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How to be a fierce boss
babe without intimidating the opposite sex

Screw settling. Embody powerful feminine confidence and go after your dreams without losing your chance for true love.

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You might want to stick around if you’re:

Single and fed up with not being able to find the right man
Single and tired of attracting men who are unable to commit and claim you
In an unfulfilling relationship, not feeling met or claimed by your partner
In a relationship that makes you feel the need to "wear the pants" because your partner isn't stepping up
In a happy relationship, yet feeling that you're missing something and are scaled to go for more because you don't want to "rock the boat"

Women in modern society are repeatedly conditioned to “man up” if they want to achieve their goals.

We need to “man up” to climb the corporate ladder.

We need to “man up” for our family.

We need to “man up” to show the world how capable we are and that we don’t need saving.

That’s become our widespread interpretation of power:
the sacrifice of our feminine nature.

Besides years of media conditioning and the cliche “powerwoman” role overplayed in pop culture, you’ve felt it in your daily life too.

You push aside heavy emotions when you’re going through a personal crisis to avoid the risk of being labeled “unprofessional” at work.

When you’re at the height of your menstrual cycle - and your body is begging you to slow down - your trainer "motivates" you by telling you not to be “lazy” and to keep “pushing harder”.

And you keep pushing harder in all areas of your life. Because that’s exactly what you’ve been unconsciously taught it takes to achieve your dreams.

And in the process of going after what you want - by being empowered the way you’ve been taught - you end up burnt out, chronically stressed and unable to relax, suffer from emotional ups and down, struggle to orgasm, experience painful or irregular menstrual cycle, and on top of all that - you seem to push men away (at least the good ones). Your power, your drive and your strong energy intimidates any possible good partner.

It is what it is.

What if I told you this is simply NOT TRUE?

What if I told you that this widespread misconception is actually costing you true love, whether you’re in a relationship or looking for your soulmate?

The fact is, men are wired to take a practical approach to relationships. And a relationship is a serious investment. So from a practical point of view, do you think he would choose to invest in a powerless woman? The truth is, a powerless woman is a waste of his resources.

He’s looking for a partner to be proud of and inspired by. He wants to show you off, but gone are the days when a woman’s looks were the only reason for him to want to show you to all his friends and family. The fact is, men are inspired by women who are driven, passionate, and able to accomplish their goals.

But HOW have you been defining empowerment?

What you're going to read next may shock you. It may challenge you and forever change how you look at power, yourself and men.

There are two ways of being in power.

One way pushes men away; whether it’s a prospective soulmate or a current partner (or any other man in your life!). It makes men treat you like another guy, be inconsiderate or even mean.

The other, makes you irresistible to men.

Yes, you read that right! There is a way to be in your power that makes men chase you, want to take care of you, and do everything in their power to make you happy.

If this news comes to you as a shock, or isn’t what you’ve experienced, it’s a sign that you - like most women - have been stepping into the first type of power.

You know very well what it feels like to embody the first mode of power: you feel exhausted, unfulfilled, underappreciated and unnoticed. You feel that men don’t really want to take care of you, they’re not prioritizing you, they’re not offering to pay for you on a date (if they ask you on a date in the first place…).

And even if you’re in a committed relationship, you feel like you’re the one wearing the pants; that you can’t really rely on your partner and that you’re the one holding everything together. It’s almost like you have a child to take care of instead of being taken care of by your man.

Which brings me to the following question...

Are you a powerful woman,
or are you simply in your masculine?

Because of our warped view of empowerment, most women who want to step into their power unconsciously cross over into their masculine energy. They “man up”.

But being in the masculine and being powerful is not the same thing.

Stepping in your masculine actually triggers people - yes, including your current or prospective partners - to compete with you. The more your energy is assertive in the masculine, the more men react to it.

It directly links to Newton's third law of motion: whenever two objects interact, they exert equal and opposite forces on each other. This is often worded as 'every action has an equal and opposite reaction".

Men are wired to compete with other men for alpha status. So when you enter your masculine, you enter the competition for the alpha male. Men are used to competing; in fact, they like it. It’s their nature. But as a woman, is this something you truly want?

This is the root of an unhealthy, unbalanced and disempowering dynamic between men and yourself. A dynamic, where instead of wanting to support you, your man is in competition with you. Where prospective partners end up feeling intimidated and therefore, keep their distance.

I understand if this may feel confusing. After all, isn’t THAT exactly what being driven, powerful and ambitious is?

Yes, masculine can be powerful. But it’s not the only way.

So far, you’ve been familiar with the masculine way (with the high price that comes with embodying it). Now is the time to learn about the feminine power. That not only has no price tag attached to it, it can take you way further in both your career and your romantic life.

“But wait, how can the feminine be powerful? Have you ever seen a woman become a CEO by being gentle, nurturing to those around her, and just going with the flow instead of pushing past her natural limits?”

You have not been given the FULL picture of what feminine really is.

Feminine power is actually FIERCE in a way a man will never even be able to embody.

You’ve seen her before.

A woman lifting a car to free her child from underneath it.

A woman juggling 3 jobs, taking care of the family and the house (while the day still hasn’t extended past 24 hours).

A woman who’s been harassed and abused, who doesn’t give up and instead rises to the peak of her career.

Within you is the warrior that’s been forgotten, suppressed and eliminated. It’s time to reclaim HER.

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RSVP below for this FREE live webinar with Magda Kay:

Saturday, January 21st | London - 9am, Bali - 5pm (Replay available)

We keep your details safe and will never spam you.

When you do, you’ll be shocked how easy it can feel to be in your power. How supported and in the flow you will feel.

It will feel like everything is conspiring in your favor and obstacles will almost seem to vanish. You won’t be facing resistance and exhaustion in pursuing your goals.

Instead of feeling like you have to fight everyone and have only yourself to rely on, you’ll be meeting other people who will want to support you.

Because when you are aligned with your natural energy type - your feminine nature - life just becomes easy.

Can you already feel what a contrast that is to being in masculine power?

Because the masculine form of empowerment exhausts you, your body, your mind and your spirit. It can change your hormonal balance by producing more testosterone, which can often lead to irregular cycles, PMS and/or fertility issues. It can burn your nervous system and even cause daily discomforts like indigestion and bloating.

Being in masculine power can feel like the world is against you. That you have to do everything alone. That you have to prove yourself constantly. And often at the cost of a lasting romantic partnership, by keeping men at a distance.

But when you are in YOUR power - your FEMININE power - you can’t really escape male attention. Men gravitate towards you, enchanted by your energy - your POWER - and inspired by your individuality.

So would you like to know how to be in your power without pushing men away?

Without losing your chance for true love?

Without exhausting your nervous system while still reaching for your goals and building a magnificent life?

Then join me on this powerful live online gathering.

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The timer has expired!

RSVP below for this FREE live webinar with Magda Kay:

Saturday, January 21st | London - 9am, Bali - 5pm (Replay available)

We keep your details safe and will never spam you.

Webinar highlights


Gain a clear understanding of empowerment in the masculine and the feminine and the significant difference between the two. This will help you understand yourself on a deeper level and identify how you've been defining power for yourself.


Achieve guided realignment with your feminine power. Together, we are going to uncover the true root of your power, connect to it, and embody it.


Discover how you can attract the right man by being in your power.


Learn how to bring a healthy balance to your relationship. Change the dynamic of your relationship by embodying your feminine nature.


Uncover the tools that will facilitate you to go after what you want fearlessly. Learn how you can go after your dreams without sacrificing any romantic relationship. There is absolutely no reason you need to give up on your personal goals.

You know that woman who walks into a room, and instantly attracts everyone's attention with her presence? She's sexy, confident in her body, gracious and powerful. She's not the kind of woman who allows anyone to disrespect her, walk over her, or treat her like anything other than a priority. She knows her worth and it's crystal clear in her energy, in the way she carries herself. You may look at her mesmerized, wishing you could be more like her.

Newsflash baby, she's already within you.

And I'm here to help you reclaim her.

about your host, magda kay

"My journey into feminine power hasn’t been all fun and games, I can assure you that.

But (wo)man, was it worth it.

As a child, I was raised in a family that was doing well. Really well. We went skiing twice a year. We had 2 cars, a sauna and a jacuzzi in our apartment. Then, when I was sixteen, my dad lost his jobs. All 3 of them. He had debts he couldn’t pay and we went bankrupt. I had so many plans and suddenly… I couldn’t even afford cheese.

I still remember the moment I made a life changing promise to myself at 17. I was at the gym and I made an oath that I would become a successful, powerful woman and I would do whatever it takes to make that happen. I would at no cost lower my ambitions; I would just work that much harder to reach them. Little did I know the price I would have to pay for that oath.

I worked hard and partied hard too. I pushed my limits daily and got a serious health scare by the time I turned 21. I stayed away from relationships all the way up until I was 27. And believe it or not, that relationship ended… because I couldn’t have an orgasm. For so long, I was unaware that all the constant pushing I was putting myself through wasn’t allowing my body to relax.

The pain of that breakup sent me into a heavy depression; I was ill, emotionally, mentally and physically. Completely burned out on every level, I had no idea what to do with my life. When I finally came out of the other side of all the self hate, I decided it was time for drastic change.

And that was how I ended up discovering tantra. I wanted to finally experience my first orgasm, and thankfully, my sexual journey brought me to where I am today. It brought me to complete feminine embodiment.

Like most women, I never knew what the feminine really was. I thought she was impulsive, emotional, erratic and helpless; all the qualities I saw in my mom (and I had promised myself to never be like her).

I thought the feminine was weak. But how very wrong I was. She is powerful, she is fierce, she is unstoppable. She’s also healthy, supportive and loving. She wants you to succeed, but without the cost of your mental, emotional and physical health. Without losing your ability to orgasm. And without losing your chance to meet your soulmate.

I’m grateful for every breakdown, every tear, every single part of my journey. Because they all led me to discover the tools and the secrets I now have the honor to share with women who, as I was, are unaware of the incredible feminine power they carry within."

With love, Magda

here are just some of the stories from the women like you who have worked with magda

"I felt really shut down. My last relationship destroyed my self-esteem and I was scared to open up to another man. I was looking for a way to open my heart, but didn't know how. This is when I came across Magda's training. This was exactly what I needed. It was so refreshing to have an open conversation about intimacy and hear Magda share her personal story. I really didn't know that my own sexuality is so big, and that I am so sexual. I now feel connected to myself, and my body again. I am ready to fall in love again."

Lucille, France

"Magda, you are amazing! I loved it!! I literally sat glued to my computer and watched the entire episode like I was back at school!! I learnt a lot and find your way of explaining really easy to listen to and follow!!! xxx"

Maria, Spain

"Magda, thank you so much. I can't even describe what it did for me and my relationship. I will be forever grateful."

Agata, Poland

"Brilliant session Magda. So interesting. so much good information put together in such an easy and concise way to understand. I fully believe I can experience all these things you're talking about. And I’m finally ready to meet a guy to explore this stuff with! x"


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RSVP below for this FREE live webinar with Magda Kay:

Saturday, January 21st | London - 9am, Bali - 5pm (Replay available)

We keep your details safe and will never spam you.