like the feeling of being more in their upper chakras. They feel light, flowing and connected to The Universe.

We have two connections to amazing and limitless sources of energy and power: Father Sky and Mother Earth. To be balanced, to have strong energy, we want to open both of these connections.

While it’s considerably easy to connect to Father Sky, most of us are seriously disconnected from Mother Earth. We don’t touch ground any more. We walk on sidewalks or streets, we wear boots, and we spend lots of time in buildings on the floors far from the ground. The truth is, if you live in the city, your connection to Mother Earth might be very, very weak.

If you look at ingenious tribes, you will see immediately the wisdom they carry. Their connection to Mother Earth is very strong. They hug treed, touch the ground and walk barefoot. They live in line with nature, have their psychic abilities sharpened and are much more peaceful. All of this comes from being grounded.

While we might not be able to live like ingenious people, there are ways to help you stay grounded within the framework of your fast paced, modern lifestyle. So let’s look at a few ways that will allow you to reconnect to Mother Earth without having to make impossible life changes, or putting on weight.

1. Eat root vegetables

As a rule, anything coming from earth carries earth’s energy. While eating vegetables in general is very healthy, eating root vegetables has an additional benefit of making you more grounded. Beets and sweet potatoes are considered super foods so adding them to your diet is a great choice in any case.

A very healthy way to add more root vegetables to you diet is juicing. My favorite is a mix of carrots, beets, radish, ginger, cucumber and celery. I like to add chia, spirulina or whey protein for an extra kick.

2. Use the power of visualisation

You know your mind is powerful, and the power of visualisation has been proven many times. It’s a great tool to use if you feel ungrounded.

Simply imagine the roots growing from your feet deep into the ground. Stay strong like a tree and feel how your roots keep you stable.

This is my go-to technique when I travel. Jumping on a plane from one corner of the planet to another can cause a grounding shake up. So when I arrive in a new time zone, I do a quick visualisation and I unroot myself from the place I arrived from and put new roots in a place I’m staying in now. This little exercise is great to help you overcome jet leg.

3. Walk bare feet as much as you can

Anytime you can feel the earth under your bare feet, you’re grounding your body. Now, I do know people who walk without shoes in cities, but I really don’t recommend that (you are still walking on pavement!). But, anytime you can, walk on grass, on soil or sand without your shoes. You have smaller chakras in your feet – you strengthen and balance them whenever your feet connect directly to Mother Earth.

4. Keep earth elements with you

Like we said before – everything that comes from earth, carries earth’s energy. So keeping objects such as soil, stones, plants or wood in your room, will help you feel grounded. You can go crazy decorating your house using natural earth elements!

5. Wear crystals

Crystals are great for grounding. While some of them are unique for their grounding properties, any crystal will work, as they all come from earth.

You can place them in your bag, on your bed-night table, wear it in a wallet or as jewelry.

6. Clear and Balance your Root Chakra

Your Root Chakra is your connection to Mother Earth. Its strength represents how firmly you walk on the ground.

Any practices you do for clearing your Chakras will help you stay grounded. You can work with crystals, visualise white foam or use Violet flame – they all work and all will help.

You can do all 6 practices, or just those that you like the most and find the easiest to follow. Just adding one of them will already help you feel grounded.

And what are you favorite ways to stay grounded? Share in the comments below:

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