How to turn happiness into a habit

Did you know that happiness is a habit? Yep, that’s right!

We often talk about happiness as something external, outside of our control.

But just as happiness is an emotion, it is also a verb – and therefore you can “do happiness” (that sounds a bit funky but I think you get my point ;p ).

Happiness is not something that will happen to you one day, once you find your soul mate, you start a family, have a lot of money, buy that dream house, travel… (and the list goes on).

Let’s stop postponing happiness and live right now.

An interesting thing I realised while overcoming my depression is nobody makes you feel anything. It’s not like somebody (or something) comes to your life and floods you with certain feelings.

These feelings have been always in you. You always had them. That person in your life simply reminded you of them.

Happiness is in you all the time, every day – and it’s there today, right now! It’s up to you if you choose to feel it – or if you choose to feel another emotion.

But since happiness feels so awesome, why not choose it?

If you feel your heart screaming “YES”, then I have a fun challenge for you.

Rules are super simple. Ever day for the next 10 day follow these little tasks.

Each of them are little happiness habits and if cultivated, they pay off huge!

The key to really feeling the change in your life in the next 10 days is to follow each task the whole day, in every situation.

So for example, on Day 1 you smile to strangers. That means every stranger you meet! Not just one person. Keep it up the whole day and you’ll go to bed with a huge smile on your face.

And the best part is that after these 10 day you will have created new habits in your life to bring happiness to every little moment in your life.

Day 1 – Smile To Strangers

When you cross the street, in a cafe, in a shop… Whenever you interact with somebody you don’t know, just smile!

Day 2 – Say Thank You

For every little thing that happens. You get a free coffee from a colleague? Make sure to thank him!

Thank even those people who can’t hear you. A car let you pass the street? Say thank you to the the driver in your mind. You watched a beautiful movie? Say to all the people who made it “thank you for making such an awesome movie”.

And even thank those who are not nice to you. If somebody starts irritating you, thank them for teaching you patience. Everything and everybody in your life is a gift and deserves to get a “thank you” from you.

Day 3 – Leave Nice Notes For Strangers

This is one of my favorite things to do :)

Write 5 nice notes and leave them behind the window on 5 random cars.

Day 4 – Get Flowers

Buy flowers and leave them on a desk of one of your colleagues (don’t say it was you).

Day 5 – Date With Yourself

Yes! Today is about and for you. Take yourself out on a nice date – and treat yourself to nice dinner. Alone! I know it might feel awkward if that’s the first time you’re eating out by yourself. But that’s the whole point. I want you to befriend yourself. When you do, spending time alone will be as spending time with your best friend. Besides, you deserve to go to a nice restaurant and treat yourself. So no McDonalds or anything cheap. Make it a real treat.

Day 6 – Visualize Your Perfect life

In the morning, spend about 10 min visualising your perfect life. best do it shortly after waking up, when your mind is still in a lower brainwave frequency.

Visualize who are you in your perfect life, how you feel, who is with you, what you do.

then, throughout the day allow yourself to go back to that vision.

Day 7 – No Complaining

Go a full day without complaining, not even once, not even a little bit.

Day 8 – Morning Meditation

Meditate in the morning for 15 min. Simply down down in a lotus position (or if that’s not available for you, simply crossed leg), close your eyes, and focus on your breath. The goal is to still your mind, so this is not the time to plan your day! You want to empty your mind. If a though comes, don’t engage with it. Let it be and go back to deep breathing.

Day 9 – Affirmations

Stay naked in front of the mirror and tell yourself 30 things you love about yourself. I want you to do it in the morning, before you dress up, do your hair and make up. See the true beauty in yourself.

Day 10 – Gratitude

Before going to bed tonight, write down in your journal what you’re grateful for in your life.

And when 10 days pass, share with us how you liked it. Which day felt the best? And how do you feel now that the challenge is over?

Lots of love,

Magda Kay

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