Sourcing Your Feminine Power from Earth
(Tantric practice for Women)

Discover a sweet technique to feel more energized, more alive and stronger in life. Recharge the core of your being with the energy of Mother Earth:

FOR WOMEN ONLY — Online Coaching With Magda Kay:

Join The 6-week Transformational
Journey Of Self: Discovery, Healing,
Empowerment & Love...

Become The Irresistible Woman To Have Your Dream Lifestyle —
Without Compromising Your Femininity, Relationships & Time
For Yourself

I see women holding it together afraid that if they slow down, everything will fall apart.

Women being ashamed about who they are and feeling unworthy of love.

Women dealing with different issues (daddy issues, relationships, addictions…) and inability to admit the truth — to themselves.

Don’t show the world something you are not, just because you’re fearing: I’m not enough.

Know that you ARE enough.

Know that you are way stronger and powerful than you think you are — without having to “grow some balls” or “man up.”

And, above everything else, know that YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

You see, it’s so easy to spread the message of “being yourself, but actually to implement it in your life… is really difficult.

It takes time to find what makes you happy, what your goals are… and to fully embrace your talents. It’s tricky to listen to the inner voice when there’s so much noise around you… and so many “must-do”, “must-have” and “must-go” from people who “know better”.

It’s hard to "be you" when you’re not sure WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

It takes courage to dive deep into self-discovery… and it’s the single.most.important.thing you’ll ever do for yourself.

So, what exactly is
The Irresistible Woman
Coaching Course?

The Irresistible Woman is an online coaching program that will take you on a 6-week transformational journey of self: healing, discovery, empowerment and love.

As you go through this course…

You’ll learn about your mind, heart and soul, so that you not only become intimately self-aware… but, above everything else, you become fully, irresistibly YOURSELF.

You’ll finally crack your shell and bring back to life this influential, gorgeous goddess that has been there all the time… but sadly got tamed and pulled down by people and life circumstances.

It’s YOUR time to return home, to your-true-self... and shine bright like never before.

I’ll show you ways to heal and to care for yourself. I’ll give you tools to empower you to be stronger, more confident and live up to your potential — all while staying authentic and loyal to yourself.

This, my friend, is power. The power of The Irresistible Woman.

“The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her...
but by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate who she becomes.”


Gets what she wants & what she deserves, while empowering others.


Is self-confident, without being arrogant. 
Is self-loving, without being blindly narcissistic. 
Is self-aware, without being destructive or judgemental.


Has a powerful money mindset that allows her to have the lifestyle she wants…
without getting obsessed about it or compromising her values.


Understands that the gifts such as logic, decisiveness & strength are just as
feminine as intuition & emotional connection.


Owns her sexuality and is not afraid of stepping into her feminine power. 


Knows how to use intuition as her guide — and doesn’t confuse it with ego’s chatter.


Values and uses all of her talents to accomplish her life mission
— and make the world a better place.

How It Works

The access to the coaching program is available the moment you complete your registration.

01 |


Immediately after registering you’ll get access to your account with all materials.

The course is spread over 6 weeks, with each week dedicated to one important area of your life. Although you can binge through all the content in 1 weekend - Netflix style ;) - I highly recommend you spread it over a few weeks, and here is why:

Neuroscience has proven that it takes about two months to rewire one’s brain — and change the thinking and behavioral patterns.

Six weeks of consistent rewiring is an optimal time for “starting fresh” — and so a 9-hour-binge will not give you a maximum effect (but if you're impatient like me, I understand if you will).

02 |


The program is multimedia and is delivered online as:

  • Weekly training sessions (each 90 mins) with practical exercises — in video format;
  • Workbook with summary of the sessions, exercises and extra homework — in PDF format;
  • Calendar with schedule of sessions and suggested cadence of exercises and homework (follow it to keep the consistent rhythm of practice and to get maximum benefits out of this journey).

03 |


The materials are yours to keep for life.

Remember: it’s not a race, it’s a journey. Enjoy it.

“Magda was a delight to speak with, her naturally kind and friendly nature made me feel comfortable straight away. She talked logically through my situation and enabled me to see it in the most positive light. I could tell she was being very honest and not just 'giving me the answers I wanted to hear' — which is extremely important when looking for a good life coach. Magda is such an inspiration, she has a lot of knowledge to pass on and I could tell how passionate she was about helping me progress. She helped re-adjust the way I was thinking about everyday life, which has built my confidence and helped motivate me to persevere with my new business. I really appreciate the time Magda put in to help me and I would highly recommend working with her!”

Louise, UK
Louise, UK Louola's Superfood Quinola

Magda has a beautiful energy and i loved listening to her in the videos. You can feel that she lives what she teaches and that she is professional in what she does.
I learned a lot about my subconscious patterns in relationships and realized how negative my beliefs around money are
. It feels good to explore more happiness and self-confidence in my life. I would highly recommend it.


For me this was just an incredible course. It gave me insights in different aspects in which I do not stand for myself and  how I can improve myself by being aware of habit patterns. I loved the lesson about feminine en masculine energy, I'm a real fan of Magda. I like the feminine power energy in her. She has a lot of knowledge which she can transform to her clients in an easy understandable way. Love you Magda and thank you so much XXXX


I truly recommend The Irresistible Woman course to all the ladies who feel ready to take a step forward in their growth on both personal and professional level. The course is designed in a holistic way what makes it flow into your soul.


How You'll Transform

In this coaching course, I’ll take you through six weeks of transformation. You’ll get all the necessary tools, empowerment and support to fully benefit from this journey.

It’s going to be six online coaching sessions in total (once per week, each 90 minutes), plus homework and additional exercises.

So let’s see what’s going to happen, week after week:

WEEK 01 | You’re Beautiful Inside Out

What we’ll do and how you’ll transform:

  • We’ll go through a deep healing process so that you can understand how beautiful you really are, inside out. WHAT FOR? It will deepen your self-confidence and self-love — and will form a solid foundation for the further growth . From now on, whatever you do on the outside (clothes, make up etc.) will be a consequence of feeling beautiful, not a cause.
  • You’ll discover how to take care of yourself — for yourself, not for others. WHY? That’s your introduction to owning your body and sexuality. From there we’ll...
  • Uncover the most common lifestyle mistakes — especially regarding various diets and workout routines. WHAT FOR? So that you can get out of this trap once and forever... and create new patterns that will help you rise to your fullest potential — not only physically, but also intellectually, emotionally (yes, it’s all connected!)

All of this will give you foundations to develop charming and empowering confidence… but more about it in the next session.

Exercises & Techniques:

The Mirror Technique, the Body Blessing Technique… and more.

WEEK 02 | You’re Confident & Powerful

What we’ll do and how you’ll transform:

  • Confidence is a matter of... conditioning. And this session will help you rewire your brain to give you foundations for unapologetic confidence. Without becoming arrogant, narcissistic or rude. WHAT FOR? It’s this type of confidence that people feel attracted to. You’ll not only get better yourself, but you’ll also inspire others to be better versions of themselves.
  • It doesn’t mean that you’ll be in denial of your insecurities — confidence starts with letting go of guilt for being who you are and stepping into your power. You’ll accept and respect being “work-in-progress”, instead of beating yourself up for it. WHAT FOR? It’ll bring you unshakable power, inner peace and freedom.
  • You’ll discover how to own your desires — we’ll explore what you really want and what does it mean. WHAT FOR? To learn how to balance the desires for material things and spiritual growth. To make them complementary, instead of contradictory.
  • You’ll start to own your talents. Because not using your talents is just… selfish. It’s not just about you — it’s about other people too. WHY? Every person has a mission in life, and we were given our talents to accomplish it. Embracing it will deepen your self-esteem, sense of accomplishment and… will help you make some serious money. But more about it in the next session.

Exercises & Techniques:

Build confidence using body language, voice modulation and more. I’ll also arrange you a very special date… ;)

WEEK 03 | Your Winning Money Mindset

What we’ll do and how you’ll transform:

  • Money is one of the most emotional topics in the world, right next to religion and politics. So we’ll start with identifying what money really means to you. WHAT FOR? We’ll dive deep to understand your money story, so that we know how to rewire your brain for success. And from there…
  • You’ll clear up your “not enough” mental blocks, money patterns and get rid of the scarcity mindset. WHY? So that you can rewire into the mentality of abundance, and then...
  • Develop a Winning Money Mindset — an empowering, yet neutral, relationship with money. You won’t be obsessed about it and you won’t let it control you either. WHAT FOR? It will not only empower you privately and professionally. You’ll also connect with your Most Creative Self to discover all the different ways of making big money — and develop courage to go for it! Money that you don’t feel guilty or dirty about.
  • Now that you have the Winning Money Mindset, how to make the best financial or business decisions? How to know whether you’re on the right path, with the right people? You’ll get the Number One tool to do this in the next session...

Exercises & Techniques:

The Personalizing Money Technique, the Money-Shower Technique (really fun!)… and more!

WEEK 04 | Your Intuition

What we’ll do and how you’ll transform:

  • We’ll explore this mysterious thing called the 6th sense, psychic abilities, instinct or gut feeling. WHY? You’ll discover how to tune into it, awaken its fullest potential and benefit BIG TIME from it. After this first step...
  • You’ll be able to skillfully use intuition to make any kind of decisions in your life, even the most important ones (regarding love life, business partners or ideas, career path etc.) WHAT FOR? It will become your most precious guide and the best advisor.
  • You’ll also learn how to distinguish intuition from… your Ego’s chatter and WHY you don’t want to listen to this little guy. (You’ll also see how SNEAKY your Ego can be… you won’t get rid of him that easily.)
  • What you’ll learn during this session will also come handy in the following week. Whether in the office or in the bedroom...

Exercises & Techniques:

Intuition Quiz, the 12 Steps Intuition Booster… and more.

WEEK 05 | Your Feminine & Masculine Energy

What we’ll do and how you’ll transform:

  • You’ll understand the laws of feminine and masculine energy, their role in your life… and what happens when they are out of balance (oops!) WHAT FOR? So that you can harness and harmonize the power of Yin (feminine) and the power of Yang (masculine) and rise to your fullest potential without creating unnecessary blocks ever again.
  • You’ll step into your feminine essence that will give you phenomenal power... WITHOUT “growing balls” or “manning up”.
  • You’ll learn how to fully RECEIVE — compliments, attention etc. WHAT FOR? It will not only boost your self-esteem and empower you, but will also give you priceless feeling of freedom.
  • You’ll also learn how to effectively let go of what doesn’t serve you. WHAT FOR? So that you can strengthen your energetical and emotional balance. This will give you freedom to be happy no matter what — because the source of happiness will be within you, not outside you. And that, my friend, gives you power.

Exercises & Techniques:

We’ll go through series of exercises and techniques that will strengthen your feminine energy, help you receive... and let go.

WEEK 06 | Your Love, Sex & Relationships

What we’ll do and how you’ll transform:

  • We’ll start with quick revision of everything we’ve learned in the previous weeks. WHY? Because to create a happy, long-lasting relationship, you need to own your power and confidently step into your light. How you treat yourself will impact how men will perceive you. If in any way you’ve been influenced to believe that men are afraid of strong women... and you’ve been trying to make yourself smaller and weaker than you really are... guess what. You will attract a man who wants a small, weak woman.
  • You’ll learn how to set the boundaries and how to effectively and elegantly communicate them to the world (and men.) WHAT FOR? If you don’t respect yourself, if you ignore your own boundaries, if you don’t take care of yourself — people will do exactly the same.
  • You’ll discover what to do when in a toxic relationship and — this will be my special gift for you — how to heal a heartbreak. WHY? So that you get out of these situations stronger and more loving than ever before. I’ve prepared “The 8 Step Guide To Heal A Broken Heart” — it’s the same powerful process I used to heal my own wounds and bounce back from the bottom.
  • If you embrace and USE learnings and techniques from this session, you’ll be not only able to love and appreciate yourself fully... but also be loved by a partner you want and you deserve. Happy, healthy and conscious relationship is a gift you deserve after all this hard, consistent self-work you’ve done. It’s THE cherry on top — and you’re so, so, so worth it.

Exercises & Techniques:

We’ll test how attractive you find yourself — and will progress from this point. We’ll do some deep healing with Breaking The Old Patterns Technique… and more. You’ll also get “The 8-Step Guide To Heal A Broken Heart”... and hopefully you’ll never have to use it. ;)

Is This Course Right For You?

Well, let me be straightforward.

UNLESS you’ve figured it all out: unconditionally love yourself, have no demons to fight, no wounds to heal and live your every day up to your fullest potential… then YES, this course is for YOU.

It’s for each and every woman out there — whether single or in relationship, young or old, successful or struggling… with any kind of issues, BUT ALSO any kind of goals and dreams.

But the transformation doesn’t happen in a session, in a week, in a hope. The truth is that there’s no such thing as a quick fix or a magic pill that will make you a happy human being overnight.

To get there you have to not only crack the shell and bring to light your juicy, most authentic self...  but you also have to understand what serves it best and apply that knowledge as consistently as you can.

It’s a lifetime relationship, not a one-night-stand.

So this course is definitely NOT for you if you’re not taking yourself seriously. If you’re not ready to invest time and energy into your transformation. If you prefer to find excuses, instead of solutions. If you prefer to dabble on the surface, instead of diving in.

(And finding all those stunning treasures on the bottom.)

It is my promise to you that I’ll do my very best to deliver you tools, methods and empowerment you need to experience yourself fully and continue your life journey as THE Irresistible Woman.

If that inspires you — welcome on board.

Who Am I & How Can I Help You?

Hi, my name is Magda Kay and I love helping people transform themselves.  

I am here to support you as your Life and Business Guide, and the founder of Psychology for Marketers — a platform revealing powerful insights in marketing, psychology and entrepreneurship.

I also run and write for Brave Belle — an empowering blog for women from all walks of life.

My educational background and professional experience are in human behavior and psychology, as well as marketing and business. That’s on the traditional “Western” end of the spectrum.

On the other end of it — I’ve got certified in advanced Theta Healing Method (in Malaysia), as well as ayurvedic massage and Tantra Yoga Teacher Training (200-hour program in India).

This shaped my approach to coaching as holistic and practical, making me able to work effectively with ALL of your dimensions — rational, emotional and spiritual (energetic).

But, to be completely honest, the number one reason I’m able to help you is… “been there, done that”.

I grew up believing that the only way to be successful in life, is the typical masculine way. That’s why I went to the highly-ranked business school, pursued career in a large corporation… and consistently ignored my feminine side for more than a decade.

This took its toll on my relationships and I ended up in depression, fighting off suicidal thoughts.

It’s only then when I really started asking myself all the uncomfortable questions… and realized how out of touch and off balance I had been all these years. I searched for solutions — and I found them.

Now I’m ready to share them with you, so that YOU don’t have to be stuck with your issues.

Any minute longer.

What Other Women Say About Magda

“I can't praise enough working with Magda Kay on my international project. From the very beginning she made me feel confident, motivated and valued.

Communicating with her was always very comforting and extra pleasant. Magda always knows what to say, when & how to say it. She builds that relationships based on trust and friendship that are hard to find nowadays. At the same time she is dedicated, super professional, always to the point and flexible, which is very important for me. Weekly calls with Magda kept me on track adding steady progress to my project.

Moreover, I admire Magda's online presence, I find it super inspirational and valuable for my coaching business and my personal life.

Magda is a great example of strong, inspiring, versatile, talented and at the same time a very feminine and a beautiful woman. Don't miss your chance  working with Magda Kay. You will be amazed!”

Diana J.
Diana J. Marry Me In Goa, Journey 2 ExtraordiarYou

“When I met Magda I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I was in pieces… I felt like nothing and nobody could help me.

When I spoke with Magda, I felt for the first time listened to. She made me feel safe. The more I worked with Magda, the more blocks have been lifted and the pain disappeared. I was in tears. Tears of relief to have finally understood and felt deep inside what really was causing me pain. What i needed to let go to move forward. And with Magda guidance i just did it, rationally and emotionally. I let it go. I felt unconditional love for myself.

It's not too much saying that experience helped me in opening my eyes and more important... my heart again. Thanks Magda.”

Diletta Marabini
Diletta Marabini Co-founder of Incitement Italy

The guidance together with your good energy and information you shared during our sessions were so empowering. I was once disconnected from everything in life, feeling lost, alone, unsupported... and things just didn’t move.

I am beginning to get my life back on track and will continue to work to improve and grow to be a better person. I really don't have the words to express my gratitude.

Once again, Magda, my heartfelt thanks to you.”

Amy Leong Malaysia

“Working with Magda, I was able to develop many new skills and put those into action. She went out of her way to make it a fantastic experience, allowing me to focus on areas of my interest and develop the skills I believed would be the most useful for my future career path. As a result of us working together I was able to establish my position as a Social Media expert.”

Suzie Delahunt
Suzie Delahunt Documentarian & Social Activist

Invest In Yourself —
How Much Is It Worth

You’re investing in yourself all the time, although maybe not always you’re aware of it.

Some of these deals are short term — they are supposed to make you feel better...

Others are long term — they are supposed to make you better.

And so you spend money on clothes, hairdresser, cosmetics... but also on nutritious food, health supplements, sport, books, education and so on.

This course will not only activate all the neglected talents and dormant knowledge you already have — helping you make FULL USE of all your previous investments…

It will also help you finally overcome limiting beliefs, men or money blocks, fear of judgement/ failure/ success… and even emotional eating (yes they’re all linked!)

As you go through this coaching course, you will notice a dramatic shift in your energy. The problems that used to bother you suddenly lose their power over you — you’ll have outgrown them mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Last, but not least. We’ll combine work and play.

While teaching you how to make money based on feminine principles, I’ll also outline my proven methodology for living the Irresistible Woman’s lifestyle.

I’ll show you HOW to take time to indulge, treat yourself and truly enjoy life... while transforming it, step after step.

How much is all of that really worth for YOU?

Only you know the answer.

From my side — I’ve made it as affordable as possible. If you ACT NOW, you’ll invest $299.

If you need more time to think — which is totally cool — you’ll invest $399. That’s the standard price for the entire course.

(And just to give you comparison — when you sign up for 6-week private coaching with me, you invest $2,000.)

And YES, I know that maybe you’re still skeptical, because you simply don’t know me yet.

That’s fine, because remember: you’re safe with the 30-day money back guarantee. No strings attached.

You've Got BONUS

“9 Steps To Win-Win Persuasion”
(Video Training Worth $29 — For You FREE)

Persuasion. Used well, it defines the skill of someone who rapidly engages others, smoothly gains adoption of ideas and seems to get faster support than the average John Smith.

There’s also the abused, dark side of persuasion (as demonstrated in movies like Wall Street or the Godfather) when people get manipulated and cheated.

So what is persuasion really about?

Well, it’s not how far you go... but knowing what to do (and doing it in an ethical way) that matters.

Whether you’re an employer, employee, or working at home… basically, if you’re having any kind of daily, human interactions (with your partner, kids, parents, boss, colleagues)... this training will help you improve your communication skills, increase engagement, expand your confidence and get what you want — all in smooth and ethical 9 steps.

Join Me NOW & Save $100

This is what you’re investing in:

  • Guided 6-week transformation with proven tools and methods.
  • An online coaching course, spread over 6 sessions (more than 9 hours of content.)
  • Perfectly balanced combination of lectures, techniques and exercises.
  • Sessions delivered in video format, an audio download, and a written transcript with homework PDFs.
  • 60-day Money Back Guarantee (counted from our first session);
  • BONUS: “9 Step To Win-Win Persuasion”, a video training on how to ethically persuade in business and private life.


Webinar Special: $299

Normal Price: $399

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