A woman’s breasts are not only beautiful, they are a pure representation of a woman’s feminine energy and her power.

While men pierce the world with the penis, we pierce the world with our breasts. We should all walk tall with our chest lifted feeling confident and proud of our breasts.

Breasts are connected to our sexual organs, making them an essential part in experiencing intimate pleasure (some women can have an orgasm simply from massaging breasts).

Breasts are such a sacred and essential part of our bodies that any imbalance will impact their health. The more nurturing and caring a woman is, the healthier their breasts are. On the contrary, if a woman ignores her own needs, doesn’t show much love for herself, she can develop a serious breast condition. Breast cancer, for example, is associated with lack of self-love.

So how to take care of your breasts? Here a few tips to help you keep healthy and beautiful breasts:

1. Massage

Many women carry emotional traumas in their breasts and either don’t feel comfortable when their breasts are touched, or have no sensation in them. Massage can heal it and open them up to pleasure.

Massaging your breasts is also important for balancing your hormones.

You don’t need any specific technique. Simply massage your breasts in circular way, making sure to massage the skin around and the nipples as well. 

One thing to always keep in mind is to use some kind of an oil or lotion. Never massage your skin when dry.

I like to spend 5-10 minutes after the shower to just lie down in my bed (with candles) and massage my breasts.

If you’re in a rush, use the time in the shower to massage your breasts with the shower gel and when applying body lotion. Just adding more intention to the activities you do anyway will make a big difference.

2. Get naked

How familiar are you with your breasts? Do you know their shape? How they look from various angles? How they’ve changed over time? How they react to your moon cycle?

We spend most of our lives fully covered – no wonder we have become strangers to our own bodies. Being naked is one of the best ways to reconnect to your body. There is nothing shameful about breasts – so let them be free with no clothes covering them from the world and yourself.

As much as possible just be naked. I love taking all of my clothes off the moment I get back home. It makes me feel liberated, alive, and very in tune with myself and my body.

Being naked is also the perfect way to finally let go of any judgment around your body – including your breasts. It’s been proven by psychologists that we like more what we are familiar with. Look at your breasts, touch them, get to know them. And you will fully and unconditionally love them.

3. Ditch a bra

Get that bra off and let your breasts breathe! Bras constrain our breasts, they limit the blood flow and can be quite detrimental to their health. Besides, if they were meant to be in a bra, don’t you think a nature would have thought of it? :)

It is believed that a bra keeps breasts perky and full. However, there is more and more people claiming the opposite and saying that it’s the bras that actually make our breasts saggy.

I used to even sleep in my bra worried that otherwise my breasts will stretch. The problem was, that whenever I’d take my bra off, I felt my breasts very heavy any stretching. It’s because if you always support them with a bra, the muscles that would naturally hold the breasts stop working and slowly disappear… Not wearing a bra keeps those muscles working all the time, and as a consequence, give you a strong support for your breasts.

4. Sun

Sunlight is very healthful for us, and your breasts will thank you for getting exposed to it, too. In the morning, when the sun is rising (and is not yet strong), go outside with your breasts naked and face the sun. Just a few minutes can do wonders for the health and look of your breasts. Just make sure not to expose your breasts to the strong sun. The skin on breasts is much more sensitive and will get burn easier.

5. Oils

You can pamper your breasts by applying nurturing oils. Use them while doing your massage. Coconut oil is my perfect choice to use instead of all those chemically-packed breasts creams.

6. Hot/cold shower

A great way to keep your breasts perky and healthy is to use the alternate shower: start with cold water and keep it for about 2 minutes, and then change the temperature to very warm (but not hot!) and again keep your breasts under the water for about 2 minutes. Repeat it 5 times. Make sure to always end your shower with a cold water.

Such change of temperatures increases the blood flow to your breasts which impacts both their health (blood transmits oxygen and all the nutrients to every cell of your body) and makes them look perky.

With these simple 6 practices you breasts will look amazing and will stay healthy.

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