Sexual Awakening For Women

Tap into your inner source of power, become confident in your own body, explore your sexual potential, experience multiple full body orgasms... and darling, that's just the beginning :)

Not long ago it was believed that a woman does not receive any pleasure from sex. Later sexual arousal was considered hysteria - the world's first ever registered mental disease! There was little interest in woman's sexual anatomy and pleasure. Until today many people don't believe in G-spot or that a woman can squirt. Most women struggle to reach an orgasm, and among those who do, most orgasm from clitoris only. We are disconnected from our yonis, we often feel pain instead of pleasure, or numbness.

It's gonna take some real women to change that! To reclaim our sexual nature and our power.

This program is created for any woman who wants to explore the depths of her sexuality, who wants to tap into her very source, into her creative nature and enjoy living in the flow with nature and her body.

Welcome to

'Sexual Awakening For Women'

an online program for a woman who is done being shut down. A woman who is ready to feel her juiciness and be seen!

Magda, you are amazing! I loved it!! I literally sat glued to my computer and watched the entire episode like I was back at school!! I learnt a lot and find your way of explaining really easy to listen to and follow!!!  ❤️ xxx

- Maria, Spain

This CHANGED my life!

- Kate, UK

Brilliant sessions Magda. So interesting.  so much good information put together in such an easy and concise way to understand. I definitely have NOT had most of the orgasms that you described!!  I fully believe I can experience these things. I’m ready to meet a guy to explore this stuff with!  x

- Missy, Australia

Magda, thank you so much. I can't even describe what it did for me and my relationship. I will be forever grateful.

- Agata, Poland

So What Exactly Will You Learn?

Here are all the juicy things you will discover when you join "Sexual Awakening For Women" program:

Session 1 |


  • What is sexual energy and its very unique properties
  • The sacredness of your Yoni and the healing power of your Womb
  • Discovering your energy body
  • The yin-yang polarisation in a female body vs a male body
  • Learning the energy flows and how to reverse them
  • What is a full body orgasm (and how to experience it)
  • Awakening The Serpent” practice

Session 2 |


  • The difference between implosive vs explosive orgasms
  • G-spot... and 3 other magical points in your yoni
  • A deep spot in your body no one even knows can give mindblowing O's!
  • Female ejaculation and the magical qualities of your kalas
  • 8 types of female orgasm
  • How to experience a full body orgasm and become multi-orgasmic

Session 3 |


  • Why women store traumas in their bodies and how it impacts your ability to orgasm
  • How to bring back sensations to a numb yoni
  • What does pain during penetration mean and how to permanently release it
  • How to get out of your head, and back into the body
  • Emotional release during love-making
  • Sacred techniques and materials for sexual healing
  • “Body Blessing” technique

Session 4 |


  • 4 sexuality blueprint and how to discover yours
  • What if you and your partner are not compatible?
  • Astrology and your sexuality

Session 5 |


  • 3 rules of Tantric sex
  • Making sex sacred and moving beyond the physical experience
  • Becoming a Tantric Goddess
  • Principles of Sex Magic
  • Tantric sex ritual (step-by-step)

'Sexual Awakening For Women' in an online program, happening live and only once a year.

Program Details:

  • You will be added to a closed FB group and all sessions and discussion will happen there
  • There will be 5 sessions, each 60-90 min long
  • Sessions will happen live (FB live). If you can't make it live, the recordings of all sessions will be available in the group (also after the program is done)
  • You are invited to ask questions during the live sessions. If you are watching the replay, you can still do so, and I will get back to you as soon as I see them.

I felt really shut down. My last relationship destroyed my self-esteem and I was scared to open up to another man. I was looking for a way to open my heart, but didn't know how. This is when I came across Magda's training. This was exactly what I needed. It was so refreshing to have an open conversation about intimacy and hear magda share her personal story. I really didn't know that my own sexuality is so big, and that I am so sexual. I now feel connected to myself, and my body again. I am ready to fall in love again.

- Lucille, France

About me, Magda Kay...

I am a Sensuality Coach and a Tantra Teacher. I work with men, women and couples showing how to be intimate, how to reignite the passion and how to open their bodies to deeper sensations and pleasure.

I am trained in the ancient arts of Tantra Yoga and Sacred Sexuality. Today, this is my natural state of being, but it wasn't always like that. I used to struggle with orgasms and I lost more than one relationship over that. I have finally opened to orgasms. I have finally discovered my blissful nature and what worked for me was something I never even heard about. In fact, it was contrary to how we look at sex today.

I have so many girlfriends who still don't get fully satisfied. They long for a lover who will know how to adore and touch their body. Who will know how to activate her. I want you to become all that and more.


Q: How do I watch the videos?
- Once you make the payment, you will be added to the secret and closed FB group. All sessions will happen via FB live. All you need to do is tune into them or watch them later at your convenience

Q: If it's live, does it mean I can interact with you and ask questions?
- Yes. You can type your questions while the session is happening live and I will address them on the call. You can also ask your questions later, in between and after the sessions.

Q: I can't make it live to the sessions. Can I still watch them later?
- Yes. The FB group you will be a part of, will remain live with all the videos in it. You can watch them and re-watch them when and as many times as you want. I will also share downloadable links to videos with you.

Q: Do I need a partner to do the program?
- Absolutely not! This is about you, darling. If you have a partner, he will surely be grateful for all the juiciness you will be bringing into the relationship with this program, but YOU are the reason for this program.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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