Your Assessment Test for the upcoming webinar:

"How To Be a Fierce Boss Babe Without Intimidating The Opposite Sex"

Hey love, it's Magda here. I'm really looking forward to connecting with you personally at our upcoming online gathering.

This is a LIVE webinar so you get to design it together with me. I prepared an in-depth assessment for you, so that you can get the highest value from this training.

It will:

        • Help YOU to get clear on what you want to get out of the webinar, and where you need to focus your energy, in order to embody your true feminine power.
        • Help ME to cover the topics in this masterclass, in order to give you the most value and detailed insights

This assessment is completely ANONYMOUS. Please go deep and answer the questions honestly. This is about you, your life and how you show up for yourself. I'm committed to giving you the best value possible, and your personal input will allow me to tailor the training to your own needs.