I have always enjoyed owning a lot things. It’s awesome knowing you have so much variety you can choose from: you can wear different clothes any time you want, you always have something for that theme party, and you even have your own collection of ‘emergency gifts’.

On top of it, having a lot made me feel abundant. I loved it.

It never really occurred to me that I could have too many things (if anything, I was thinking I didn’t have enough).

The idea of letting go of things was not something I was particularly excited about it, but I decided to give it a try. Despite the discomfort of letting go of my things, I slowly started choosing more and more things to give away until I made it a natural part of my life to get rid of things I no longer need.

And it paid off hugely! The truth is, that unless you make space for the new things, they won’t come. So if you want to attract your soul mate, get more business deals, make more money, or you generally feel stuck and you’re waiting for a sign what’s next – clear your physical space in order to make a room for all those things to come.

Energy must move. And where there is clutter, it gets stuck. If you have a lot of things in your house, you will feel stick in your life. To get going again, remove unnecessary things, and the energy will be freed to move again. The less things you have the lighter and better you will feel. You will have more clarity in mind, you will get more new ideas, your creativity will go up and you will be showered by The Universe will all the awesome things you always wanted. In the same way, if you make space, the bad and old things will leave with ease.

Here are 9 things I let go which made me experience huge changes in my mind, heart, and life. It translated into how much abundance, health love and happiness I’m experiencing on a daily basis today.

1. Clothes I didn’t wear for more than 3 years or that I didn’t even remember about

My closet is huge, and I know I’m not an exception here. We love collecting clothes, we often buy something we love even though we have no occasion to wear it, and if you’re anything like me, that you keep clothes in 3 different sizes depending on how your body weight fluctuates. It even happens, that if I really like something but it’s too small, I will buy it, saying that I simply need to lose 1 or 2 kilos.

All of that makes our closets way too cluttered.

I was living abroad for almost 4 years and I was about to move back to Poland, where I’m from. I had no choice but to go thru my clothes and see if I really needed everything (there is only that much space you have in your suitcase). I realised how many clothes I had that I didn’t even remember about! Clearly I didn’t love them, nor missed them, nor needed them if I didn’t even put enough energy to remembering there were still there!

So I took them all, and gave them away. I also looked at everything else and if I did not wear something for the last 3 years, it was time to say good-bye.

We are emotionally attached to our things, so to make the separation easier, give your clothes to away. Knowing that you are helping others makes it easier and adds satisfaction to the process.

And one more thing. You will likely feel that you ‘might need that thing one day’. Look, the truth is, you might indeed. But just because you will need it in a year, is not a reason enough to keep it. Come on, you can always buy a new thing when the time comes!

2. Gifts I didn’t need or love

How often do we keep things we get from others only because we don’t want to upset them?

I would keep everything, because if they ever visited me and their gift was not there, I would feel embarrassed. So I kept it all. ALL. Things I didn’t like, things I didn’t need, and even the things that I plainly hated.

You must understand that your home is YOUR home. It’s your sacred space and you should only keep thing that make you happy, inspire you or help you grow you.

So here is a rule I follow.

If I get a gift I don’t like or need from somebody I’m not really close with, I will give it away (I don’t throw anything. I always give it away to others). After all, these gifts are more of ‘obligations’ when you visit others, but there is little thought or emotions attached to them.

And when it comes to the people I really care about? I keep the gift for no more that a year, and then I give it away. After a year they won’t even remember they gave it to you, so you won’t hurt their feelings. Besides, I like to move my furniture and things around, so at that point it will simply look like I moved it somewhere else.

3. Old wallet

I’ve always liked shiny and glittery things, so I had lots of sequin purses, dresses, skirts and earrings.

My wallet was the same, and I saw nothing wrong about it. Until that one day I went for lunch with my male friend. When I took our my wallet, he looked at it a bit shocked and asked me: “Why do you have a wallet of a teenager?”

And he was right. I did have a wallet that was appropriate for a 16-year-old girl, but not for a woman.

You wallet represents your attitude towards money. So I threw out my little shiny purse and replaced it with an elegant black leather wallet. I used to squeeze my money into the wallet before (it was just a tiny purse), and now my money is well organised, flat and respected. Yes, the wallet is much bigger and heavier that before (which is not always practical), but it also represents a fact, that right now money is an important part of my life, and so consequently my wallet takes an important part of my bag.

4. Scratched shoes

I destroy my shoes pretty fast. Often one day of walking on pavements is enough to scratch the tops of the heals of my new pair.

And because I do it so often, having my shoes scratched was never a reason enough to throw them out. I just didn’t care.

And that was a problem, that ‘not caring’.

Whenever I was exposed to very successful people, it was more than obvious that everything about their look was perfect. And that included shoes. So I decided to take a look at all my shoes and those that did not look good enough to wear to a formal event went into a trash bag. Yes, that means I have to buy new shoes more often, but frankly, it’s worth the money. Old, scratched shoes really do not make you look professional.

5. Tiny purses

I had a lot of these! You know, those tiny little cute purses and clutches that fit nothing more that a lipgloss, some loose money and an ID card. They are perfect when you go out partying.

But I’m not the same party girl now that when I was in college. I simply don’t need all those little purses anymore. Not only do they not fit my lifestyle anymore, they really don’t fit an image of an independent, self-loving mature woman. Seeing a woman trying to squeeze something into her tine purse is just not sexy.

Instead, opt for bigger, solid and well-looking bags, where you can always fit all the things you need (like that new wallet). And keep only a couple of small purses for special occasions.

6. Expired food

Open those cupboards and dig deep inside and I guarantee you will find tons of old bags of pasta, soya-burgers, muesli and other things that are way over their expiry date. Though these dates are usually more conservative that they need to, if something is a few years older that the expiry date, throw it out! While doing it, take a note of what food you didn’t eat. How often do we buy something cause we read it’s healthy or because we wanted to try something new, but we never actually ate it? If you didn’t eat it for all those years, don’t buy it again. There is no need to keep all that food. The truth is, that the more food you keep at home, the more you eat. By now you know what you like. Stick to your favourite foods without cluttering your kitchen with things you might eat once a year. if you want something new, just go out!

7. Comfort food snacks

Speaking of food, do you keep comfort food snacks for bad times? Ice cream, chocolate bars, and other candy? You will be much more tempted (and so, much more likely) to eat that food if it’s easily available. Besides, there are much better ways to deal with sadness that eating (go for a walk or a run, paint, read an inspirational book, exercise, call a friend). And if you really want that comfort food, you can always go to the shop to get it; you don’t have to keep it at home.

8. Colourful make up

I had a phase in my life when I wanted to experiment with make up and so I bought a lot of colourful eye shadows, mascaras and eye pencils. And for a while I did play with them. But today, I would much rather opt for a natural-looking make up, instead.

When it comes to make up, less is more. You know what looks good on you, so choose up to 5 different types of make up looks and keep only the things you need for that. Something light for a day, a vamp look for the night with your man, a strong, yet classy make up for events, and anything else that you love and you look great in. And this is more than enough.

If you ever need any specific make up (like for Halloween or for themed parties), just get an appointment and have a professional do it for you.

9. Tiny little shorts and dresses revealing way too much

I always loved showing some skin, and emphasise my curves.

And while going thru all my clothes (what I mentioned in Point 1), I realised just how… slutty my wardrobe was. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with looking hot. But I had way too many pairs of super short shorts, low-cut shirts and extremely short dresses. I just don’t feel comfortably wearing them now. With time I realised that you can look sexy in a classy, or in a trashy way. And I definitely didn’t want people to think of me as trashy. We do communicate a lot with our outfits and you should care about it. Take care of yourself, by all means look your best, but you can do it without showing all your assets at once.

I think this change was a consequence of accepting and loving myself. I realised I don’t have to convince anybody I’m good-looking by getting all the attention with the clothes I was wearing. I can get attention with how I move, how I listen and how and what I say. All of which are just as important as how you present yourself visually.

Letting go of all those things not only freed tons of space in my house, it freed my mind to think in new ways. It’s had such a profound impact on me, that now I truly dislike being in cluttered places. In fact, whenever I go visit my Mom, I make her give away at least one big bag of things :)

So even if it feels like there is nothing you could let go, give it a try. Despite the initial discomfort you will feel much lighter, healthier and happier once you let go of old clutter.

With love,

Magda Kay

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