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In order to get what we desire, we need to be in full alignment: what we think, what we say, what we do all need to lead to the same thing. 

Often, without realizing it, we have inner resistance to our desires. We want something, but there is a blockage deep in our body that is pushing away the very thing we desire.

This is why working with our beliefs and our energy is essential to finally call in love! This is what this meditation is deisgned to do: open and align your energy body through all chakras, so you can receive all the love you desire.


Make sure you'll have privacy. You want to feel safe and comfortable. 

For this practice please lie down, with your arms along your body, palms facing up. Please do not use the pillow, so your spine can be straight.



Sometimes it can feel hard to remove all the inner blockages. You may not be aware of what's causing the resistance, and may feel like you keep hitting the wall in your love life.

Or maybe you are aware of your patterns, but haven't been able to change them.

This is what I do with my clients. We look at what you desire, and then analyze what's pushing it away from you. The moment you remove these blockages, all your dreams about love simply come flying to you, like a magnet. And you wonder, why did I wait so long...

I also help my clients speed up the process by strengthening their natural magnetism and manifesting abilities.

If you want to explore how I can help you create the love and intimacy you desire, request a free preliminary call with me below:

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