3-Day Luxury Retreat

Go even deeper and allow yourself to be fully pampered, spoiled and taken care of.

Enjoy a lovely getaway in a luxurious resort where all your desires are catered to. 

Allowing ourselves pleasure is a fundamental part of opening our bodies to deeper orgasms and intimacy. We all carry blocks and beliefs that are stopping us from experiencing more and this is why this luxury getaway is such a profound experience for couples.

Not only are you diving deep into Tantric practices, you are also enjoying luxury holidays showing your heart and your body that you deserve it all.

I’m thrilled you’re here. 

Behind this door lies a whole new world… 

A world of deep intimacy, full sexual satisfaction and pleasures beyond what you thought was possible. 

A world that remains a mystery for most.
A dream, that like all dreams, remains hidden, unavailable and illusive.

But darling, that world is real, it is available and it’s much closer than you think. You only need the right key to unlock the door to step in and enjoy all of its gifts…

Allow me to invite you into a sensual, loving and deeply healing space where both of you get to uncover your body’s untapped potential to…

  • Experience pleasure
  • Intimately connect with yourself/your partner
  • Blossom in your brightest and most magnetic radiance
  • Calm your nervous system and quiet the worrying thoughts 
  • Receive love, acceptance and affection on a deep, cellular level
  • Rewrite the old and unsupportive scripts around intimacy into a new, empowering story

Over the course of our work together you will be introduced to the core ideas of Sacred Sexuality, you will learn about your energy and how to move it, open all your senses for deeper experiences, activate your heart and heal past wounds to be able to give and receive more love and finally, reconnect to your body so you can tap into its full capacity for pleasure.

And all of it through a hands-on experiences, ritual and practices.

Each human is unique, and each has their own fears, boundaries and desires.

Each relationship is unique and each has their own joys and challenges, ups and downs, its ecstasy and its cracks.

Every human and every relationship deserves to be treated in an individual, personal way.

And this is what I want to offer you: a private journey, curated to your needs, respectful of your boundaries and supportive of your dreams.

The Package

  • Accommodation: 3 days, 2 nights stay in a 5-star luxury hotel or resort
  • Breakfast & lunch included
  • 10 hours of sessions & practices (afternoon session on Day 1, morning & afternoon sessions on Day 2 and morning session on Day 3)
  • Practical, hands-on & experiential
  • We will enjoy lunch time together so we can get to know each other better and continue our work with conversations and sharing
  • You will have free time in the morning & evening to enjoy the resort and connect with each other

Price: 5,000 USD


VIP Weekends are available around the world, based on your preferences and our availablity.

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