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Have you ever wondered why you couldn't match sexually with your partner even though everything else worked perfectly? Or why you had great sexual chemistry with someone you didn't vibe with outside of the bedroom?

Just like people have different personality types, different likes and dislikes, different food preferences, different taste in fashion... they also have different sexuality types.

And just like you may be (or not) compatible with your partner in terms of your life vision, lifestyle choices, sense of humor, you may be (or not) sexually compatible.

Unfortunately, people don't even know there are sexuality types! And if you don't know your own type - or your partner's - you may end up sexually frustrated not understanding what's wrong.

So let me invite you into this incredible world of sexual expressions, preferences and turn ons.

Ready to find out what your sexuality type is?

Knowing your own preferences is essential to finding sexual and romantic satisfaction. If you don't know what you want, how can you get it? If you don't know what works for you, how can you ask for it?

And this is why knowing your sexuality type is so amazing. It helps you to understand how you work, and what you need to feel fully satisfied in bedroom:

- what will turn you on
- what will turn you off
- which strokes will give you most pleasure
- which orgasms will be the most powerful
- what's the best way to seduce you
- and what will push you away
- how to get you ready for sex
- and what will kill the moment for you

Knowing all of this about yourself is essential to you finding full sexual satisfaction and getting maximum pleasure.

And knowing this about your partner is essential to enjoy long-lasting passionate relationship.

"I was in-orgasmic. Learning about my sexuality type changed everything."

Hi, my name is Magda Kay. I am international Intimacy Expert, Tantra Teacher & Relationship Coach. I help people enjoy the best, deepest sex of their lives.

If you knew me 10 years ago, you would never expect me to teach any of that. I was timid and I didn't orgasm. Sex was an uncomfortable topic, something I didn't quite know how to fully enjoy and I felt embarrassed to admit to.

My own search for orgasms lead me to India, Bali, Nepal and Thailand in search of ancient practices of sacred sexuality. And among the many things I learnt and explored, discovering my sexuality type was a pivotal moment.

See, I always thought there was something wrong with me. There were certain things I enjoyed but I felt embarrassed to admit, let alone ask my partner for it! And because I didn't meet any men who seemed to share my preferences, I honestly thought I was a crazy person.

Once I learnt which of the 4 sexuality type is mine, I realized I am absolutely normal, in fact 25% of adult population has the same type! This is when I started owning my turn on, when I started experimenting and asking for what I wanted.

And today not only am I multi-orgasmic, I am also teaching other men and women to find full sexual pleasure.

Knowing YOUR sexuality type will be a game changer for you.

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Find your sexuality type

   • 90-min video training with demonstrations and practices to follow

   • 4 Sexuality Types workbook


This is a 90-min video training, a recording of a live session, part of the One World Tantra Online Festival that was held in April 2020.

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