With the fast development of technologies, cities and economies, we sometimes forget that we are part of nature. And it’s in nature that we can find what we need to stay healthy and naturally beautifully.

In fact, our strong move away from nature (which is perceived as a progress) takes a huge toll on our general wellbeing.

The best way to feel and look better? Get in touch with nature! And essential oils are a perfect way for it.

Essential oils are extracts from various plants, fruits or flowers. The specific process of making an oil (always cold pressed, from first extraction), allows them to keep all the properties of the natural substance used for its making.

This is why you always want to make sure you buy high quality oils – a cheap version of an oil is nothing more but a benefit-deprived chemical. We will cover how to choose oils in Part II of Essential Oils – coming soon.

Here are some of the most useful and beneficial essential oils:


This is one of the most popular essential oils as it has a lot of properties and is also one of the cheapest oils to buy.

It’s commonly used for relaxation and calming the mind. It’s great for relieving stress or anxiety. For these purposes you can use it in massage or burn a few drops in your room.

Apart front hess well-known properties, lavender can be also used for treating skin.

It’s great for burns. As one of 3 oils that can be applied directly on skin (any other oil must be diluted), it can be used for a freshly burnt skin. the key is to apply it immediately. Lavender promotes new skin cell growths so it will help your burnt skin rebuild.

It’s also good for treatment of eczema, acne and other skin conditions.

It’s often used in skincare products. It balances sebum so it’s especially good for oily skin.

It is also the best oil stomach cramps caused by menstruation.

And lastly, lavender can be also used for muscular aches and pains. Truly universal oil!


Eucalyptus, thanks to its cooling effects, is the best oil to use to sooth and clear respiratory tract. It’s great for treating throat infections, coughs, colds and flu. It also helps with asthma.

Eucalyptus can be used for fevers as it lowers body’s temperature

Other uses of this essential oil include skin infections, cuts and wounds and repelling insects.

My favourite way to use eucalyptus is for better breathing (especially when sick and not being able to breathe properly thru your nose.)

Pour hot/warm water into a bowl add 6 drops of eucalyptus oil. Cover your head and the bowl with a towel and simply breathe the fumes. You can also add 1 drop of tea tree to kill the bacteria and help in the treatment of infection.

And speaking of tea tree… this is another must-have oil!

Tea Tree

This is one of the best antiseptic oils, and so it has a wide variety of uses.

Apply this oil on cuts, skin abrasion or insect bites to protect your body from infection.

Tea tree is great for treating fungal infections (like athlete’s foot or ringworm).

It will have a positive impact on skin in general. It is great for treating pimples – simply apply a bit of oil directly on a pimple to heal (tea tree, along lavender and chamomile are the only 3 oils that can be applied directly on the skin)

Due to its antiviral properties, tea tree is great for treating cold or flu and in general to strengthen your immune system.

It can also be used for treating bacterial infections of stomach.


This is another universal oil with a lot of great benefits for your body and mind.

It’s a fresh and uplifting and is great for waking up. This is why it’s used for shower gels, soaps, scrubs and other cosmetics. When used in the morning, will give you a boost of energy.

This is also because lemon oil aids blood circulation and has cleansing properties.

It’s good for digestion (this is why you hear so often to drink a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning). It’s an antiseptic; it helps relieve sore throat, coughs, colds, herpes and insect bites.

Lemon is good for immune system, it helps to fight inflammation, it softens the effects of scar tissue, it’s a natural exfoliator and is knows for brightening a dull complexion.

You can also add lemon to warm water to wash blonde hair. It add the shine and makes the colour look nice (if you have dark hair, it will lighten the colour)

One of my favourite ways to use this oil is for nails. Mix it with a base oil (as lemon cannot be directly applied on skin). You can use avocado, olive or coconut oils for that. Add a few drops of lemon oil and them massage it into your nails and the skin around it. It will soften the skin, and will help prevent breakage and splitting of the nails.

All citrus essential oils have the uplifting effects on your body, so instead of lemon you can also use Mandarin, Orange, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lime and Neroli. Do keep in mind, that all of these oils are photosensitive – and should be avoided if you’re exposing your skin to sun. Otherwise, they can cause inflammation.


It’s mostly known for its detoxifying properties. It is particularly good at helping remove toxins from body after eating heavy foods or consuming alcohol. It’s also often used in slimming and toning treatments for body (like massages).

Juniper is an effective diuretic. For that reason its great for women struggling with bloating or water retention (especially before menstruation).

It easies acne and helps clear blocked pores due to its purifying properties. It’s recommended for oily and congested skin. It will also help with eczema, dermatitis, swelling and other skin conditions.

You can add juniper with a few drops of lemon grass to your bath to relieve heavy feet.


Chamomile is amazing at calming the mind and soothing. It heals ease tension, anger ad anxiety. Just add a few drops into your bath or lotion (you can add lavender as well) to experience the calming effects of this oil.

Another famous property of chamomile is its ability to easy pains. It can be used for treating headaches, earache, toothache, muscular pain and period pains.

It is especially good for stomach problems, soothing pains caused by gastritis, diarrhea, vomiting, wind and inflammation.

It is also often used to sooth various skin conditions like eczema.


It is one of my favourite oils. Along with rose, it’s a perfect oil for women due to its properties to regulate hormones.

Yo can use geranium to treat pre-menstrual tensions, menopause problems (such as heavy periods or depressions) and inflammation of the breast.

Use it also for bloating or water retention, as geranium is also a diuretic and will help the body eliminate toxins and waste.

It can be used as mood uplifter, to ease tress and anxiety, and is perfect when you feel sad or lonely.

Geranium is often found on various skincare products and for all skin types, keeping it balanced, smooth and soft.

Rather then rubbing your towel, gently dry your skin as if it was the most precious thing.

Then take a lotion (or oil), lie on your bed and apply it all over your body while massaging it. Be very gently, soft, slow, and sensual! Allow your body to move while you do it. Arch your back, turn to sides, let your head tilt.

To make it an even more pleasurable experience, light candles and incense, play a nice music, and spray some nice essential oils (rose or geranium will be perfect – just make sure to dilute them before use).


It’s a women’s oil. Apart from beautiful aroma, it is a very beneficial oil for all women. It balances female hormones, helps regulate menstrual cycle, calms pre-menstrual tension as well as eases the womb.

It balances your hormones, and is perfect to use when you feel lonely. You can either burn in or add to a spray. I keep a small spray bottle with water and a few drops of rose next to my bed. Whenever I feel sad, lonely or unloved, I spray it all over my bed to sleep better.

It is also amazing for skin treatments. It can be used for all types os skin, though it’s especially beneficial for mature, dry and sensitive skin. It helps with broken capillaries (title red lines on cheeks and nose).

Rose and geranium are very similar in its effect. However, rose is one of the most expensive oils, so you can opt for geranium instead.

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