I am looking for a person whose zone of genius is compatible with mine, to help scale my business. This means a person who enjoys overlooking projects, practical, with good execution and planning skills and who is interested in learning more about online business and the field of Sacred Sexuality.


I work as an Intimacy Expert, Tantra Teacher & Relationship coach. I speak about sexuality, intimacy and love.

CLIENTS: mostly men, then couples, then women. I work with singles and couples, as well as all other forms of relationships

SERVICES/PRODUCTS: I offer private session (in person), lingam massage for men, lingam massage training, online courses, retreats, online coaching

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My zone of genius is teaching. In my business I am the product, so what I say, how I say it, my energy, my image and looks - it’s what sells. People want to work with me, because they resonate with me and what I share. And this is where I thrive.

On top of that, I have 10+ experience in online marketing. I know how to do online business, but I sometimes feel overwhelmed doing everything myself. I'm looking for someone to help me with the business to make sure the important projects get implemented and we can reach more clients.


I’m looking for a person whose zone of genius is in areas compatible to mine: execution, project management, planning. Someone who can help create and maintain the container of the business and make sure things go as planned and get done, so that I can focus on the areas where I am most needed.

Ideal candidate:

  • enjoys organizing, planning and execution. In other words, a person who can overlook a project, keep deadlines and follow through
  • is self-motivated, organized and focused, has good time management system for their work
  • is interested in Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and Relationships. While you don’t need previous experience in this field, it is necessary that you're open to exploring it, learning about it and feel comfortable talking about it.
  • has the ability to think strategically and see the big picture, understand how daily tasks contribute and impact the grand vision of the business
  • has good copywriting skills, and perfect English
  • is interested in learning more about online business, strategy, selling techniques, copywriting, social media, editing.


  1. Creating a funnel for & new lead magnets
  2. Re-launching "Call in Your Queen" - premium coaching program for men on executive levels
  3. Upgrading and building YouTube channel (objective: 25K subscribers)
  4. Promoting coaching packages
  5. Re-launching online courses (Sexual Mastery for Men, Female Sexuality Decoded, Sexual Awakening for Women)
  6. Building up presence and sourcing clients through LinkedIn


1. Oversee plans and execution of projects/ launches

  • You will receive an overview and brief for a launch, including design guidelines, unique marketing angle for selling, and the launch flow
  • I will need your help creating the necessary pages for the project (building the pages, designing them and creating copy) - you don't need webdeveloper skills. I use OptimizePress which is a very intuitive drag-and-drop theme and I will show you how to use it. This is a WordPress theme so works in a very similar way to other sites you may be familiar with.
  • Creating social media posts including creating the artwork and accompanying text. You will have my support for the design guidelines, angle for the post and tips on most effective writing - I use Canva for my artwork, and you will have access to the images & logos
  • Posting content on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn
  • Editing videos, uploading them to YouTube with the thumbnail and compelling description - you will have access to free footage and can easily do all editing in iMovies. If needed, I can show you how to use iMovies and how to edit the videos.
  • Writing emails and sending them to our mailing list - I use GetResponse and will show you how to use it

2. New funnel & lead magnet

  • Help brainstorm new ideas of lead magnet (ebooks, free video, webinar etc - a reason to sign up)
  • Design & create a lead magnet (ex. a pdf, 3-video series, etc) with the needed input and content from my side
  • Create the needed pages where people can sign up
  • Upload emails to our email provider - Get Response
  • Test the funnel to make sure the emails are correct and come out at the right time, proof reading


I have a strong background in online marketing, having worked with Mindvalley for almost 4 years, I created and launched 20+ online courses, I studied with people like Frank Kern, Brendon Burchard or Jeff Walker. I know online business very well, I know various types of launch flows and strategies for selling online. I am good at strategy.

When working with me you will get access to the best training materials. I will also be teaching you what I know. That means that by working together, you will learn everything you need about online marketing to improve your skills to be more competitive on the market and to have the skills and knowledge for building own online brand/business.

This type of knowledge is not easily available. I studied with people who created Internet Marketing, like Frank Kern, who now charges tens of thousands of dollars for their programs.

I had a unique opportunity to work directly with the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, together creating launch strategies.

And I will be sharing it all with you.

If you're interested in this position, please contact us at