How to enjoy all the benefits of SPA in the coziness of your own home

I’ve been treating myself to a home spa every Sunday for the last 7 years. It’s one of my favorite times of the week. I take care of my body, I relax, I connect to my heart. Ever time I do it I remind myself i am special and worthy of all the good things life has stored for me.

5 rules for creating a Home Spa

#1  Pick one day a week – as much as possible try to stick to the same day and time. It’s easier to create a habit this way.

#2  Treat this time as sacred. There are priorities that might force you to change your plans, but don’t be so fast to cancel on yourself.

#3  Take care of both, your body and your mind.

#4  Go organic!

#5  Do only pleasurable things. So no waxing today, you do only what feels good :)

Here is how you want to treat yourself during your personal one-on-one time:

On this day you want to start with a shower or a bath. Treat your body with an invigorating and detoxifying body scrub, you hair and face with nourishing mask and your skin with a gentle moisturising touch.

Body scrub

1) Coffee + body gel

If you have a coffee machine, then you have everything you need for this scrub :) Next time, instead of throwing the used coffee away, take a few spoons and mix it with a shower gel for my all-time favourite body scrub.

Coffee is great for slimming and getting rid of cellulite (it’s an active ingredient in many slimming gels and professional slimming body treatments).

2) Salt + olive oil

This is my second favourite body scrub. Simply mix salt with oil of olive.

I prefer using fine salt. And it really doesn’t matter much which type of salt you use, because they all have cleansing properties. Salt is often used for clearing the energy of the room, to cleanse crystals, or in a bath to clear the body of negative or distorted energy. This makes salt perfect for energising the body and letting go of the old stagnant energy.

As for the olive oil, you don’t have to get the most expensive one, but also don’t use the cheapest out there. The better the oil, the more benefits for your skin.

Note: if you use this scrub, don’t rub your skin with a towel. Rather, let it dry. This way you don’t need to use any body moisturisers after – you already got that healthy layer of oil of olive on your skin.

3) Sugar + lemon

Both sugar and lemon have tons of benefits for your body.

Lemon is great for energising. It also evens the skin color.

However, if you use lemon, you should stay away from sun (otherwise you can burn your skin).

Hair mask

1) Coconut oil or oil of olive

Apply a bit of oil on lightly dried hair. If you have greasy hair, apply it only on the ends. If you have normal or dry hair, you can also apply oil onto the scalp.

Wash off after about 30 min.

2) Egg white

Apply 1-2 egg whites on your hair and leave for about 30 min. It is a great treatment for greasy hair.

3) Honey

Honey has tons of benefits – but make sure to use organic honey. Apply it on your hair (especially the endings) and leave it for 15-30 min. Wash afterwards.

Face mask

1) Egg white
Egg white is perfect as a peel off mask for greasy skin.
Apply 1-2 whites on your face and leave till it dries. The simply pull it off.

2) Egg yolk
If you have a dry face skin, then go for the egg yolk. It is perfect for moisturising. Leave for about 15 minutes.

3) Apple, honey and oatmeal
If you have greasy skin with acne, try this recipe. Grind 1-2 apples, mix with 2 spoons of organic honey and add 1-2 spoons of oatmeal (to make the mass more dense). Leave for 15-20 minutes.

4) Papaya
Papaya is great for clearing your skin. Simply smash one papaya and apply it on your face. Leave for about 15 minutes.

To each of these you can add a few drops of essential oils. Check out this article to see which one will work best for you >>

Now… you’re used to simply applying a cream on your body, right? But today I want you to turn this simple process into a magnificent experience for your body, your mind, heart and… your sexuality.


Start by putting a towel on your bed (to protect it from getting dirty with the oil). Dim the lights and lighten a few candles. Use incense. You can also play soft music.

Apply organic virgin coconut oil all over your body. Then close your eyes and start spreading the oil all over the body, massaging it.

Experiment with various strokes. Start gently, brush your skin with just fingertips, and then alter with firm harder strokes. See what feels good and just follow your instinct.

Make sure to show your breasts the love and caring they deserve. Breast massage is very healthy for women, balancing your hormones and activating your heart and sacral chakras.

You want to spend some time on every part of your body, even those that don’t get so much attention in your daily life. So massage you inner tights, feet, butt cheeks.

Move around you bed, crawl, stretch, lift your chest. Move your hips up and down, make circles. Allow your body to move in any direction it wants.

At the end put one hand on your heart and another one on your pubic bone. It’s very healing for a woman to connect their heart chakra to their sexual chakra. It can be healing if you’ve experienced any sexual trauma in the past and help remove any negative energy stuck in your yoni.

Stay like this for a few minutes. When ready, stretch your legs and hands out. Open your eyes, smile and get up.

Foot spa

This is also a perfect time to get your nails done. If you’re after a shower already, you don’t need to do it – but if you choose to do your nails before, then prepare a bath for your feet. Pour warm water into a bowl, add liquid soap and some salt, and if you have – a few drops of essential oils. Let your feet relax in such a bath for 15 minutes.


After you dry your feet you can cut your finders and use a file to even them.

And now it’s time to use some color! I like to use a foundation under. If you do, let it dry and then play with some colors. I love bloody red, dark pink or orange. Go for anything that makes you feel sexy.

By the way, even if you wear closed shoes, you cans till treat your feet and nails. Even if nobody sees. After all, this is for you.

What are some of your favorite pampering rituals?

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