Reclaiming The Dark Lover


It's Magda here. I am Intimacy Expert, Tantra Teacher & Relationships Coach. And welcome to this amazing video training in which you will re-connect to the Dark Lover within.

Human history is violent. After World War II most countires came together in alliance to assure nothing of this sort will happen again. We all, collectively, made a commitment to eliminate wars, weapons and murders.

Unfortunately, as a consequence, we have killed the spirit of the Dark Lover. Instead of refining the dark masculinity, we shut it down. But suppression doesn't make anything go away. It makes it mutate.

It is so important we reclaim the Darl Lover, that men reconnect and master this energy. Only this will create a safe world. And for you, as a man, this is the path to reclaiming your full potential, your full power and step into you calling. Only when the Dark Lover is integrated can a man feel truly safe and attractive to a woman. Enjoy, my love.

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Much love,

Magda Kay



  • The pressure and societal conditioning put on boys supress their vulnerability, joy and sexual desire. As a cosequence, men learn to hide parts of themselves.
  • We are giving men more and more space to express their vulnerability. But we are still shaming them for wanting to express their inner animal.
  • Men have been told that they are dangerous. In the post "me-too" movement men are afraid to do anything wrong. They try to play nice and fair, but ultimately they are disowning parts of themselves.
  • The Dark Lover is that part of you that goes for what is yours. This is the fire, the determination. You need it to step into your own power. To live your mission. To truly claim your woman.

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