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Enough playing small & dimming your light.

Reclaim 3 Feminine Superpowers:

Because living an orgasmic & fulfilling life is your birthright!

  • benefits of joining:
  • learn how to remain feminine in the masculien world
  • get the recognition you desrerve in work place (wthout needing to "man up")
  • align to your natural cyclical nature (which will naance your hormones)
  • open the door for "luck", opportuniotis, meeting the right people
  • being in flow
  • release stress and relax your nervous system
  • find more self love and acceptane
  • learn how to celebrate yourseld, not be so hard on yoruself

Every Woman Has Been Gifted 3 Superpowers

When we are connected to them:

  • we feel confident
  • we feel sexy in our skin
  • we KNOW what is best for us and feel  empowered in our own decision-making
  • we honor and express our boundaries freely
  • we are multi-orgasmic and easily experience deep pleasure
  • we can easily pick the right partner (and know which men to stay away from)
  • we are healthy, radiant and vital
  • we are in the flow, we have access to inspiration and get great ideas!
  • we feel our talents are used and that we contribute to the world
  • we experience elevated states, joy and bliss on a daily basis
  • our weight is optimal for our health and we feel sensual
  • we seem to have luck on our side (but we know it’s our superpower ;)

Unfortunately, the patriarchal society has cleverly disconnected us from these powers, convincing us they are just an inconvenience,  weaknesses that should be overcome, ignored and changed.

What better way to disempower someone than to convince them their source of power is.. a burden!

As a consequence women:

  • feel unsure about making important decisions and lean on others for advice, not trusting their own instinct
  • are shut down sexually, most being unable to orgasm or fully enjoy sex
  • end up in toxic relationships, settle for a man who isn’t good for them, not knowing how to walk away
  • experience emotional eating, either overworking and underfeeding their bodies or overeating and carrying excess fat, unable to reach the right, healthy wealth
  • feel low on energy and demotivated
  • feel taken advantage of and unappreciated at home and and at work
  • feel like there must be more to life but unable to change anything
  • keep their true talents and potential unfulfilled, settling for a mediocre life and giving up on their dreams

You will see that not only have you been convinced your superpowers are a burden, but these are the exact areas in your life where you outsource your power. And no wonder! By being cut away from the source, we end up searching all around us (and outside) for something that we are meant to source from within.

It’s time women reclaimed what is truly their power.  Do not believe what society has told  you. Reconnect to your unique gifts.

Are you ready to meet your true feminine gifts?

What Are The 3 Feminine Superpowers?

This is a big moment. It is time you became re-acquainted with your powers. Once we explore each of them, it will all make sense: how the society has disempowered you, why, and what you can do about it now.

Your 3 feminine superpowers are: 

  2. LOVE

You may be thinking… these don’t seem like super-powers. 

And that’s because it’s what we’ve been conditioned to think.

Let me show you a different perspective…

Pleasure is who you are.

The female body is multi-orgasmic. We are designed to feel pleasure in a way men can’t. The clitoris has over 8000 nerve endings (compare this to the “very sensitive” tip of the penis with just 4,000). And it’s actually the only organ in a human body whose only reason for existing is pleasure! A woman can have 6 different vaginal orgasms (did you know that?). Apart from the famous G-spot, there are 3 other spots inside of our vaginas that are just as powerful and can give us enormous pleasure. We can squirt, we can experience a nipple orgasm and even a throat orgasm. In fact, women can experience full body orgasms without even being touched.

Our senses are more open. 

Women on average can perceive more colors than men and we also get to see more, as our peripheral vision is wider. Our skin is more sensitive (men’s skin is thicker due to testosterone) and We even have a superior ability to smell.

A whole female body is designed to offer us a truly sensual experience of life!

Can you see now how PLEASURE is a superpower?

Let’s talk love…

A woman loves very differently than a man. Just look at a soon-to-be mother. She offers her whole body to the unborn child. Everything changes in her life out of her love for her baby. And when that baby is born, she loves it fiercely, unconditionally, without limits. She can go nights without sleep, without showering, without seeing her friends, all to take care of her baby. This is the strength of a woman’s love.

And she loves her man the same way. When she chooses her man, she becomes his muse, his lover, his best friend, his supporter. A woman carries him everywhere with her. It’s the woman’s love that guides a man back to his heart and opens him to his full potential, his ability to feel and love. 

A woman’s love has no limits and no end. Once a woman loves someone, she will always carry them in her heart, no matter how the relationship evolves and how that person treats her. Because this is how a woman loves.

Your ability to LOVE like this is your superpower.

And what about intuition?

A woman just knows. We don’t need facts, we don’t need to analyze things. Any time we get ourselves in trouble and look back, we can always see there were red flags. We saw them right from the start (even if we chose to ignore them).

Nature has equipped women with an immaculate inner compass and it’s damn accurate! After all, women are the carriers of creation codes that allow our entire species to survive. Mother Nature made sure we had everything we need to survive and be an integral part of the natural cycle.

A woman’s connection to nature and earth is much stronger than that of a man. The Root Chakra (which is our energetic connection to earth) is more open and activated in women. As we already mentioned our cyclical cyclical nature and heightened senses, a woman is designed to move through life in the way that supports her the most. And this is why we were given the gift of intuition.

There is a reason why traditionally it was women taking the roles of Highest Priestesses, Daikinis and Tantric Initiatresses. White magic and healing were the dominion of women. Women carry the codes of ancient wisdom. It was only through modern patriarchal society that men took over top positions in religions and spirituality.

And you know that you know! How many times did you have a feeling someone shouldn’t be trusted? Or that unexplainable sense of knowing what to do next, which street to turn in, to travel somewhere or to turn down the job, even though it seemed perfect. Your intuition has guided you towards what supports your highest good, and has kept you from danger.

Doesn’t having access to - and clear communication with - your INTUITION so that you always know what’s best for you, seem like an incredible superpower to have?

If These Are Our Superpowers...
Why Don’t We Use Them?!


Wouldn’t it seem only natural that women would focus on their pleasure, love fiercely and follow their intuition? What’s stopping up?

Over the centuries, society has been disempowering women. Whether it was through not allowing women to vote, or to work... Since the patriarchy took over, women have been subdued and repressed. 

And stripping you of these 3 superpowers is exactly how it’s been taking away your sovereignty.

Society took away your superpower of PLEASURE by:

  • Slut-shaming women who are open sexually and find pleasure in sex
  • Rape and sexual harassment
  • Using offensive words for the yoni
  • Disregarding the importance of foreplay during sex and classing the female orgasm as unimportant. The way we look (and teach) sex is all from a male perspective: fast, peak and release.
  • In fact, some doctors still don’t believe in the G-spot! And most of them think that female ejaculation is just urine. We have the whole medical system discredit female orgasmicness! 
  • A woman can have 6 different types of vaginal orgasms but we’re told nothing about them! (Did you know we can orgasm from our cervix?!)
  • We have been conditioned to think that our yoni must look like those of the women we see in porn; that means small inner lips. We hear offensive terms for them coming from the mouths of men. Women are getting plastic surgeries to cut their inner lips and if that wasn’t scary enough - this is one of the most popular plastic procedures nowadays
  • We are left to believe, that there is something wrong with our genitals: they smell bad, they should be shaved, they should be covered 
  • Words such as "cunt" and "pussy" are used as offensive
  • Sexually empowered and liberated women were called witches and killed. And nowadays, a woman is often blamed for being abused because “she was asking for it with her sexy look”

How do you feel about your yoni? Could you sit and look in the mirror with your legs open and gaze at her? Do you think she is beautiful?

How easily can you enjoy sex? And can you comfortably discuss your pleasure with other women and men?

Society took away your superpower of LOVE by:

  • Not honoring nor appreciating motherhood, child bearing and our cyclical nature. Women do not have space to rest when they bleed, they can’t easily take time off work (or they risk getting fired), they are expected to do everything, as if being pregnant or taking care of a child is just a little side hobby
  • We are continuously told that our natural tendency toward attachment is a pathology and that we should heal it if we want to hold on to a healthy relationship
  • A woman who devotes herself to her lover and her family is perceived as “lacking ambition”
  • We keep hearing that we are too emotional, too reactive, too hysterical, and that we should be taking a more logical, practical approach in life
  • Many spiritual teachings talk about detachment and sourcing all our needs from within, positioning relationships and family as inferior (and even an obstacle) to spiritual awakening. Think of the story of Buddha who left his wife with a child to pursue God. The message is clear, loving another human is never as good as loving God.

Can you easily let go in love? Can you open your heart and give love a chance? Or do you hold yourself back, perhaps after having been hurt, , afraid of scaring him off, or being  “too much”?

Do you feel you have to choose between love and a career? Between love and yourself? Between love and your spiritual path?

Society took away your superpower of INTUITION by:

  • For centuries women have been demonized, hunted and persecuted for having psychic powers or magical abilities
  • In more recent times, we have been mocked, belittled and even ridiculed for listening to our intuition, ‘having a feeling’ about something or listening to our inner voice with no “real-world”, objective proof  
  • Studies like astrology, numerology and other sciences and phenomena that cannot be explained purely through ration and logic have been shunted off to the feminine, labelled as ‘girly’, '‘pseudoscience’' and 'nonsense'
  • A woman’s intuition is often challenged and questioned. A painful example that is sadly too common, is that when a woman tells her partner that her intuition (often with a high degree of accuracy) tells her he is cheating on her, she often deals with gaslighting and is told that she is crazy, paranoid or hysterical.

When you hear your intuition guide you, how easily can you follow? If someone challenges your gut feeling as illogical, can you stick to it? Can you stand up for what you feel?

Do you check in with your body when making important decisions in life? Or do you ask others unable to make your own decisions?

Because we were brutally cut off from our powers, we move through life feeling lost, unsure and confused. What’s worse, instead of sourcing these powers from within, we outsource them. 

For each of the superpowers - pleasure, love and intuition - we reach out and rely on the external to provide us something that’s always been available within ourselves…

We rely on a partner, shopping, romantic comedies or food to feel pleasure.

We rely on a lover, an intimate relationship, on taking care of others or having children to feel love.

We rely on others to give us “logical” advice, we seek astrology readings and consult “experts” to get guidance.

Every area of your life in which you feel disempowered - that you need something or someone external - is where you have been cut off from your own power, from a part of yourself. 

Reclaiming those powers is reclaiming your sovereignty.
Are you ready?




Venus Codes is a unique women’s course that stands out among other similar programs in terms of content, design, structure and delivery.

This course is specifically designed and honed to realign you with all three of your superpowers. You will come out emotionally, mentally and physically stronger, more assertive and confident to move through life whilst standing on your own two feet, as a fully-embodied woman.

What Makes Venus Codes So Unique?

Apart from powerful techniques and ancient teachings of feminine wisdom that most people haven’t even heard of, Venus Codes is different to anything else on the market…

This course has been structured, in detail, in a way that harnesses female energy for the accelerated personal development of every woman involved.

Women are cyclical being. We move differently.

Modern society and MOST other online courses follow a male-centric system. Our calendar, divided by months and days, is alignd with the Sun, the masculine energy. 

The Lunar Cycle, still honored by some traditions, follows the feminine flow.

In a society that is designed on masculine principles, it's no wonder women feel out of place. We are expected to move in a linear way, while our body wants to dance in cycles. This creates a lot of inner tension that manifests as dissapointment, bitterness, apathy and even physical illnesses.

To reach our optimal state, women need to re-aligning with their cyclical nature. This balances your hormones, emotions and energy.

Venus Codes throws the male-centric calendar system out of the window and instead follows the Lunar Cycle, giving your body space to move the way it's been always designed to. 

Aligning with the Moon Cycles

Aligning with the Lunar cycle is easier than you think. It's all about understanding and harnessing the unique potential of each of the phases.

It's the same philosophy as seasons. Sprint is the time of new beginning and you can feel your energy level rise. Summer is the time of going out, socializing, and having fun. With fall comes slowing down and going more inwards. And winter brings hybernation. All animals and plamts follow the seasons. We are the only living creature that has imposed the linear (masculine) system over the cyclical seasons. You know very well that pushing yourself in winter hardly ever gives you the same results as in summer. Just as much as trying to meditate and enjoy quiet time is much harder in spring than it is in fall.

So let's look at the Moon phases and what each of them represents:

New Moon - represents new beginnings; it's the time to set intentions and plant new seeds.

The coming 2 weeks leading to Full Moon is the time to prepare, organize and move towards the goals you set on New Moon.

First Quarter especially bring us strength, focus, determination and commitment to action. These 2 weeks are outward focused, and are great to connect with others and focus on our relationships.

Full Moon - represents the peak of our intentions and marks the shift from outward focus to inner focus. This is the time to release old patterns and what no longer serves us.

The next 2 weeks leading to New Moon are a time of going inwards, introspection, healing and relasing.

Third Quarter is a perfect time to integrate, embody and celebrate, slowing getting ready for the new cycle to begin.

My Signature Process for Transformation

We are aligning fully with the feminine Lunar cycles as well as following a powerful and proven system for making life changes stick.

This is my personal signature system that honors the feminine flow and allows us to permanently shift the trajectory of our lives towards our dreams. No yo-yo effects, no going back to the “old you”, no dating the same guy just with a different name, no endless cycle of repeating unhealthy patterns.

Imagine you're building your dream home...

You start by preparing the ground. There may be some old pipes, bushes or rocks that need to be removed.

Once the ground is prepared, you can start setting the foundations for your house. You continue building the walls until the whole structure is ready.

And once that's done, you can start furnishing the place. You pick the tiles, table, bed, chairs.. Then you add all the little decorations t omake it cozy and nice.

And when it's all done, you can enjoy your new home, invite yoru friends over and throw parties!

In Venus Codes we follow the smae process:


We will start with clearing of the old and releasing anything that no longer serves you. We will be clearing old patterns, wounds and addictions. We need to let go of the version of ourselves that allowed others to abuse us, take advantage of us, take credit for our work, diminish our light and convince us we are undeserving of better.


Once we get all the emotional, physical and mental toxins out of your body, we will set the foundation to create the version of you that is ready to attract all your desires. The strongest and biggest trees have deep and powerful roots. I want you to be great, and for that you need solid roots.


Once we set the foundation, it’s time to shine your full magic light! This is the stage of expansion, creation and manifestation. This is when you get in the flow and feel like luck is always on your side. We will be fully tapping into your superpowers so you can experience how magical and easy life gets when you source from within.


Finally, we will take time to integrate all the experiences and teachings, to make sure the changes stick on a deep cellular level. And we’re also going to devote  time to celebrating you and all other women. After all, we want to have fun in the process.

What makes Venus Codes revolutionary is that this process is aligned with Moon Cycles!

These 4 stages are aligned with the Moon Cycles. We will begin the first stage - Heal & Release - on the Full Moon. This has always been a powerful time to release the old, let go of what doesn’t serve us, and focus on healing.

The 3rd stage - Thrive & Blossom - will begin with the New Moon, the perfect time for starting new projects, planting seeds and building. 

Everything is intentional in Venus Codes. Every element is designed with purpose to assist you in your process of reclaiming your feminine superpowers, reclaiming your sovereignty, reclaiming yourself.

The Power Of Venus

It’s no coincidence that this program is called Venus Codes.

Venus is a powerful archetype of women, femininity, and  female gifts. 

In astrology, Venus is the planet associated with love, romance, relationships, sex and pleasure.

In ancient mythology, Venus was the goddess of love and pleasure. She is Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty; and Lakshmi, the goddess of love and abundance.

After all, there is a reason why the book is called “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” :)

Every woman carries the archetype of Venus inside her: the Venus Codes. And in this program, you’re going tore-activate them.

Join Us, And You Will:

Radiate true confidence that emits from the inside out

Love unashamedly and fearlessly, with your full heart 

✓ Be able to express your emotions clearly and authentically, without fear of being rejected or shamed

✓ Know that you are fully supported, wherever you go

✓ Experience more pleasure in your love life 

✓ Feel fully confident to ask for what you need in order to feel satisfied inside of all of your relationships

✓ Be able to feel into, express and EXERCISE your boundaries - throughout all of your relationships (yes, including parents and friends)

Make better, more aligned and congruent business decisions

✓ Tune into your innate feminine wisdom - your intuition - and be confident in the choices you make and the steps that you take towards the life that you ultimately want to live

At the end of this journey, if you have shown up for yourself, you will experience the following in your day-to-day life:

  1. Eradication of internal conflict. You will be sure and confident in your decision-making and be able to tell the difference between intuition and outside pressure/conditioning. You won’t need to keep going to astrologers and psychics for expensive readings because I will show you that the answers are already inside of you, just waiting to be accessed.
  2. Greater self-confidence and freedom from self-doubt. Experience the power of TRUE self-belief and all of the manifestation power that lies within it.
  3. Alignment of mind and body, through mending the broken connection to your yoni and female sexual organs, rebalancing your hormonal system and monthly menstrual cycle and accessing the magic wisdom (yes, wisdom!) of menstruation. Imagine feeling empowered by your period rather than have your life controlled by it!
  4.  Through connecting with your yoni and your female sexual organs, you will heal your relationship with your menstrual cycle and learn to adapt and flow in accordance with it, instead of feeling the need to fear, control and suppress it.
  5. Greater harmony in your relationships and the ability to discern between the right and wrong partner. Stronger boundaries and having the strength of character to walk away when you are not being fully honoured, cherished and committed to. You will be able to stand up for yourself, filter between the good and bad, unhealthy and healthy, toxic and loving partners that come your way. You will raise your frequency to align with that of your most ideal partner: someone who will meet you in and on all levels. If you are currently in a good relationship, it will become extraordinary. If you are currently in a bad relationship, surrounded and lifted up by your sisters, you will gain the strength to walk away, however hard it might seem now. 
  6. Closer alignment with your natural, ideal weight, whatever this may be. Through opening yourself to everyday experiences of pleasure, you will no longer turn to food and binging in order to find comfort or suppress your emotions. You will know intuitively exactly what to eat, when and how much. Your body will naturally and effortlessly release excess weight, which is often stored due to trauma and stress. It will no longer need fat and water to protect itself.

When you join us, you can kiss goodbye to the following:

  • Attracting the wrong man and/or getting into physically or emotionally abusive relationships
  • Feeling held back from expressing yourself with romantic partners
  • Having your boundaries crossed
  • People pleasing
  • Being taken advantage of
  • Binge eating and yo-yo dieting
  • Anxiety about the future

A Letter From Me To You, Woman To Woman

Hello Dear Sister,

My name is Magda Kay. I am an experienced tantra teacher and love, sex and relationship coach. As a fellow woman, I want you to know that I understand and feel your pain, dismay and confusion at how to move through this life as a woman in a masculine world. I have been there myself.

I used to be uncomfortable inside my skin. My period was a nuisance. Unaware of the damage it causes to the female endocrine system, I took the contraceptive pill for 10 years and sometimes went months without a period. I binge ate and worked in a corporate job, following a male-centric Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm schedule. Living for the weekend, I was partying, drinking and not looking after myself. I was deeply out of touch with my femininity and didn’t even believe in the kind of deep, intimate love that I now know is possible. Not getting into a relationship at all until I was 27 years old (!), I was cynical and a skeptic who turned her nose up at the notion of ‘connection’.  

I repeatedly found myself drifting into periods of binge-eating. I would be OK for a few weeks and then I would encounter some difficulty or an emotional challenge and would eat the equivalent of three dinners in one go. I could easily put away two pizzas, an ice cream and a donut in one sitting. I didn’t know how else to cope and food was instantly comforting. Gradually I was gaining more and more weight, causing my confidence to plummet even lower and me to binge eat even more. Thus perpetuating the vicious cycle.

Thanks to the grace of God and - in large proportion, also to myself - I managed to pull myself out of this hole.

Through studying and practicing tantra and yoga on a daily basis, learning to deeply love, appreciate and respect my physical body - my vessel - I broke free of the cycle of low self confidence and binge eating. I started to honor and celebrate my monthly menstrual cycle instead of fearing it and trying to control it with pills and painkillers. I found the courage and self-confidence to abandon my damaging 9-5 lifestyle and adopt a more gentle work schedule that was closely aligned with my own personal flow and energy levels.

I stopped taking the contraceptive pill and gradually my period re-regulated and normalized. My monthly cycle is now a source of wisdom and understanding rather than the nuisance that I used to ‘switch off’ with strong pharmaceutical drugs. I finally shed the extra weight I had been carrying for so many years and came to rest at my natural weight - a weight at which I feel happy, confident and proud of my physical vessel, after so many years of feeling ashamed. My relationships flourished. I gained the courage to close the door to my well-paid corporate job, move countries and start my own business. 

My point here? I used to be just like you (and many other women). And that is why I am so deeply passionate about this work.

It is my true and deep belief that:

As a woman, you are meant to be orgasmic, sensual and experience pleasure deeply. Society has disconnected us from our bodies, turned our sexual organs into swear words and forced us to derive pleasure from harmful things such as overeating, shopping and social media.

As a woman, your capacity to love, nurture and care is far greater than that of a man. Society has pathologized this love and turned it into a weakness - labelling us as needy, attached and clingy.

As a woman, your intuition is razor sharp. You know when something is wrong and you can smell a rat from a mile away. Society has labelled us as crazy, ‘psycho’ and even hysterical. Our sixth sense has been dismissed and replaced with reason, ration and logic.

Our profoundly sick society has stripped away the importance of all that is beautiful, gentle, loving and flowing in life, and replaced it with rigidity; solid, hard structures, sharp edges, strict rules, schedules and four walls.

It’s no wonder that most women are wandering around in a daze, feeling out of alignment, low on energy and like something is inherently broken inside of them.

This is why I want you to join me and realize that you are not broken. You have simply been programmed to believe it.

All my love, 

Magda Kay

My Passion, My Experience, My Commitment To You

As a sex, love and relationships coach, it is nothing short of my PLEASURE to work with women from all over the world, helping them to experience deeper levels of love, intimacy, sensuality, pleasure and success across all areas of life.

I spent several years learning from teachers and gurus in various ashrams and yoga schools across the world. It was in these special places that I learned everything that I now know and teach about love, relationships, sex, tantra and yoga.

Having spent years working with individuals and couples, coaching online and in person, hosting events, workshops and rituals, I have been lucky enough to witness the lives of so many of my clients transform in front of my very eyes.

As a woman, a daughter, a friend, a lover and a passionate, inspired person, I have recently become more and more dedicated to the betterment of womens’ lives through sexual and sensual liberation and saying ‘NO’ to everything that society demands of us, yet is simultaneously harming us.

I created Venus Codes to address this societal misalignment.

Course Modules

1st Moon Cycle

March, 28th (Full Moon) - April, 24th

Feminine Superpower: PLEASURE

2nd Moon Cycle

April, 27th (Full Moon) - May, 24th

Feminine Superpower: LOVE

3rd Moon Cycle

May, 26th (Full Moon) - June, 23rd

Feminine Superpower: INTUITION

Here is Everything That's Waiting For You
Inside Venus Codes:

3 Full Moon Rituals

live, with Magda, to activate Stage 1:
& Release
1-2 hours long


3 Foundation Sessions

live, with Magda, to activate Stage 2:
& Stabilize
1-2 hours long


3 New Moon Rituals

live, with Magda, to activate Stage 3:
& Blossom
1-2 hours long


3 Celebration Sessions

live, with Magda, to activate Stage 4:
& Celebrate
1-2 hours long


6 Sacred Transformation Ceremonies & Special Guest Teachings

additional sessions such as magic rituals, fire cleansing ceremonies & guest teaching
1-2 hours long


That’s up to 36 hours of live, unique and original online teaching sessions for just $50 an hour

When does the program start?
On Full Moon, March 28th, 2021

When are the live session?
All 12 live sessions with Magda Kay will take place at:
6am for New York | 11am for UK | 12pm for Europe | 6pm for Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

Dates for the 1st cycle, Pleasure:
1. Sunday, March 28th
2. Sunday, April 4th
3. Monday, April 12th
4. Monday, April 19th

Dates for the 2nd cycle, Love:
5. Tuesday, April 27th
6. Tuesday, May 4th
7. Tuesday, May 11th
8. Tuesday, May 18th

Dates for the 3rd cycle, Intuition:
9. Wednesday, May 26th
10. Wednesday, June 2nd
11. Thursday, June 10th
12. Thursday, June 17th

Can't make a live session?
Not to worry, everything will be recorded
& available in your member's portal.

How long is the program?
It will last 3 full Moon cycles (approximately 3 months),
until June 23rd, 2021

Program starts in...

Join Venus Codes

  • 12 live Activation Calls with Magda
  • 6 Sacred Transformation Ceremonies & Special Guest Teachings
  • Study materials and worksheets
  • Home practice
  • VIP FB group access
  • Lifetime access to all recordings

PRICE: 1,800 USD

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Still On The Fence? You Could:

  • Feel fulfilled and confident, every day
  • Attract a soulmate relationship that lifts you up and celebrates you instead of putting you down and making you feel small
  • Hear, understand and honor your inner voice 
  • Maintain a state of complete balance within your physical body
  • Achieve hormonal health and harmonize your daily routine with your menstrual cycle
  • Release blockages and resistances and find out what beauty awaits you on the other side of that resistance

If You Choose To Stay On The Fence..? You May:

  • Keep on attracting the wrong men
  • Allow others to continually cross your boundaries (and then wonder why you walk away from situations feeling conflicted and confused)
  • Remain a people-pleaser
  • Stay stuck in patterns of over-eating, gaining weight, feeling guilty and having low confidence
  • Feel anxious and stressed about the future
  • Lack the ability to make important life decisions for yourself.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.
The power to liberate yourself is in
your hands.

So let’s go deep together. Show up for ourselves, and do the work that needs to be done.

Join Venus Codes

  • 12 live Activation Calls with Magda
  • 6 Sacred Transformation Ceremonies & Special Guest Teachings
  • Study materials and worksheets
  • Home practice
  • VIP FB group access
  • Lifetime access to all recordings

PRICE: 1,800 USD

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