You've Built Your Kingdom.

Now It's Time To Call In Your Queen

You dedicated so much of your time and energy into building your business, a true legacy. Through tears and sweat you've created what many other men only dream about. You have built your Kingdom. Now there is only one thing missing - a Queen by your side.

Many executives and business owners have given up on love. Failed marriages and past relationships have been a painful lesson that you can’t have it all. You’ve dated women who loved you for your money and status, but who were not interested in getting to know the real you. You could never take down your armor, show your emotions or vulnerability. You had to play the role of a CEO even at home.

Some were lucky to find love, but they lost it because of their work. No matter how much you offered, it was never enough. She wanted more time, more affection, more intimacy. You did your best, but with your business, you knew that you are not giving her enough to make her happy.

It always came down to: WORK or LOVE

And with work, you know how to make it happen. The game is clear. You invest, and you get your results.

But love? After yet another failed relationship, you decided it’s not worth it.

What if you didn’t have to choose? What if you could have a great business, keep building it and reach your goals AND have an incredible relationship?

And I’m talking about a GREAT relationship: true love, great sex life, with the kind of a woman who will be a true life partner for you. A Queen.

A woman who will accept you and love you for who you are.

A woman who will support you and hold you when you feel down, unsure or weak.

A woman who will inspire you and who will be your muse to achieve even more.

A woman who will be crazy about you.

Just imagine what it’s like to come back home to such a woman. Imagine seeing her big smile, happy to see you. Imagine seeing in her eyes her love and devotion to you.

A woman who feels like the luckiest woman on the planet to be yours.

Not every man is a King. Now every man has built a Kingdom. There is a reason why not all men are as successful as you.

You were determined, focused on what you wanted to accomplish, you understood the importance of investment, of developing skills and getting the help.

And now you can apply the same approach to achieve success in your personal life.

Exclusive Love & Relationship
Coaching for Executives

Are you ready to attract a perfect partner and build a satisfying love & sex relationship?

This is for you.

Every year I work with a selected group of men offering them a full makeover of their intimate life.

We dive into your old patterns and beliefs that until now have kept you stuck in unfulfilling connections.

We look in details at what kind of a partner you want. I initiate you to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. I share the secrets of female sexuality - things that will turn you into her best lover.

Here is what we will work on together:

MODERN MASCULINITY - find your true core & foundation as a man

  • What is true masculinity in times when men are expected to be open and emotional on one hand, and successful alpha males on the other?
  • Understand the unique qualities of masculine energy and how people, environment, habits and even yourself, can emasculate you.
  • Explore 4 archetypes of masculinity and learn how to tap into all of them for confidence, creativity, pleasure and courage
  • How to find your masculine core and keep polarity in your relationship among the rise of feminism, #metoo movement and women empowerment

MALE SEXUALITY - reach full sexual satisfaction

  • Dive into Sacred Sexuality and Tantra and explore a whole new type of sexual satisfaction, such as full body and multiple orgasms (yes, men can enjoy multiple and full body orgasms!)
  • Explore 4 sexuality blueprints, find your sexuality type, and learn how increase your pleasure based on the quality of each type
  • Release shame around sexual fantasies, porn and fetishes
  • Overcoming premature ejaculation & erectile dysfunction so you can fully enjoy love-making

FEMALE SEXUALITY - how to give a woman maximum pleasure

  • Most women can't reach orgasm during love making. Are you ready to be the lover who can give your partner full pleasure and satisfaction?
  • Learn how to activate her arousal
  • Get the tricks and insights into female body and pleasure anatomy so you can take her further than any other lover
  • Learn about 4 types of female sexuality and how to create compatibility between your types
  • Learn how to give your woman 11 types of orgasms (!!!)
  • Become the best lover she ever had, so she never looks back

YOUR IDEAL RELATIONSHIP -  what are you calling in?

  • Explore your patterns in intimacy so you can stop self-sabotaging while you're create your ideal relationship
  • Understand how 'Stages of development' impact relationships and the kind of a woman you will attract
  • Explore many forms of relationships, including conscious non-monogamy and open relationships, so you can design the model that meets all your needs
  • Get clarity on who you want to spend the rest of your life with, so you can move faster in calling her in
  • Enjoy Sex Magic ritual to call in the ideal relationship and partner

CONSCIOUS RELATING -  create a strong, loving & passionate union

  • Understand how our core wounds can sneak in and destroy relationships so you can safeguard your ideal partnership
  • Learn about your attachment style to understand what you need in a relationship to feel safe, loved and supported
  • Release negative beliefs around women and relationships so they don’t keep you away from your dream relationship
  • Learn the art of seduction, and how to keep passion alive even after being together for many years
  • Get the step-by-step process to move through conflict, so disagreement don't pull you apart

PLAYING THE FIELD -  time to put yourself out there

  • Learn what makes you attractive to women and how to best show it, so that the right woman sees everything you have to offer
  • We will explore the art of flirting, so you can win your woman’s heart
  • Navigate dating in online era, get assistance and make it work for you
  • We will have a date between you and me to practice everything!

BONUS:  Integration call

  • We will connect, integrate and follow up 1 month after the end of the program, to help you stay on track and implement in your life all the techniques and advice

Hi, my name is Magda Kay. I’m an Intimacy Expert, Relationship Coach & Tantra Teacher.
I’ve worked with men for the last 6 years guiding them to find full satisfaction in their love and sex life.
I help men unlock their full sexual power, I initiate them into the world of sacred sexuality and show them their multi-orgasmic potential. I help men create incredible relationships full of intimacy, passion and support. There is magic in an intimate union between two people - magic so powerful it can transform a person and the whole world. Intimate relationships is when a man and woman can come together and create something bigger than they could create on their own. We need to stop the battle of the sexes, stop trying to win who is better and instead appreciate the unique gifts that both men and women have to offer. This is the foundation for a true, long-lasting, beautiful partnership.

This is a premium program and the price is 10K USD. It is for men who are 100% sure they want to change their intimate life and are ready to go all in.

If you're ready to call in your Queen, fill out the application below.
Once received, we will schedule a free call between you and Magda to answer your questions and see if this program is the right match for you.

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