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Magda Kay is an intimacy expert, certified Tantra teacher, speaker, and author on a mission to help individuals around the world experience more love, pleasure, and intimacy. For almost a decade, her advice on relationship dynamics has helped countless singles and couples alike live more fulfilling and authentic lives in and outside of the bedroom.

Magda has shared her unique perspective on intimacy and relationships at many international events, including the Women Economic Forum in India, Women EmpowHer by Entrepreneurs' Organization, the University of Nottingham in Malaysia, and multiple Tantra & wellness festivals.

She is the founder of the School of Intimacy, an online academy that teaches people essential skills for building happy, passionate relationships with others and themselves. Magda is also an author of the best-selling book, 'No More Faking It: A woman's guide to getting the love, pleasure and fulfillment she deeply desires". She also works one-on-one with individual clients both online and in person. 

After losing her first love because she was unable to orgasm, Magda embarked on a journey of sexual healing. She traveled to Bali, Nepal, India, and Thailand to study Tantra, conscious sexuality, yoga, bodywork, and energy healing, and today she helps to spread these vital Tantric teachings around the world. With a degree and background in business, Magda has a natural gift for translating esoteric concepts into practical, easy-to-understand ideas so that everyone can enjoy the fulfilling intimate life they deserve.

A cornerstone of her mission is to help men and women free themselves from the sexual shame and societal expectations, allowing them to live a life that is truly theirs. In her free time, you’ll see her in the crossfit gym, diving with sharks, or playing with motocross. She is fluent in Polish, English, and Italian.

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     • Website: https://magdakay.com/

     • YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/magdakay

     • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/magdakayofficial/

Featured Offer:

   • The School of Intimacy: https://magdakay.com/school/


   • No More Faking It: https://magdakay.com/book