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This meditation will guide you to connect with your Pussy, a powerful source of wisdom and insights.

Your Pussy is one of the four power centers you have access to. These power centers represent YOU: your needs, your boundaries, your desires. 

Women so easily outsource their power. We will ask everyone else for advice, before we turn inwards. We trust our partner, a friend or our astrologer more than we trust in our own inner voice.

The four power center system - which I call the "F" power method - is the most complete and yet very simple method for any women to tap into the wisdom she carries within. Truth is, no one knows better what's best for you. Only you can know it. And your power centers are your best friends helping you make the right decisions in love, business and life. 

Ready to meet one of your power centers?

Listen to the meditation below and meet your Pussy - the power center responsible for fun and pleasure in life.


Get No More Faking It and discover all of your four power centers. Learn how each of them can assist you in creating the best intimate life: from picking a better partner, to undressing your sexual needs to creating a truly fulfilling love relationship.

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