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I believe women hold a very special place in modern society, that every woman is doing incredible amount of healing work to bring balance and love. And that this work often goes unnoticed and not appreciated.

There are simply some things that only another woman will understand. And this is why women coming together to do the deep work is so powerful. Other women remind us how to connect to our own strength, our intuition and unshaken confidence - something we so easily lose in a patriarchal society.

This is why working with women is so deeply rewarding to me. I love seeing women reclaim their sexual power and embody the true feminine force. In return, you inspire me to connect even more to mine.

Here are some of the topics we can dive into:

  • explore Tantra & sacred sensuality solo and/or in a relationship
  • understand your patterns around relationships
  • get clarity on what type of a relationship you want and finally attract that dream partner
  • how to go through a break up or a divorce in a conscious and loving way
  • learn to clearly communicate your boundaries and ask for what you need
  • discover your sexual blueprint (and understand how to align sexually with your partner)
  • understand and tap into primary female archetypes (for the full self-expression)
  • deal with challenging emotions like jealousy, anger or hurt
  • understand and heal social programming around abuse, slut-shaming and suppressing of the feminine
  • and more


When I met Magda I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I was in pieces… I felt like nothing and nobody could help me. When I spoke with Magda, I felt for the first time listened to. She made me feel safe. The more I worked with Magda, the more blocks have been lifted and the pain disappeared. I was in tears. Tears of relief to have finally understood and felt deep inside what really was causing me pain. What i needed to let go to move forward. And with Magda guidance i just did it,rationally and emotionally. I let it go. I felt unconditional love for my self. It’s not too much saying that experience helped me in opening my eyes and more important… my heart again.

Diletta, Italy
Diletta, Italy

At the beginning of the session Magda said that this conversation with her would be “life changing”. I was married and in an abusive relationship, and not long after our sessions i had the courage and strength to stand in my power and leave my now X husband. Magda helped me to shift a belief that “it was ok to be abused”. But it was not just my marriage that was like that, i have had interactions after the coaching sessions where there was disrespect and i just got up and walked away straight away with 100% confidence and conviction. If this had have happened in the past i would have just put up with it and handled it very differently. Magda instantly made me feel comfortable after our first conversation, as she has the ability to listen with appreciation and not judge. She created a safe place for me to allow myself to become vulnerable and open up and navigate my way through what was going on for me and helped me shift it. Magda is a genuine beautiful soul who wants to make a difference in the world and she has made this difference in my life and i thank her from the very bottom of my heart. xxxxx

Katerina, Australia
Katerina, Australia
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