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This year, I'm your Santa.
And I got a special gift for you...

Reprogram Your Mind for

... in just 20min a day (or less)

If you want to feel more love for your partner, your friends and yourself, if you want to attract your soulmate & bring harmony to every relationship in your life, whether it's with your friends, family, your boss or coworkers...

and if you want to do it in only 20 minutes a day or less...

...then you're gonna love my "25 Days of Epic Love".

Starting on Xmas day, Dec 25, every day for 25 days you'll get a NEW lesson - with simple Action Steps & Tantric Practices.

Best of all, you can join now - with $2,058.00 OFF!

So your investment of the entire 25 days is $2,083... only $25 :-)

That is $1 a day.

Plus, I hooked you up with an incredible FREE bonus - 7 days inside The School of Intimacy for free! BOOM!

You're Getting DAILY Manifesting Tips, Tantric Practices & Action Steps!

Every day for 25 days, I will guide you - step-by-step - to move from scarcity around love, towards passion, self-confidence, self-love and new connections.

Here is how it works:

Every day you will receive an email with a technique, inspiration, manifesting tip or action step. I will want you to read something to help you open your perspective and reprogram your beliefs around love & relationships, and I will have a fun homeplay for you to truly embody the teachings. This will take 5-20 min a day. Yes, that easy and that fast.

I want to show you that small steps can have a profound impact on your life, so that even if you're busy (and you probably are this Xmas, because who isn't), you can still enjoy the highest quality of intimate life. This doesn't have to be either-or. You can have it all.

We are starting on Xmas, Dec 25.

YES, it's only $25

For the price of 2 Starbucks coffees you can forever change your love life.

To help you bring more love and intimacy into your life without any more delay, I decided to drop the price to make it available to everyone.

Normally this program would be priced at $2,083 USD, but it's Xmas (the times of miracles ;) and I want to spread the love to as many people as I can.

(Btw, how awesome is the Internet, which allows me to get this gift literally thousands of households without adding any extra work to the already busy Santa and his - her? - elves!)

And remember, I also hooked you up with a generous bonus - 7 days inside The School of Intimacy FREE OF CHARGE.

And to help you feel 100% at ease, I am also giving you a 25-day money back guaranteed.

If you go through "25 Days of Epic Love" and you don't LOVE the experience, you'll get a full refund (and you will still get your free week inside The School of Intimacy).


3 months (12x sessions): $2,500 USD

6 months (24x sessions): $4,500 USD

Individual session (1hour): $250 USD

Each session is 1hr long and happens over Zoom.
You receive the recording after each session + email summary.
PLUS: complementary 30-min integration call.

To book an individual, one-off session, you can contact us directly at info@magdakay.com

For packages, you can schedule a free consultation with me to discuss details:

Enroll for "25 Days of Love" Now!

Usually $2,083...

YOUR INVESTMENT: Only 1 payment of $25
+ BONUS: 7 days inside The School of Intimacy FREE OF CHARGE