#1 Feminine Superpower: PLEASURE


  • There will be 4 live online sessions with me for each cycle (each superpower) - that's 12 sessions in total
  • Each session will be 1-2 hours long
  • It will happen via zoom (you will receive the zoom link via email and in the dedicated FB group)
  • You will have access to recordings shortly after the session available on this platform for lifetime use
  • These sessions will happen at 6am for New York, 11am for UK, 12pm for Europe and 6pm for Bali, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
  • See the exact dates below.

SESSION 1: Full Moon Ritual

Download Worksheet for Session 1

Highlights from the session:

  • Women usually move between: being strong in their masculine & being weak in their feminine. The first creates tension with men and triggers them to compete and even fight with you. The later, attracts abusers and manipulators. We need to learn how to be strong in the feminine.
  • Women are created to feel deeply and to be multi-orgasmic (this is not just new age idea, it's your physiology!)
  • Society and culture has been shutting down women, and disconnecting them from pleasure. After centuries of hearing the same disempowering slogans, women picked them up and now us - women - have become the oppressor, unconsciously repeating these negative slogans to other women and ourselves.
  • As a result we outsource pleasure. And that leads to addictions.
  • How we relate to our body and our pleasure is often deeply impacted by our first sexual experiences. If it wasn't a pleasant experience, it is helpful to heal and accept what happened, so you can move forward without carrying that baggage.
  • We can use muscle testing to find out deep beliefs that may be stopping us from fully receiving pleasure.


  • Find your inner saboteur: Who is she? What is her name? How does she look? How does she talk? What does she say? Describe her in details, as if you were describing an actual person. You may even find a photo of her
  • Continue muscle-testing: check the beliefs from your worksheet as well as any other beliefs you think you may carry
  • Spend some time refining your intention; try to make it clear, precise and tangible. Write it down and keep it until the end of the program

BONUS SESSION 1: Fire Ritual

You will need:

  • Paper & pen
  • Fire-proof container
  • Lighter/matcher
  • Water (just in case)
  • Your home-practice from session 1

SESSION 2: Foundation Building

Download Worksheet for Session 2

Highlights from the session:

  • To be able to drop into pleasure, we need: to feel safe, be in the body (and not the mind), have nothing to worry about, be relaxed, let go of control, be present in the moment.
  • 3 pillars of pleasure are: breath, sound and movement.
  • Breath is the carrier of life force (prana, chi).
  • Sound can come from all of the chakras. By adjusting the frequency of our sounds, we can activate different chakras and move the energy up or down.
  • Movement is great at moving energy; this is what hatha yoga or qi gong is based on.


  • Pick one activity you do daily that you don't enjoy
  • Add 3 elements: breath, sound and movement to is, so you can turn it into a pleasurable experience.

BONUS SESSION 2: Embodied Flow Inner Journey with Adeline Er

SESSION 3: New Moon Ritual

Download Worksheet for Session 3

Highlights from the session:

  • A woman can have 11 different types of orgasm! Unfortunately, most of us don't experience even a fracture of that because we are disconnected from our yonis
  • As women, we need to reconnect to our pussy - she is the one who gives you pleasure
  • New Moon is a perfect time to set intentions & plant new seeds (in this session we set intention for all the pleasure we are calling into our life!)
  • Yoni Gazing is a practice of gazing at the yoni and seeing deeply into her, giving her attention, learning about her and reconnecting
  • Yoni Puja - is a worship ceremony
  • Reclaim the words "pussy" & "cunt"; don't be afraid to say it!


  • Fridays are astrologically linked to Venus (the energy of love, romance, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality & relationships)
  • Allow pleasure to guide you this coming Friday. Do things that feel good, and don't do things that do not (as much as possible). Plan something special. Take yourself on a date. Give yourself a massage, re-do the puja ceremony, masturbate, dance.
  • Try to keep this practice for every Friday
  • Post in the FB group what you're planning for Friday (let's inspire each other!)
  • Take photos of your Venus Day, document it and then share with us in the FB group

SESSION 4: Celebration

Download Worksheet for Session 4

Highlights from the session:

  • We look at everything we covered in the previous session: what we discussed, the techniques we did, and the practices you embodied
  • We spend time journaling on the biggest "aha" moments from the cycle: Pleasure
  • We write down the blessings & successes we experienced since the beginning of the program
  • Every woman shares her successes while the rest cheers her, then we dance and toast to your blessings


  • Every evening before going to bed, write down 5 things you are grateful for. These can be amazing great things, as well as small things that simply put a smile on your face (maybe you booked a new client, or went on a great date, or a car stopped to let you pass)
  • Make sure you write them and then give yourself a moment to feel them. You can dance, cheer and toast - make sure to embody it.
  • You can always share your successes in our FB group. If you want to be seen and celebrated, let us know and we will!