4-Week "Passion-On Challenge" for Couples

This week I'm inviting you to organize a ritual.

Rituals are an important part of Tantric lifestyle. They allow us to break the pattern and start paying attention. They signal to the mind that it's something important. This is why rituals are a great way for couples to bring back appreciation for each other - something most couples complain about after being together for many years.


You will hold a ritual. For this, prepare the space by cleaning and decorating it, you can put flowers, incense and candles to create the mood and help make this moment special. It's also recommended you dress up.

Give yourself time for this ritual, don't rush it. And it's good to have free time afterwards to connect, as often this ritual builds up love and desire and you may want to spend intimate time together afterwards.

Before the ritual, both of you will prepare the list of the gifts you bring into the relationship. This is based on your practice from last week: summarize what both of you find to be positive attributes of your energy (She writes about her feminine gifts, He writes about his masculine gifts).

Use nice paper, write with your hand and make sure it's easily readable. You can decorate the paper with sticker, lipstick and essential oils.

In the ritual, keep an elevated mood, try to stay present understanding the importance of the ritual, even if it may feel a bit awkward doing it for the first time.

Start by gazing into each other's eyes. A woman goes first sharing her gifts and reading her paper. She then offers it to the Man. He receives it and says thank you.

Then a Man shares his gifts and offers the paper to the Woman.

Keep these papers and re-read them occasionally.