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No More Faking It

A woman's guide to getting the love, pleasure
and fulfillment she deeply desires

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May 25th, 2023

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Are you tired of pretending everything is okay in your relationships? Do you find yourself putting others' needs before your own and feeling unfulfilled? Do you feel stuck in the same dynamic where your needs always come last? No More Faking It is your ultimate guide to breaking free from this cycle and embracing the love, pleasure, and fulfillment you deserve.

women are masters of "faking it"
- pretending everything is ok, when it's not.
thanks to 'no more faking it',
you'll never have to do it again. 

Women are all too good at outsourcing power. We look up to others for advice: our boss, our partner, our astrologer or our friends. We would rather listen to them, than trust our own intuition.

But why?

There are 3 reasons:

1. Because for generations intuition has been mocked (how many times have you heard that you’re not reasonable or that you’re not thinking logically?)

2. Because we don’t understand how intuition works (hint: you do not have one inner voice: you have four! And they all want something different)

3. Because you need to build a relationship with your intuition and that takes time, commitment and self-love (you can’t expect her to speak to you if you’ve neglected her for years)


1. The 4 voices of your intuition

If you ever felt confused about your intuition and like she is pulling you in different directions, now you’ll understand why. See, we don’t have just one all-knowing inner voice - we have four. And each of them has her own expertise, needs and desires.

2. How to allow more pleasure

A female body has been created to feel pleasure! And life is meant to be enjoyed.
But so easily we get lost in the responsibilities of our daily life: work, family, home, health (and the list goes on..). In this book you will learn how to make space for more pleasure without sacrificing anything important in your life.

3. Stop falling for a wrong man

Do you find yourself getting attracted to men who are unable to give you what you want? This book will help you attract a better man. You will be able to recognise if a man is worth your attention before things go too far and you’re too attached to let him go.

4. No more bad relationships

Bye bye co-dependency and one-sided relationship. Women are great givers, but you deserve to receive just as much as you give.
No More Faking It will show you how to recognise your primary needs and how to ask for them from your partner so the relationship is a true partnership in which your needs and boundaries are met and respected.

5. How to live the most authentic and fulfilling life

Women too easily make their life about others. This book will help you re-focus on yourself, to make sure that YOU get what you desire, fulfil YOUR dreams and live up to YOUR full potential.
You have greatness in you. Way too many women never embrace it. And their potential goes wasted. You were born to live the most magical life and More Faking It will help you re-connect to your unique magic.

Women are loving "no more faking it"

"An amazing journey down an Interesting life"

There is a lot you can learn from someone's life and relate to yours, and this book has brought me on an adventure. I am grateful to read and know that I am not alone. The tools shared are valuable and can help one to get to know themselves and harness one's intuition.


"Goosebumps from the just the intro!"

Omg! Just finished the book!!!!! ITS AMAZING MAGDA! AMAZING!!!!

No wonder you're so dam courageous and live life to the fullest!

And my God! It's only your first book 💥

Adelina - Malaysia


Eye opening. About how to open to your feminine power. How to embrace and allow pleasure in your life. A personal journey to Awakening and what it means to be fully present in your life and body.


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