#2 Feminine Superpower: LOVE


  • There will be 4 live online sessions with me for each cycle (each superpower) - that's 12 sessions in total
  • Each session will be 1-2 hours long
  • It will happen via zoom (you will receive the zoom link via email and in the dedicated FB group)
  • You will have access to recordings shortly after the session available on this platform for lifetime use
  • These sessions will happen at 6am for New York, 11am for UK, 12pm for Europe and 6pm for Bali, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
  • See the exact dates below.

SESSION 5: Full Moon Ritual

Download Worksheet for Session 5

Highlights from the session:

  • Welcome to the Supermoon! This Full Moon is brighter and bigger that usual, making its impact even stronger.
  • We consecrate the session (and the whole cycle) to Lakshmi, the goddess of love (this is why we wear pink, as it's her color)
  • Pleasure is linked to Root and Sacral Chakra. Love is linked to Heart Chakra, in the middle of the chest. There are 2 secondary chakras connected to the heart at the level of nipples. Breasts are powerful energy centers.
  • Love makes women stronger, unstoppable and indestructible; it is truly our superpower. When we love, we love deeply and we can handle even the most extreme, painful or scary experiences. Just notice what a woman goes through for her child: the pregnancy, birth and nurturing are all incredibly demanding on her. Notice what a man's love can do to a man (there is a reason why muses were always women).
  • A woman's heart chakra is yang (it gives energy), while a man's is yin (it receives). It's natural for a woman to express her love to others.
  • Society has suppressed our way of expressing love in many ways.
  • In the meditation, we explore the relationships we were exposed to as a child to understand how we were conditioned to think and feel about love.
  • Fire Ritual releasing the beliefs and patterns that are blocking our ability to express and receive love.
  • Happy Boobies dance!


  • Create an altar for the Goddess Lakshmi
  • Choose a space in your house, facing West.
  • Clean it.
  • Make sure it’s solely dedicated to the Goddess.
  • Use a table or a  box as a base. Cover if with a nice fabric.
  • Use pink.
  • On the altar place an image of Lakshmi, printed image/symbols of a pink lotus, water, lotus beads, rose crystals (ex. rose quartz), and any other objects that carry a strong message or a reminder of love, joy and abundance.
  • Keep the altar alive: welcome it in the morning, pray/meditate in front of it, offer fresh flowers, clean and refresh it when needed, burn candles.

SESSION 6: Foundation Setting

Download Worksheet for Session 6

Highlights from the session:

  • How to work with the deities (Goddess) - the image, the yantra & the mantra
  • Lakshmi only comes (and stays) where she is welcome
  • Women use love to manipulate to get what they want
  • When you give, check in: "Who is it for?", "Does your giving come with an expectation?"
  • Know your limits for giving and remember to fill up your glass first
  • Balance giving & receiving
  • Journal: 3 things you love/adore about yourself?
  • Journal: 3 ways how you have grown thanks to yourself?
  • Journal: 3 promises to myself?
  • Journal: In what way do you make yourself unlovable?
  • Journal: If your partner acted the way you did, what would not accept?


  • Create a "How To Love Me" manual
  • What is your love language?
  • Your attachment style?
  • Safety: What makes you feel safe in a relationship? What makes you feel unsafe?
  • Sex: How often do you need to make love? What type of after-sex care do you need? Do you like it hard or soft? What turns you on? What turns you off?
  • How much space/freedom do you need? How much closeness?
  • Your biggest fears?
  • You biggest wounds?

SESSION 7: New Moon Ritual

Download Worksheet for Session 7

Highlights from the session:

  • This New Moon is in Taurus, supporting steady, slow progress towards your goals. There is also a strong influence of Gemini that takes us in the opposite direction (makes us very social and our thoughts faster)
  • We are journaling our intention for love
  • The meditation to source and unite feminine/masculine energies inside your heart
  • QiGong activation breaths
  • Heart-womb meditation - for planting the seed of the intention in the womb, the creative power of your body


  • Happy Box - a box/jar/container with the little notes, all filled with positive affirmations about you
  • Get a nice jar/box (or decorate it)
  • Write as many positive notes as you can
  • It's also good to ask your friends to write what they love about you
  • Fold/roll each note and place it in the box. Anytime you feel down, or as a part of your daily practice, pick a note (or a few), read it and then put it back.
  • You can add more notes over time.

SESSION 8: Celebration

Download Worksheet for Session 8

Highlights from the session:

  • We look at everything we covered in the previous session: what we discussed, the techniques we did, and the practices you embodied
  • We write down the blessings & successes we experienced since the beginning of the LOVE cycle
  • Every woman shares her successes while the rest cheers her, then we dance and toast to your blessings


  • Take this time to finish your Love Manual & Happy box
  • Share with me the successes you want to celebrate + a vertical photo of yourself and I will share it on my social media and tag you