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Find your way back to deep intimacy
& discover new pleasures in your relationship

Do you ever look back at the beginnings of your relationship wondering what happened to that strong connection you used to share? What happened to those long evenings of simply being with each other and enjoying each other’s presence? What happened to that strong desire and great sex life?

Over time our busy schedules force us to focus on our roles as parents and businesspeople and we push intimacy to the side. As a result we find it more and more difficult to open up to our partner, experience deep pleasure and to be truly ourselves within our love relationships.

I work with couples to help them bring back that strong desire they used towards each other. In this process couples often discover new layers of pleasure and their ability to feel much more than they're used to. Not only do we focus of getting back what’s lost, we also work on opening up to sensations you never thought were possible.

Satisfying sexuality between partners is essential, but a mind-blowing sex life makes a couple unbreakable. Don’t settle for anything else.

The work we do together is always created in a safe space and treated with utmost respect for you and your partner. You are at every step of this process, treated with care, compassion and embraced through this experience. We set boundaries so you always feel safe and in control. Everything that happens during the session remains strictly private and confidential.

I didn't really know what to expect. Magda allowed my partner and I to really take true time off from our daily lives and focus on our couple and reconnect "energetically". There was nothing sexual, though there were intimate moments of touching and intimate discussion between my partner and I.  We came out of the sessions with a feeling of lightness, love and overall feeling reconnected to each other. It put us back on the same "wavelength". We walked away with practical tips and tricks on how to keep the flame and staying connected. Go in with an open mind, be ready to give and receive from your partner and let Magda guide you with her amazing grace and her natural sense for these things.

Samantha 35 y.o, married with kids, working full time

We used to be crazy about each other. Finding alone time was never an issue until the kids came. Now they come first. And so does the house and work. We started spending less and less time together. This is why we decided to work with Magda. We wanted to bring back that passion we had. With Magda's help we started taking time for each other, going on dates and appreciate one another. Having Magda keep us accountable allowed us to create new routine around our relationships, despite a strong urge to keep pushing it to the side. It is absolutely possible to enjoy passionate relationship even if you have family and work to keep you busy and Magda has been great and guiding us to this place. Thank u!

Amy & Andre France

Being raised in Asia, we are not used to showing emotions in public. We were never very expressive nor passionate, but we were happy. If it wasn't for Magda we would never what was possible. Magda showed us how simply practices can awaken our desires and how we can explore them together as a couple. There is much more touch and expression in our relationship today. Even though we've been together for almost 10 years, we act like newlyweds. It feels great to have this strong connection to your partner. We are very grateful to Magda for showing us what we were missing out on.

Dorothy & Richard Malaysia