Offering for Women


Our deep subconscious beliefs directly impact our lives. How much money you have, how happy you are in your relationship, the quality of your sex life, your health - it all comes down to your deeply rooted mental programming. Change your beliefs, and you will change your reality.

I use a unique combination of social psychology, therapy and Theta Healing allowing for a much faster process of transformation.

Price: 1 month (4 session) - $1,500  |  3 months (12 sessions) - $3,700  |  6 months (24 sessions) - $5,500

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A fully hands-on experience, a buffet of sensual explorationsbreath work and movement. Each session is highly tailor-made and is always preceded by a free 30-min consultation with Magda.


  • for women who struggle to have orgasms
  • releasing old patterns around sexuality such as "slut-shaming",
  • becoming multi-orgasmic
  • opening up to the full body orgasms
  • healing sexual traumas
  • releasing suppressed emotions from the body (like anger, shame, feeling unworthy)
  • healing relationship with your body
  • boosting libido and sexual desire
  • more vitality, improved physical health

Price: $500 USD for a 2-hour session

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Secret Tantric rituals have been long used for manifesting abundance in any area of life. Sexual energy is recognized as the most creative and potent. This is the energy that creates life, so what can it not create? Pleasure is the best catalyst for manifesting your dreams.

The ritual is based on Tantric tradition, such as working with deities, visualization, energy transmutation and cleansing.

* Please note that even though this ritual involves intimate, conscious touch, there is no sexual activities nor full nudity.

Price: $1500 USD for a 3 hours session

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  • Koh Phangan, Thailand (December 2017 - January 2018)
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (January/February 2018)
  • New Delhi, India (January/February 2018)
  • Bali (January/February 2018)
  • Koh Phangan, Thailand (February - March 2018)
  • Australia (April 2018)

* I am available to travel to work with you. In this case flight and hotel are covered by you.