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In this 90-min training, you will discover 6 Practical Proven Tools to revolutionize EVERY area of your life.

Learn how to:

  • Develop a powerful money mindset that allows you to have the lifestyle you want… without getting obsessed about it or compromising your values.
  • Be self-confident, without being arrogant. Be self-loving, without being blindly narcissistic. Be self-aware, without being destructive or judgemental.
  • Own your sexuality and don’t be afraid of stepping into your feminine power — in and outside of the bedroom.
  • Use the intuition as your most trusted guide — even when making important business or financial decisions — without confusing it with ego’s chatter.
  • Get what you want and what you deserve... while empowering others.
  • And much, much more...

Is This Training Right For Me?

UNLESS you’ve figured it all out: unconditionally love yourself, have no demons to fight, no wounds to heal and live your every day up to your fullest potential… then YES, this training is for YOU.

And it's for each and every woman out there — whether single or in relationship, in her wild 20s or fabulous 60s, successful or struggling… with any kind of issues, BUT ALSO any kind of goals and dreams.

Who Am I & How Can I Help You?

Hi, my name is Magda Kay and I love helping people transform themselves.  

I am here to support you as your Femininity and Empowerment Guide.

I am a certified Tantra Teacher, Intimacy Expert and Relationships Coach. I studied variety of modalities such as Yoga, Theta Healing, Intuitive Massage, Energy Healing and Sexual Healing to name just a few.

I run and write for Brave Belle — an empowering blog for women from all walks of life. And I also have a business background, I used to offer business coaching and I know very well what it's like to be a woman in a hectic business world.

My diverse background and experience allows me to offer you a holistic and practical approach, helping you navigate effectively within ALL of your dimensions — rational, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

What Others Say About Magda:

“I lost touch with my femininity”

Kate is my dear friend. She is a digital nomad, an entrepreneur and she is very successful. She works mostly with men, and she feels more than comfortable with them. She came to me because in all the rush of work, she started losing touch with her femininity. She had very few female colleagues and those she did have were very masculine and goal driven.

We focused in the session on awakening all of her senses, re-sensitizing her skin, and allowing her body to feel the pleasure she was too busy to even noticeNext week I got a message from her this message:

“Though you’d like to know. I had multiple orgasms last night. I totally forgot how amazing that feels. THANK YOU!” - Kate

“The guidance together with your good energy and information you emitted during our sessions was empowering to me.  I was once disconnected from everything in life, feeling lost, depressed,  alone, unsupported and things just don’t move. I am beginning to get my life back in track and will continue to work to improve and grow to be a better person.  I really don’t have the words to express my gratitude. Last but not least, Magda, my heartfelt thanks to you.” 


When I met Magda I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I was in pieces… I felt like nothing and nobody could help me. When I spoke with Magda, I felt for the first time listened to. She made me feel safe. The more I worked with Magda, the more blocks have been lifted and the pain disappeared. I was in tears. Tears of relief to have finally understood and felt deep inside what really was causing me pain. What i needed to let go to move forward. And with Magda guidance i just did it,rationally and emotionally. I let it go. I felt unconditional love for my self. It’s not too much saying that experience helped me in opening my eyes and more important… my heart again.


Sign Up for an online coaching session with Intimacy & Relationships Coach — Magda Kay. It will play immediately after you register.
And yes, it’s FREE of charge.