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Hey ,

I'm excited about our upcoming call. You decided to take a step to invest in your intimate life and you've trusted me with this process - I do not take it lightly.

The call happens over Zoom. Please make sure your camera is on (it's a must). It's best if you can take the call from your desktop (sometimes there are issues with Zoom on mobile). See you soon! 

How to make the most of our upcoming call

1. Get clear on your intention: What do you hope I can help you with? What kind of changes do you deeply desire?
Allow yourself to dream. If you could have it all your way, how would you want your intimate life to look like?

2. Why do you feel that now is the time to take action? Look back at your life and your journey that got you here: has the moment arrived to fully commit to this change?

3. What has stopped you in the past from moving forward? What obstacles have you encountered on your way, both external and internal?

If you have any questions, send us an email at info@magdakay.com

Real people, real stories

See the experience of others who have worked with me:

"I have been curious about Tantra but didn't know how to get started. It was beyond what I could have expected. Magda showed me a whole new approach to sex and how to enjoy intimacy with my partner outside of the bedroom. I've become a much more considerate lover and my partner's happiness is the best proof of that."

Derek - Australia

"I thought maybe you could help us fix our sex life. Instead, you opened us up to a whole new universe.

Andy & Claudi

"It is never an easy task to create a safe space where we can express ourselves with love and no judgement. But Magda is one of those souls who can do so effortlessly. her sessions are a journey of self-reflection and connecting to the love within, and I always come away feeling free, loved, connected and inspired. Magda is a special light who truly embodies her work and passion of Tantra and female empowerment. And I feel blessed to have met her".

Kavitha - Malaysia

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