Unlock Your Full Sexual Potential
& Liberate Your Masculine Power

If may feel embarrassing. Sexuality is such an important part of your life, and in our society it is one of the main aspects that determines masculinity. Any problems in your sex life can kill your confidence. Is this your inevitable reality?

That depends on you. If you continue approaching your sex life the same way you used to, it may indeed. But there is another way.

In Tibetan Buddhism, it's considered one of the secret rites of the "Fountain Of Youth", a secret practice to achieve longevity. In Tantra it's used to conserve your ojas, or your life force (in yoga it's believed that when you use all of your ojas, you die). In Tao, it's used to heal and strengthen your physical body.

This practice is non-ejaculation.

If it's the first time you're hearing about it, you may be quite shocked. I understand. After all, everything we know about sexuality involves a man ejaculating. So how is it possible?

It is possible. And when mastered, it will open the door to something most men never even thought is possible for them - becoming multiorgasmic.

Shocked again? Oh yes, having multiple orgasms is not reserved for women only. Imagine experiencing waves of pleasure moving throughout your whole body, taking you to highs you never experienced before, lasting an hour or even longer...

...and all while connecting to your partner on a very deep intimate level, and giving her a chance to experience her deepest orgasm.

How is it possible?

When you learn to stop ejaculating and open to multiple full body orgasms, you get two incredible benefits: you open your heart and you last longer. And trust me, your sex life will never be the same after that.

Why Ejaculation Control?

Professional athletes are not allowed to have sex before the competition. Why? Because if they do, the won't perform as well as they could.

Ejaculation has been linked to the loss of energy for long. Our medical and professional system recognizes it, but doesn't quite know what to do about it apart from telling men not to have sex.

Tantra offers a different solution. What if you could still have sex but not lose energy?

In ancient sciences such as Indian Tantra and Yoga, as well as Chinese Taoism, it's recognized that apart from the physical body you also have the energy body. And that just as it's important to keep your physical body healthy, you need to keep your energy body healthy. And ejaculation strongly weakens your energy body, because along with sperm, you are expelling your life force energy.

But here is a missing piece... just stopping ejaculation will take away your pleasure. And it can give you blue balls. 

You want to take the next step, and this is... become multiorgasmic!

Can Men Have Multiple Orgasms?

YES! When you learn to control your ejaculation and keep your life force in, you can then use it all to experience deep, energy, full body orgasms. And because there is no loss of energy, you can ride the wave of pleasure as high as you want, and as long as you want. Really. You can keep going for as long as you want. There is this joke among the Tantric couples: "When do you stop having sex? When you get hungry". Wouldn't it be awesome to experience that?

Give your woman an unforgettable, deep and loving experience

Here is what women have said about being with men who mastered their sexuality:

  • "I had my first vaginal orgasm with him, because he lasted way longer and allowed me enough time to reach there" - Kate, Australia
  • "I felt much more intimate with him. It's as if our whole bodies were making love. I felt his heart open, and connecting with me. I felt so much love. I never had such a deep experience before" - Justine, Canada
  • "My man would always feel tired after sex. He just lied down, and zoned out. But in that moment I wanted to connect to him, and I felt rejected. I wanted to stay with him, and he wanted to be left alone to rest. Now that my man doesn't ejaculate, he doesn't experience these energy lows. After lovemaking he is still alert and energized and we hug and kiss and talk. I love that" - Claire, France
  • "I have a lot of sexual energy and I never met a mat who could match me. Usually he would come and the lovemaking was over, while I could still keep going. It's really frustrating. I feel I'm only warming up, and it's over. I never get to reach the peak. Being with men who don't ejaculate was life changing for me. For the first time a man could last as long as I needed him to." - Jess, Canada
  • "I have nothing against a man ejaculating, but his obsession with it was so off putting. I felt that the whole time we were together was all about him coming. There was that goal, and that goal was about him. He comes, and then it's over. His ejaculation was the peak of our experience. But when a man doesn't have to ejaculate, sex becomes more about being present and enjoying ourselves. There is nowhere any of us needs to get. I never want to go back to sex with agenda. It just doesn't do it for me anymore" - Michell, US

An exclusive invitation for a man who is ready to become a master of his sexuality,
experience full body orgasms and become the best lover

Welcome to

Sexual Mastery

3-week online+live program for Men

The goal of this program is to give you the principles of sacred masculine sexuality and guide you through the practices to master your energy. It's a combination of theory and practical techniques. Together on the call I will show you, and then do with you practices designed to activate your energy, expand your energy body, move your sexual energy and transmute it. These practices come from the ancient Tantric and Tao traditions.

Here is what you're getting if you join Sexual Mastery:

Session 1 |


  • The difference between an orgasm and ejaculation
  • Understanding man's curve of pleasure
  • Finding your point-of-no-return
  • Psychological aspects of ejaculation and why men want to ejaculate
  • What does sex without ejaculation look like
  • What happens to your pleasure when you stop ejaculating
  • Benefits available to you only if you stop ejaculating (is it worth it?)

Session 2 |


  • Physical, mental and energy techniques to control ejaculation
  • Passive and active techniques to move the energy out of genitals
  • Emergency techniques
  • Popular forceful techniques and why they are dangerous to your health
  • How to effectively use your point-of-no-return in your practice
  • Why do you get "blu balls" and what to do with it

Session 3 |


  • What is the energy body and why is it important
  • Understanding how and where blockages form in the energy body
  • Physical and energy practices to clear the blockages
  • 'Violet Flame' heart-clearing visualization
  • Breathwork practice for energy clearing

Session 4 |


  • The difference between internal vs external orgasms
  • How your masculine-feminine polarity impacts the type of orgasm you will experience
  • Redefining what an orgasm is and riding the pleasure wave
  • 'Orgasmic Breath' practice

Session 5 |


  • Natural energy flow in a human body
  • How energy moves in a male vs female body
  • How to launch your sexual energy from the genitals
  • Passive and active techniques to move energy
  • How to teach your body to spontaneously and automatically move your energy, without using a lot of energy
  • What makes moving energy easier and what will shutter your efforts

Session 6 |


  • Riding the pleasure wave
  • 'Multiorgasmic Orbit'
  • How to increase your vitality and endurance to sustain multiple orgasms
  • Playing with your energy
  • Synchronizing your energy highs with your partner's so you can reach orgasm together

Program Details:

  • You will be added to a closed FB group and all sessions and discussion will happen there
  • There will be 6 sessions, each 1 hour long
  • Sessions will happen live (FB live). If you can't make it live, the recordings of all sessions will be available in the group (also after the program is done)
  • You are invited to ask questions during the live sessions. If you are watching the replay, you can still do so, and I will get back to you as soon as I see them.

Here is what other men are saying about Sexual Mastery:

For many years I lived in very unconscious way. I subconsciously felt that the experiences with my sexuality are at a very basic level. Bad habits and constant loss of energy kept me in place and caused a longing for something more. Despite frequent experimenting and searching, I was still frustrated and dissatisfied with the effects. However, step after step, I had been searching, making changes and adjustments. The subsequent blocks were slowly falling off. It was very slow process and sometimes frustrating. I realized that I needed a teacher. Someone who will guide me on this path.
Then I found Magda's teachings and decided to buy her course. And it was like "woow". During and after the course I had many "aha" experiences. I understood so many things very, very easily and rapidly. Magda showed the techniques of working with the body, breath and energy that changed my perception for the rest of my life. These exercises were sparks for many exciting changes in my life. I am very grateful and happy that she introduced me into the world of tantra. Namaste

Lukasz N.
Lukasz N. Poland

Magda was instrumental in helping me get started on my sexual transmutation journey! Her instruction was easy to follow and she kept a great pace. She is engaging and passionate about passing along her wisdom. Highest recommendations!

Shai F.
Shai F. USA

Join Sexual Mastery Program


To book your spot:
1. Make the payment via PayPal to [email protected]
(please use option "send money to a friend or family" or "gift")
2. Send an email [email protected] with the copy of your payment receipt.
3. We will reply to your email with the details to joint he program

* Program starts on Jan 12th / Jan 13th, 2019

If you have any questions, send us an email to [email protected]

Time & Dates

About me, Magda Kay...

I am a Sensuality Coach and a Tantra Teacher. I work with men showing them a different side to sexuality and relationships. They get to experience what it feels like to receive and to feel a totally new type of pleasure. I introduce them to the bliss of slowing down, and strengthening their senses. Our bodies are capable of so much more than we think. But you need to know how to open your body.

I work with my clients mostly one-on-one, but because not everyone can travel to see me, I decided to share these techniques online. So that every man can access them.


Q: How do I watch the videos?
- Once you make the payment, you will be added to the secret and closed FB group. All sessions will happen via FB live. All you need to do is tune into them or watch them later at your convenience

Q: If it's live, does it mean I can interact with you and ask questions?
- Yes. You can type your questions while the session is happening live and I will address them on the call. You can also ask your questions later, in between and after the sessions.

Q: I suffer from Premature Ejaculation (PE) – will it work for me?
- YES! This is exactly the type of practice that will help you. The biggest benefit of the techniques you'll learn is being able to last as long as you can. I am not exaggerating :)

Q: I have Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – will it work for me?
- There are many reasons for ED, but among the most common ones are: low vitality, disconnection from your sexual energy and/or your genitals, stress and mental pressure. Practicing the techniques in this program will help with all of these issues, so you can be sure to feel a difference after completing the program.

Q: I am single. Can I still do the program?
- Yes. This program is about you and for you and the practice is to be done solo. If you have a partner, you can practice with them, but it is not required. In fact, it is much better and easier to practice by yoursef. Once you are with your partner, energy gets more out of control.

Q: I can't make it live to the sessions. Can I still watch them later?
- Yes. The FB group you will be a part of, will remain live with all the videos in it. You can watch them and re-watch them when and as many times as you want. Well, as long as FB exists :)

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Join Sexual Mastery Program


To book your spot:
1. Make the payment via PayPal to [email protected]
(please use option "send money to a friend or family" or "gift")
2. Send an email [email protected] with the copy of your payment receipt.
3. We will reply to your email with the details to joint he program

* Program starts on Jan 12th / Jan 13th, 2019

If you have any questions, send us an email to [email protected]