Hey love,

My name is Magda, I'm the author and host of Venus Codes - Your Initiation Into Feminine Superpowers. I'm thrilled to welcome you to this program. I love seeing women so courageously choosing themselves, their pleasure, their own revolution. I hope this program will give you all you need to find more empowered in your own body.

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Structure & Admin


In Venus Codes you will be taken on a journey of exploring your 3 feminine superpowers:

  2. LOVE

For each superpower, we will follow a process that guarantees long-lasting changes and is based on these 4 stages:

  1. Healing & Releasing
  2. Nurturing & Stabilizing
  3. Thriving & Blossoming
  4. Integrating & Celebrating


Venus Codes does not only teach you how to reconnect to your feminine nature - it's designed based on a feminine structure and our cyclical nature. Unlike other courses, it does not follow a normal calendar; it follows Moon Cycles.

Our traditional Gregorian calendar is based on Sun Cycles, and the Sun represents the Masculine energy. It's a great container if you want to strengthen you masculine energy, support linear progress and increase your ability to set and achieve goals.

Moon Cycles, on the other hand, are based on the Lunar, feminine energy. Unlike the traditional calendar, Moon System is cyclical (and not linear), which is much more aligned to how a female body operates. We have our own menstrual cycle, we experience ups and does, and we often move in circles.

Following Moon Cycles feels much more natural for women, however it may take some getting used to. I promise you, it is worth it! You will feel more aligned and connected just by shifting to Moon Cycles.

  • The program lasts 3 Moon Cycles. Each full cycle is dedicated to one of the 3 feminine superpowers.
  • Each of the cycles is roughly 1-month long and consists of 4 stages; each stage lasts 7 days
  • Each cycle will start on Full Moon (this will be the beginning of the 1st stage: Heal & Release)
  • Each 3rd stage (Thrive & Blossom) will begin on New Moon

NOTE: Because Moon phases do not perfectly overlap with the Sun-based calendar, you will see that we will begin our cycles and stages on different days of the week. This may take some getting used to, but trust me, your body and spirit will thank you!


  • There will be 4 live online sessions with me for each cycle (each superpower) - that's 12 sessions in total
  • Each session will be 1-2 hours long
  • It will happen via zoom (you will receive the zoom link via email and in the dedicated FB group)
  • You will have access to recordings shortly after the session available on this platform for lifetime use
  • These sessions will happen at 6am for New York, 11am for UK, 12pm for Europe and 6pm for Bali, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
  • See the exact dates below.


  • For each superpower (for each cycle), you will also receive 2 additional special sessions: Guest Teachings from incredible Experts & Special Ceremonies. The time & date for this will be scheduled individually, taking into consideration special events and location of guest speakers. Stay tuned, we have some amazing surprise sessions for you!
  • These will also happen via Zoom and you will have access to recordings


  • Apart from your live zoom sessions, there will be weekly and daily assignments to help you go deeper and integrate the teachings. Expect impromptu FB lives, sharing and tips, as well as lots of interactions and celebration of each other.

Contact & Support

If you have any questions throughout the program, please contact us at