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I see you.

Yes... YOU.

You want a fantastic sex life.

You deeply desire a true, happy and intimate relationship.

But you're stuck.

Because despite these desires being some of the deepest of all human desires, society has given you NO tools in how to navigate finding and cultivating that connection you so badly want.

And you are SO not alone in that confusion.

We get no education on how to flirt, or to communicate, and we definitely do not get any tools on how to have great sex. 

Your sex education likely ended and started with: "make sure you use condoms", mixed in with a whole lot of awkwardness. 

Most of us get our knowledge about sex from porn. 

And failed relationships.... 

Which makes it really hard to feel like things can be any different moving forward...

That you can actively create the kind of relationships you really want and are waiting for.

I'm here to tell you that you can. 

What you are reading about right now will allow you to access the tools you need to completely transform the way you think about sex and show up in your relationships. 

Something that will allow for you to reach greater levels of depth with yourself and others and that will offer you the tools to get all of your needs met.

It's like Netflix for your intimate life

I created this school because I believe a happy, intimate life makes everything else in life better. 

Have you ever noticed how after a night of great sex, your boss yelling at you the next day just matters so much less? 

How when you feel the pull and excitement to run home to your partner at the end of a long day, that getting cut off in traffic isn’t that big of a deal? 

Simply put, life is so much better and more vibrant when you are able to connect and love in the way you most desire to. 

I want you to experience this for yourself. You are on your way to feeling the bliss that comes from having all the tools you need to experience maximum sexual pleasure, satisfaction & love.

"I see in you a teacher who holds the wisdom I have been searching for.. And it takes a great turmoil I believe for young men constricted in social norms to liberate their own soul first in order to level up with rising women in our society. Your courses prove to be the bridge and answers to the calling of the next generation of man whom you are guiding in a wonderful way. Thank you".


The small amount that I have done has had a profound impact on me already! I joined the school today and I am so very excited to be a part of it. Already I see so much that my partner and I of 9 years are literally talking in completely different sex languages, wow, big realisation today just from small section of the four sexually types!

So much is surfacing, anger, frustration, love and opening all at the same time. I have experienced sex abuse, lack of honouring my body, numbness and confusion and I can see so so so much that you are going to be an enormous catalyst for change, healing, insight and growth.


It’s time to say goodbye to waiting, and to just hoping your sex life or your next relationship will magically be different next time. It’s time to step into your full power and personal expression. 

Because the quality of your intimate life depends on you.

So... what are you waiting for?

I can’t wait to tell you all about what is waiting for you once you enroll in The School of Intimacy. But, before I do, let me ask you this....

Do you find yourself always arguing over small things with your partner? 
Do you feel dullness and boredom in the bedroom?
Do you cringe thinking about talking to your partner about your deepest fantasies even though you want to?
Are your orgasms fine but not great, short and not-so-life-changing, if you even have them at all?
Do you feel lost in how to flirt and express yourself sexually in a way that feels open and free?
Do you fit into the good little box of a “nice guy” or “nice girl” and are so ready to break out of that?  


If you answered yes to any of the above....

We’re done with that. Starting now.

Here's what's possible for you after enrolling in The School of Intimacy:

Your relationships and your sex life will develop and strengthen.
You’ll have new skills, tools, and an expanded understanding of what you want and how to achieve it.
You’ll have a deeper awareness of yourself and your partner and become a ninja at mastering the dynamics of intimate relationships.
You’ll feel confident in your ability to harness the necessary skills to create a long-lasting relationship.
You’ll begin to learn and explore the mysterious and magical world of Tantra and conscious sexuality.
You’ll become open and ready to THRIVE in your relationship, enjoy deep, real love and have the best sex of your life.
And so much more...

Who is The School of Intimacy for?

The School of Intimacy offers courses for both men and women, as well as for those who are single or in couples. 

Our courses allow you to explore intimacy and achieve greater depth in your relationships regardless of your relationship style. Monogamy, polyamory, BDSM and Kink...we welcome it all here.

How the school of intimacy works

Upon enrolling, you will get immediate and full access to all courses.This allows you to pick and choose which courses you most want to dive into, so you can start transforming your sex life and intimate life immediately. The courses are self-paced, so you can watch them in your own time, with a notebook, some lingerie and maybe even a glass of wine.

Currently, the School of Intimacy offers 50+ hours of content and covers topics such as:

     • Ejaculation control for men: Last longer, satisfy your partner better and feel deep, full body orgasms.

     • Sexuality Types: Know exactly what turns you on, what types of partners you’re most compatible with and how to increase chemistry in your relationships.

     • Energy transmutation: Majorly uplevel the way you sexually connect with your partners by adding in deep, fulfilling, energetic connection.

     • Tantric & Sex rituals: Journey into the mysterious world of Tantra to create powerful and healing sexual experiences for you and your partners.

     • Women’s sexuality: Cultivate your deep, powerful, multi-orgasmic essence and watch how it changes how you show up, not only in the bedroom, but in all parts of your life.

     • and so much more... 

available Courses

Every month new courses will be added. Read on to see what’s coming next...

In December:

     • Male-Female Abuse (understand the dynamic between male & female energies, why we crash and how to heal it for more harmony and intimacy)

In January

     • Manifest a Fabulous 2023 with Sex Magic Ritual

I must say I was impressed by your knowledge, teachings and openness.
I enjoyed your content in the school so so much and I took so much value out of it. Especially the Irresistible woman (self-love, confidence, such big topics for me, and your tips are so precious) and the 4 sexuality types are so helpful! I wish I would have known about this ages ago, before my relationships broke down because apparently something was wrong with me.. This knowledge is gold and I now know everything is fine with me and my Water type and I can explain exactly to my partner what's going on for me.
I've followed you for a while but was always hesitant to join any course, but now I'd recommend it to anyone! THANK YOU so much for the work you do.


plus, you're also getting


Live Q&A with Magda Kay

I am offering my personal time to answer your questions and coach you. You're getting access to me just like my private clients do.


Monthly Quests

A deep dive into a specific topic, that uncludes: home study online courses, live webinars with Magda and special guest interviews. 

Our 1st challenge - Open relationships - begins in November. 

Next in pipeline we have "Multi-orgasmic Woman", "Non-ejaculation & Sexual Mastery for men" and much more.

Online courses with over 50 hours of content on all topics related to love, sex & relationships.

Live Q&A with Magda Kay where you can ask your own questions.

Live challenges, including guest experts, webinars and online training.

Special offers & promos reserved only for members.

About the founder of The School and your Head Coach, Magda Kay

If you’re new here, allow me to introduce myself. I am Magda Kay. I am an Intimacy Expert, Tantra Teacher & Conscious Relating Coach. 

More than 10 years ago I quit my corporate job, and embarked on a journey that led me through ashrams, yoga trainings, Tantric communities, and ceremonies. 

It led me through hours of daily devotion and practices. It took me straight into my deepest parts, facing the wounds and fears, and it also revealed to me my highest calling: to share and teach others how to access their deepest desires and ability to create transformative intimacy in their lives.

I’ve worked with men and women, singles and couples. I’ve helped hundreds of men expand their experience of sexual pleasure. I’ve helped countless women experience their first orgasm. 

I’ve helped so many couples heal what was pulling them apart, find deeper levels of pleasure and playfulness together and strengthen their connection with one another.

My work combines the gifts of the East and the West. My teachings blend Tantric and yogic philosophies with psychology and human behavior. The skills and tools I teach will allow you to enjoy the most fulfilling relationships, deep love and the best sex of your life. 

And now, after 10 years, you get access to all of this. The School of Intimacy offers all of my knowledge and experience so that you can confidently build the skills to create a passionate, connected and deeply loving life.

A little sneak peak into the school of intimacy

Enjoy our full library of courses
(more courses coming every month!)

All our courses are video trainings, with additional materials such as workbooks and guided audio practices to help you on your journey inside The School.

choose your membership option:


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Immediate access to ALL pre-recorded courses to transform your intimate, love & sex life
Access to workbooks and audio meditations to support creating new, healthy habits
Access to future courses and supporting materials
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Immediate access to ALL pre-recorded courses to transform your intimate, love & sex life
Access to workbooks and audio meditations to support creating new, healthy habits
Access to future courses and supporting materials
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Access pass

Immediate access to ALL pre-recorded courses to transform your intimate, love & sex life
Access to workbooks and audio meditations to support creating new, healthy habits
Access to future courses and supporting materials
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one payment

   • Immediate access to ALL pre-recorded courses to transform your intimate, love & sex life (50+ hours of video training)

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What you get

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel or get a refund?

For refund:

If you’re unhappy for any reason whatsoever, you are entitled to a 15-day money back guarantee on your first subscription fee whether annual or monthly. If in this time you decide it’s not for you, simply email us at support@magdakay.com and we will process your refund immediately, no questions asked.
Please note that upon refund, you will immediately lose access to the content of The School of Intimacy.

For cancellation:

If you decide not to renew your subscription for another month/year, you can cancel it inside your account at any time.
If you need any help canceling your membership, please contact us on support@magdakay.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.

How much time will I need for this?

This is fully up to you.

My recommendation is to focus on one course per month to allow yourself enough time for practices and full integration.

I understand it may feel tempting to try to do everything in as short of a time as possible, however I strongly advice to pace it. I am finalizing a dedicated program on effective learning to help you make the most of your time inside The School of Intimacy.

I also understand that life happens, and you may get busy with other responsibilities. Please don’t beat yourself up. I have purposefully kept membership prices accessible so you can give yourself all the time you need to explore the courses you’re interested in. There are no cohorts, no pressure of time or completion deadlines.

What happens after I order?

After placing your order, you will be asked to create your account for The School of Intimacy. You’ll be able to instantly access all the content. You can follow our recommendations or choose the program that interests you the most.

If you have any questions using the platform or need help accessing your account, simply contact as support@magdakay.com and we’ll assist you right away.

How exactly does The School of Intimacy work?

The School of Intimacy is designed as a school with a library of various courses. We have courses for men and women, singles and couples, and covering main areas of intimate life.
You can follow our recommendations, or simply choose the course that interests you the most.
The programs are all video courses with supportive materials (worksheets and guided practices), which you can do at your own pace.
The School is ever expanding so expect new courses added in the future.

Do I need a partner to join The School of Intimacy?

You do not need a partner.
If you’re single, you’ll find many courses perfectly suited to your needs inside The School of Intimacy. And we actually recommend our couples courses for everyone, as they will give you invaluable lessons for once you are in a relationship.
If you are in a relationship, but your partner is simply not interested in joining, that’s also fine. You’ll gain powerful insights and learn techniques that you can later share with your partner.

What is included inside The School of Intimacy membership?

Membership includes access to a full library of courses: currently we have over 50 hours of content and courses on topics such as Tantra, non-ejaculation, becoming multi-orgasmic, the art of flirting, sex rituals and more.
Our courses come with supportive materials, such as worksheets, guided practices and meditations.
You’ll have access to our Facebook group and live Q&A with Magda Kay, which we host periodically inside The School of Intimacy.
We also have special offers only for the students.


If The School of Intimacy is not for you – get a full refund within the first 15 days of your membership (no questions asked) 

And one last thing...if you’ve read this far, THANK YOU. You care about the beautiful, juicy aspects of life. You want deeper love and more connection and I am so grateful to you for that. I understand how scary that can feel, to really commit to. I was scared when I started down this path too. 

But, listen up, because , I want you to know this: That intimacy you’re craving? It is absolutely available to you. I know that, because I found it for myself and I’m so ready to help you discover it, too. I know the exact steps it takes to get you to where you want to be. 

With a little bit of self exploration, dedication and playfulness, you will be on your way to the kind of intimate life you’ve always dreamed of having. And it starts here, with taking a step to show up for yourself and enrolling in The School of Intimacy. 

I’m deeply grateful for your trust and so excited to start on this journey with you! 

Let’s bring on the sexy, shall we?