When I lived in Asia, it was easy to maintain my spiritual practices. There were about 5 yoga studios within 10 minutes walk from my home. Over 10 massage places! A shop with crystals and anything a New Age girl can dream of. On top of that, I was surrounded by people who shared my beliefs and attitude towards life.

When I moved back to Poland I realized I took it all for granted. Western world makes it a bit more challenging to keep up your spiritual practices – but it’s not impossible :)

So how can a modern woman stay spiritual? What are some of the practices that you can do?

Over the last year I discovered that these 9 ways allow me to feel good and always connected to my psychic abilities, The Creator, feel more gratitude and simply feel happy about life.

1. Declutter

Nothing works better at moving stuck energy than to clearing out your space.

Go through your shelves and closet and see what you can let go. Some old clothes you haven’t worn in over 2 years? Or this gift from your mother-in-law that you only keep because of her? Old books? It’s time! Pack it up and pass it to those who might benefit from it more than you (check out my other article of what to throw out for more fresh energy)

2. Use crystals to energize your water with love

It is said that water has memory. What it means is that water easily takes on the energy of the environment. If you energize it with hatred or anger – you will be literally drinking energy of these emotions.

This is why blessing your water is such a beautiful practice. But I always had a problem with it… First of all – I never remember to do it. And secondly – apart from me, here in Poland, rarely anyone agrees it’s a beautiful practice (they think it’s plainly crazy! haha)

So instead, I keep a rose quartz crystal in my water jar. I first do a little meditation to cleanse its energy and fill it with unconditional love. Occasionally I repeat this process. Crystals should get cleared about once in a month.

3. Burn incense to clear negative energy in your house

There are many ways you can clear energy.

According to Feng Shui you can use bells and clapping to clear your house. But if your family or housemates are not into energy work, this might be a bit challenging to do. So the easier option would be to burn some white sage (you can buy dry sage for smudging) or palo santo (it’s a wood originally from Latin America, so might be a bit harder to get). Both have a distinct smell, so when not used to, your housemate might find it rather uncomfortable.

And this is why I recommend incense. These also have clearing properties but are much more popular. People are familiar with them, they are ok with their smell and they don’t immediately link them to some “weird” energy clearing ritual :)

4. Add salt to your bath

Salt is famous for its energy clearing properties. There are many ways you can use it. You can sprinkle some around your house. You can put little containers with salt in the corners of each room. Or you can use them in your home spa – and this is my favorite way to take advantage of the cleansing properties of salt!

About once a week I take a long hot bath with salt. It’s perfect for clearing your aura and energizing you.

5. Home made body scrub with salt

Another way to get all the benefits of salt is to add it to your DIY beauty products. I mix salt with oil of olive and use it as body scrub.

6. Get 30 min only for yourself in the morning

Before everybody else wakes up, and before all the to-do tasks start taking your time, dedicate just 30 minutes to yourself. It is a perfect time to meditate, journal and do energy practices.

Once the day starts it is much more difficult to find the time for yourself. By the time the evening comes, you are usually too tired. On top of that, right after you wake up, you are naturally in a deeper state of mind (alpha) which makes it easier for you to meditate or do any other rituals that require you to connect to your psychic abilities, Third Eye or intuition.

This way you can also make sure that nobody will interrupt you.

7. Connect with like-minded people

There is one important truth to keep in mind – anything that you have experienced, no matter how amazing it’s been for you, is yours and should not be imposed on anyone. So even though you know exactly why your loved ones are experiences these difficulties, or why they suffer or experience physical traumas – don’t offer your opinion unless you’re asked.

I know how much you’re tempted to do it. After all, when you find the key to feeling better you want to share it with the ones 

you love. You want to share with them what you just read about energy work, or which crystal is the best to keep in bedroom for a good night of sleep… But, if they are not interested, you will only push them away.

Instead, find people who do share your interests. It is important to discuss with others your views and learn from each other. By all means, do talk about your practices, do offer your advice – just do it wit the right people, who want it and who share these interests with you. And these does not have to be your closest friends or family.

Go on Facebook and search for groups, especially the ones in your city. Join yoga classes. See if there are any workshops where you work. Or even join international festivals for people like you and me. It will give you the much needed contact and will not jeaopardize your relationships.

8. Schedule breaks for breathing

Sounds silly – but trust me, no other practice beats deep breathing. The problem is that most of us breathe in a very shallow and fast way, which puts our body in a constant state of stress!

The solution is super easy. Every 2 hours or so, schedule a 5 min break. Go to the bathroom (or anywhere when you can be alone and relax). Close your eyes and inhale deeply into you belly expanding your chest. And then slowly exhale. Try inhaling on the count of 20 (and exhaling on the same count).

When I’m stressed I will try any of these 2 types of breathing:

Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, allowing any sounds that want to come out

4-4-4-4 breathing: you inhale on the count of 4, hold for 4, exhale on 4 and again hold for 4. If you can, increase the count to 6 seconds.

9. Listen to meditative music while working

Your brain can operate in one of 5 frequencies:

Beta – it’s the state you’re in most of your day, when you consciously engage in your life, you think, analyze plan and work

Alpha – this is the state of relaxation and meditation

Theta – it’s the state of deep relaxation; it’s the state you’re in right before you fall asleep

Delta – when you’re asleep

Gamma – when you experience a boost of energy

Why is it important? See, just like your body gets stronger moving, your brain gets stronger when it’s in alpha or theta states. In these states you can access more of your potential, you easily focus, get more creative and destress.

Certain music can automatically put you in these states. I personally use OmHarmonics. I’ve had it for a few years, and I got so used to it, that the moment I put my headphones on, I immediately feel more relaxed. I love it, and can recommend it to you.

Listen to meditative music when you work, when you prepare meals, when you take a bath or while meditating. But do not listen to it when driving! Remember, this music lowers your brain’s frequency, so don’t use it when you need to be sharp and alert.

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