I had an incredible honor of being featured in Glamour Bulgaria March 2024 issue. To celebrate the International Woman's Day, I shared my thoughts on whether it's true that women are less sexual than men. Hint: they aren't! Below you will find the English version of this featured article.

“Women don’t want sex as much as men do, it’s normal”.
We live in a society that believes that women are less sexual than men. But what if it's not true?

What if your natural, true self was a blissful, liberated, relaxed, fulfilled woman? What if that was your normal? And what if you were told that women could actually be more sexual than men?

In my work as an intimacy expert, having worked with hundreds of women, I have found that a woman's natural state is multi-orgasmic. But the sad reality is that most women don’t even get close to that state..

Did you know that we’re biologically built for more pleasure? We can actually experience many more types of orgasms, our skin is more sensitive to touch and even our senses are more open.

It's not that women's libido is lower than men's. It’s that female desire requires context.

We need to feel truly safe and free of stress to really feel aroused. Anything from a long to-do list to body image concerns can be serious pleasure inhibitors. And the media has taught us to attack our imperfections, which makes it harder to develop a deeper connection with our bodies.

In addition, we need erotic sensation in order to get in the mood; stimulating all of our senses. And we absolutely require more foreplay to experience peak arousal (not just 15 minutes focused on one erogenous zone).

Maybe society has fallen back into a lazy, outdated view on sexual behaviors because it’s more convenient than educating us on the complexities of female arousal. Maybe it’s more convenient than admitting that women’s needs are still not being met. It’s easier to tell us this is how it’s meant to be.

It’s not. Women who don’t feel aroused much will rarely explore the reasons why, because it’s normalized. Think of how you’d approach life knowing that your natural state of being is deeply sexual. Then you’d know that any time your libido is lower, it’s a powerful indicator to work with. Maybe you don’t feel safe, maybe you’re over-stressed. View it as a cry from your body to pay more attention to your needs. Then honor those needs, and communicate them to your partner if necessary.

It’s time to stop normalizing an outdated, patriarchal view on female sexuality. You deserve to embrace your true nature: built for pleasure and capable of deep, intimate experiences.

Original article (in Bulgarian): https://glamour.bg/wellnes/seks-i-vzaimootnosheniia/naistina-li-mujete-iskat-poveche-sex-ot-jenite

Cover Photo: Sylwia Le @sylwia_le
Styling: Maria Nasiadko @voyagirl
Studio : @lux_sfera
Photo & light assistant : Marcin Magiera @marcinmagiera

Photo #2: Sylwia Le @sylwia_le & Marcin Magiera @marcinmagiera
Styling: Maria Nasiadko @voyagirl
Studio : @lux_sfera

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    3 replies to "Do men really want sex more than women? Moving past an outdated societal view."

    • Jean-Pierre Mollicone

      I very much enjoy your insights. You are playing an important role in improving relationships between women and men. I am learning a lot from you. Thank you.


    • Rob Nierengarden

      Magda, I have been following you for about a year. I have learned so much about female sexuality from you. I am a senior and can only wish I knew when I was younger what I know now. I have tried what I learned on 2 younger women and got the same wonderful reaction from both. Giving pleasure in such a giving way is very beautiful. If the woman can just be and accept it, it’s priceless. For me, now, the giving might be more enjoyable than receiving. To see and feel a woman relax so completely is life changing. What you teach is something that should be taught at a young age. Keep doing what you do! Thank you.

    • Charles

      Dear Magda,
      “Bravo! Congratulations for your achievement🎈you have taken your mastery to next level”. You are bringing awareness to many closed minds who consider the topic a taboo. Wish you good luck & more.

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