#3 Feminine Superpower: INTUITION


BONUS SESSION #6: Closing Ceremony - Wednesday, July 14th

9am New York | 3pm Spain & Poland | 9pm Bali & Kuala Lumpur

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  • There will be 4 live online sessions with me for each cycle (each superpower) - that's 12 sessions in total
  • Each session will be 1-2 hours long
  • It will happen via zoom (you will receive the zoom link via email and in the dedicated FB group)
  • You will have access to recordings shortly after the session available on this platform for lifetime use
  • These sessions will happen at 6am for New York, 11am for UK, 12pm for Europe and 6pm for Bali, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
  • See the exact dates below.

SESSION 9: Full Moon Ritual

Download Worksheet for Session 9

Highlights from the session:

  • This is a powerful Full Moon: it's the first eclipse fo the year, a supermoon and a blood moon. It's ruled by Sagittarius, which adds the energy of adventure, truth seeking, sudden changes and enthusiasm.
  • We discuss the power of intuition and why women were given the gift of the 6th sense
  • We look at ways that society has disconnected us from the inner knowing
  • We did a meditation to look back how we (or others) have disrespected our intuition
  • We discuss personal case studies and reflect on how to communicate our intuition to others
  • Fire ceremony: letting go of the old ways of relating to our intuition


  • Observe reactions in your body any time you need to make a choice (what to eat, whether to go to the gym, whether to take a car or a bus, etc)
  • Notice how your body feels if you follow that inner feeling and when you don't
  • Journal about your observations (ideally every evening before going to bed, look back at your day and jot down what you felt and when you followed your intuition and when nit)

SESSION 10: Foundation Setting

Download Worksheet for Session 10

Highlights from the session:

  • We explored how it feels in the body when we are not true to ourselves (when we say 'no' to things that feel like a 'yes' and when we say 'yes' to what feels like a 'no')
  • We connected to 4 decision centers in our body and asked for feedback: sex, gut, heart & head
  • We used the advice of our decision centers to find the answer in a specific dilemma we are facing


  • Keep connecting to your 4 decision centers & use their advice in your life

BONUS SESSION #3: Sex Magic Ritual

Highlights from the session:

  • We started by picking an intention for the ritual and then visualizing it clearly, feeling ourselves in this new reality
  • Then we add the element of pleasure and merge it with the vision
  • We then move through each of the chakras and activate it with the sound, movement and breath
  • When we reach the crown chakra, we connect to Spirit and ask for Grace, allowing it to travel through our bodies all the way down, into the physical plane.

SESSION 11: New Moon Ritual

Download Worksheet for Session 11

Highlights from the session:

  • We looked at the meaning of this New Moon in Gemini
  • We journaled about our intention and then activated it with a moving meditation
  • We explored how to source voice from different sound to find alignment between our words and the energy behind them.
  • When you source your "yes" from 2nd chakra (pleasure), it's stronger and more magnetic
  • When you source your "no" from your 3rd chakra (fire), it's stronger and people respect it more


  • Continue checking in with yourself to know where your energy comes from when you interact with other people (from which Chakra are you speaking?)

SESSION 12: Celebration

Download Worksheet for Session 12

Highlights from the session:

  • We looked back at everything we covered in the cycle: Intuition
  • We journaled about which of these tools we want to keep and how specifically we want to use them in the near future
  • We journaled about the main 3 "aha" moments from this cycle
  • And all the blessings and successes
  • And then we celebrated each other!

BONUS SESSION #4: Emotional Mastery w/ Slavica Kostovski

Highlights from the session:

  • Emotions = energy in motion
  • Trauma - energy that got stuck in the body, that wasn't felt or expressed in the moment
  • Emotional mastery is about 1) having awareness of what you're feeling and 2) literacy around it.
  • When we allow our emotions to move freely, we liberate massive amounts of energy, that we can then channel into anything we want
  • The most important practice to work with emotions is to pause and bring awareness to what is alive in the moment (instead of jumping into conclusions or doing)
  • In this talk Slavica gives many tools and a deeper understanding of various emotions - it's like learning a language

BONUS SESSION #5: Body Art Class w/ Sabrina Vaquez

Highlights from the session:

  • Sabrina guided us through a meditation to connect to a chosen body part
  • We then transfigured this body part through art
  • You will need: a mirror, a piece of paper & pencils/paints

BONUS SESSION #6: Closing Ceremony

Highlights from the session:

  • We looked back at the intention from the 1st session and looked what happened since
  • When we set goals, we become future-oriented, which reminds us of how far we are. So together with setting goals list everything you already have and did that makes you qualified for that goal.
  • Write 5 new habits/practices you want to implement moving forward
  • We offered a candle to ourselves, as a sign of honor and gratitude for showing up