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Marketing/Launch Manager

We are looking for a driven and experienced person to join us and help launch our upcoming premium program. 


- Min. 4 years experience in digital marketing, including product launch, online course creation, email/funnel marketing, social media

- Product management skills

- Understanding of sales and psychology

- Experience in paid traffic is a plus

- Be self-motivated, pro-active, enthusiastic and a visionarer.

- Result-oriented (at the end of the day, the launch needs to bring money)

Your role:


- You will be the head of the whole launch. We are not looking for an emplyee or a pure executor. You will be given a whole project and we want you to treat it like a small start up: we give you an idea (product) and we want you to use your genius, creativity and experience to turn it into the most successful launch possible. 

- You will be responsibile for finalizing the product structure/offer, working with a webdeveloper to create all needed pages, setting up email campaigns and automatic funnels, coming up with the best launch idea and organizing/creating social media content and promotion. 

- You will have a copywriter and a webdeveloper for assistance. And you will be working closely with Magda.

- You will be responsible for KPIs and hitting sales targets. This is a big project and a big investment, so we need you to make sure it brings profit.

- The role comes with a lot of freedom and responsibility. We want you to be pro-active and coming up with ideas. 


Retribution: USD $5,000 for the launch + 10-20% comission from sales (these will be high-end tickets). You can expect to make even USD $10,000 if the launch is successful.

Location: Remote/online

Hours: Flexible & part-time; all timezones are ok 

(We want to start teasing in April and open cart on Nov 1, 2024. This gives you plenty of time to prepare the whole launch without any stress. We'd rather you worked a few hours a week for a few months, then crank it all in 3 months. We want this launch to feel easy and stress-free. This also means you don't need to give up your current projects and can also take on new ones while working with us)

Extra Benefits: you will get access to the entire library of our courses and trainings (that's almost 100 hours of content)

* This is not an employment, but a project-based collaboration. This means you need to be a freelancer, registered as sole-trader or own your business.

If you're confident you have the skills and the drive to execute a successful launch and are eager to join us, then please send us your CV + why we should pick you - please send this directly to Magda, to info@magdakay.com 

My own journey of healing has brought me to discover Yoga, Tantra, Theta healing, energy work and reprogramming of subconscious programs. I finally started releasing layers of social conditioning around what it means to be a woman, and how to relate to others, allowing my true, wild and passionate self to come out.

I believe in enjoying the world - in a  healthy way. With my work, and my own life, I promote the path of self-love, self-acceptance and deeper, intimate connections with yourself, with life and with others.

I feel truly blessed to work with men and women from around the world helping them to shed the old, heavy layers, so that their wild, playful and happy true inner selves can come out. The transformation I witness in my clients is my secret recipe for happiness :)