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It's time you stepped into your feminine superpowers!

I believe the world needs more feminine energy. We need more strong, balanced and daring women. Unfortunately, we live in a world where being a woman is still considered an unsult or weakness. But the lack of balance between the masculine and the feminine, causes a series of abnormalities, like wars, economic crises, illnesses, depression, unhappy relationships, or unrealized dreams.

By freeing women to become their true selves - the goddesses, the heroines - we're bringing back that balance.

The more we shed the layers of insecurities, limiting beliefs, all the should's and cant's - the more we let our true potential to come out. And when that happens, when you live your every day from that place, any former limitation or obstacles disappear. Because when you step into the power of Shakti, the world becomes your playground. Now that's fun honey, isn't it? So let's get you to that place.

Own Your Life And Live Like A True Goddess

There are 5 areas that make up for a true, divine life. Own them all, and you will own your life.

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At the beginning of the session Magda said that this conversation with her would be "life changing". I was married and in an abusive relationship, and not long after our sessions i had the courage and strength to stand in my power and leave my now X husband. Magda helped me to shift a belief that "it was ok to be abused". But it was not just my marriage that was like that, i have had interactions after the coaching sessions where there was disrespect and i just got up and walked away straight away with 100% confidence and conviction. If this had have happened in the past i would have just put up with it and handled it very differently.
Magda instantly made me feel comfortable after our first conversation, as she has the ability to listen with appreciation and not judge. She created a safe place for me to allow myself to become vulnerable and open up and navigate my way through what was going on for me and helped me shift it. Magda is a genuine beautiful soul who wants to make a difference in the world and she has made this difference in my life and i thank her from the very bottom of my heart.

Katerina R. Australia

Magda was a delight to speak with, her naturally kind and friendly nature made me feel comfortable straight away. She talked logically through my situation and enabled me to see it in the most positive light. I could tell she was being very honest and not just 'giving me the answers I wanted to hear' - which is extremely important when looking for a good life coach. Magda is such an inspiration, she has a lot of knowledge to pass on and I could tell how passionate she was about helping me progress. Magda helped re-adjust the way I was thinking about every day life, which has built my confidence and helped motivate me to persevere with my new business. I really appreciate the time Magda put in to help me and I would highly recommend working with her!

Louise Lee
Louise Lee UK

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