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My name is Magda. I am a sensuality & relationships coach. I work with women, men and couples helping them feel more sexy, bringing back the art of seduction, deeper connection and wider intimacy.

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Do you want to...

...feel sexy, attractive & desired?

... experience deeper connection and intimacy with your partner?

... be a pro at flirting?

... explore your sexuality and feel more pleasure?

... build a relationship that gives you fulfilment, love, fun & support?

There is more :)

There are those topics we often feel too shy to talk about like open relationships, swinging, sex preferences...
We have been told these are somehow bad and anyone who engages in these behaviors must be broken, afraid of commitment, a slut or a sinner.
I like to break the taboo and talk about things others are too ashamed to bring up, because I believe there is more to life that the fixed boxes society tries to fit us all in.
No shame and no judgement. Instead understanding, curiosity and compassion.

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The guidance together with your good energy and information you emitted during our sessions was empowering to me.  I was once disconnected from everything in life, feeling lost, depressed,  alone, unsupported and things just don't move. I am beginning to get my life back in track and will continue to work to improve and grow to be a better person.  I really don't have the words to express my gratitude. Last but not least, Magda, my heartfelt thanks to you.

Amy Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We used to be crazy about each other. Finding alone time was never an issue until the kids came. Now they come first. And so does the house and work. We started spending less and less time together. This is why we decided to work with Magda. We wanted to bring back that passion we had. With Magda's help we started taking time for each other, going on dates and appreciate one another. Having Magda keep us accountable allowed us to create new routine around our relationship, despite a strong urge to keep pushing it to the side. It is absolutely possible to enjoy passionate relationship even if you have family and work to keep you busy and Magda has been great and guiding us to this place. Thank u!

Amy & Andre France
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A bit about me...

I am a mix of a shy girl and a daring warrior. I live my life based on 3 pillars: personal growth, movement & adventure.

Oceans are my favorite place on the Planet. I can't go too long without emerging into the mesmerising world of coral reefs and... sharks (yep, I am a freak for sharks).

And I love touch. Whether it's a massage, contact dance or quality time with my friends or lover - touch is what keeps me alive.

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