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A safe & confidential space for men to work with their desires
& explore deeper connection with women

There is nothing sexier than a man who is present, determined and focused. Knowing how to step into the masculine essence is what distinguishes Tantric men from the rest.

I believe that for women to be in their true power, we need men who will hold space for us. I hear so often detrimental statements about men, bringing them down, in some way assuming men are worse, less intelligent or less capable than women. And it's often women who say that!

My views are different. Men - every man - is powerful, needed and beautiful. Just as women are on their journey of accepting all of the colors of who they are, so are men. And I love helping men do it.

It is very important that you have a safe and confidential place to explore your desires, ways to express those desires, discover how to connect deeply to women, to life and yourself and how to live a daily life as an empowered true masculine force.

I had 2 private sessions with Magda which helped me better understand the role of intimacy and connect it to the relationship. We did a lot of work integrating breathing exercises into a healthy relationship. I didn't expect that how I breath can have such an impact on my sexual energy and ability to connect to my partner. I would recommend other men give it a try to explore a different approach to romantic life. Soon after the sessions I met an amazing girl, and she very much appreciated my new skills"

Derek Australia